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Volume 1 Chapter 0035 The Fourth D-Class Mission

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    "Host, the big health system has released the fourth D-level mission. The host will lose three million in 48 hours and gain 30 social contribution points. If it fails, 60 points of physical health attributes will be randomly deducted." Tang Xiaoqiang looked at his watch, the time was just right.  It's midnight.  Sixty points of physical health attributes?  Tang Xiaoqiang smiled. His mental power points were 38 points, his cell vitality points were 30 points, his immune strength was only 39 points after three strengthenings, his nerve reaction speed was 27 points, and 60 points of health attributes were randomly deducted. What does it mean that he is very good?  Clearly, as long as it fails, it is basically dead.  Except for the fact that his intelligence points are 120 points within the range of a normal person, he has no capital for trouble in this life.  The system releases tasks at midnight every time. The difference between this time and the previous three times is that there is an extra day in time and it becomes two days.  Maybe the amount exceeds or is equal to three million, and the time to complete the task is no longer one day.  For the first time extension, Tang Xiaoqiang welcomed it with both hands and feet.  This implies that the more difficult the task ahead, the longer the time required to complete it.  This is a good thing, as it gives people a longer time to complete the prodigal task.  Tang Xiaoqiang patted Lawrence on the shoulder and told him to be quiet first and stop talking in a hurry. He wanted to do something first.  "Xiao Ke, give me the handheld card reader." Tang Xiaoqiang said.  Lan Xiaoke took out the exquisite and compact self-service bank card reader from his bag and handed it to Tang Xiaoqiang.  Tang Xiaoqiang took out his bank card from his pocket and swiped it through the card slot of the card reader. Didi's prompt sounded and the interface popped up.  After a while of operation, Tang Xiaoqiang clicked to confirm, and 1.9 million yuan was transferred into the account of Bihan Jewelry Store.  At this point, Bihan Jewelry has settled the payment for the 4.5 million dove blood ruby ??heart-to-heart couple ring.  People around him watched his operation quietly.  To show off, Tang Xiaoqiang took a look at the amount on the card reader and said to Lawrence, "This is a jewelry debt of 1.9 million. We agreed to transfer it today. I am very punctual." He nodded.  The watch on his wrist allowed Lawrence to see the current time clearly.  Lawrence gave Tang Xiaoqiang a thumbs up.  Tang Xiaoqiang said to Lawrence: "I have principles when it comes to spending money. My goal for today and tomorrow is three million, so do it early. I hate people who procrastinate." Lawrence was stunned for a moment after hearing this!  "Too much money makes people miserable. Look at me, I am thinking of ways to spend money every day. In order to concentrate and not let myself waste time, I set my own goal of spending money at midnight every day. Specifically,  To a very accurate number, clear goals, detailed plans and a lot of actions are the three elements for the success of prodigal. At the same time, I must not let others think that I am wasting money, and it must be shown to be meaningful.  You know, I have to find the meaning of life among the losers, and let others feel this strongly. This is really a technical job. " Lawrence listened to Tang Xiaoqiang's deception, his mouth widened, and he exaggerated.  The shape can easily fit an ostrich egg into it!  He doesn¡¯t know what to say?  This is incredible!  "Xiao Ke, calculate our expenses in the hotel and include all the food we will need for tomorrow morning." "Master, the total compensation for the goods of the aunts and uncles is 14,300 yuan.  The cost of consumption for ten people is 90,000 yuan per person, and the room fee for two presidential suites is 540,000 yuan, drinks and¡ª¡ª¡± ¡°Tell me the total!¡± Tang Xiaoqiang interrupted Lan Xiaoke¡¯s words in a gentle tone.  .  "The total is 880,000, young master." "Okay, now you and Song Chun are responsible for spending this money on me." Tang Xiaoqiang waved his hand and said with a frown, "880,000, there is still a shortfall of 120,000.  Only one million can be collected." "Master, my business card for tomorrow," Gao Zhenghua reminded Tang Xiaoqiang nervously.  The matter of two boxes of business cards for this person must not be exposed.  "Oh, that's right." Tang Xiaoqiang relaxed, "One million and nine hundred thousand plus one million, that's a loss of two million nine million. My goal is three million, which is still short of one hundred thousand. But ten  Wan is the little KISS. I promised to reward the waitress and the security brothers, so a reward of 100,000 yuan is just right. I am too lazy to pay them and just pay them to the manager on duty. " Tang Xiaoqiang said with a look on his face.  With a satisfied smile, he had already completed the task of prodigal family just three minutes after it was given.  In the remaining two days, arrange the new prodigal projects and just wait for the prodigal tasks to be issued.  If he didn¡¯t plan ahead like this, if the prodigal failed, he would most likely die.  The penalty for failure is twice that of success. His current health points are completely unable to withstand any failure.    "Master, now we can only pay the uncles and aunts first. The hotel payment can't be paid until nine o'clock tomorrow morning." "Why?" Tang Xiaoqiang laughed, "I want to pay now and become a procrastinator.  It¡¯s not a good habit to spend money.¡± ¡°Master, look at the time, the cashier lady in the hotel is already asleep.¡± ¡°I¡¯ll wake her up,¡± Tang Xiaoqiang said, ¡°Lao Gao, ask someone to tell the cashier where to stay in the hotel.  A few floors, and then you come with me." Lao Gao immediately agreed.  "Master, I'm a girl, and you just broke into someone else's room like this?" Lan Xiaoke looked at Tang Xiaoqiang with a smile in disbelief. The smile was very bright, but why did he look so special and vulgar?  It¡¯s so disgusting, so disgusting!  Lan Xiaoke felt bruised by being completely defeated by Tang Xiaoqiang!  !  "What should we do?" Tang Xiaoqiang spread his hands.  "I, I'll go with you!" Lan Xiaoke heard his own voice say.  She regretted it as soon as she said it. There were so many all-night service girls here, why not just ask them to go.  What on earth was I thinking?  Dizzy with anger?  "Okay!" Tang Xiaoqiang said, "Xiao Jiang, please quickly withdraw 100,000 yuan from the bank ATM in the hotel lobby. If the cashier lady is unhappy when we call her, I can give you a reward." We still need to give you a reward today.  A reward of 100,000 yuan is required to complete the system tasks totaling 3 million yuan!  Finish it earlier and feel better!  There are ten ATMs from major banks in the corner of the hotel lobby. Each ATM can withdraw up to 20,000 yuan at a time, and the total withdrawals can be 200,000 yuan.  "Yes, Master." Xiao Jiang came over from the dark booth in a whoosh, so fast that Lawrence didn't even see him clearly, and a monkey-like guy appeared in front of him with an evil face.  Lawrence was startled, because the skinny boy in front of him was obviously not a good person, and he had a very evil look on his face.  The thin monkey glanced at him, and Lawrence felt as if he was not wearing any clothes at all. Lawrence involuntarily tightened his crotch!  Gao Zhenghua came back soon: "Master, the cashier lady lives on the basement floor of the hotel. This lady is willing to take us there." A pretty little sister followed Gao Zhenghua, timidly peeking at the legendary hotel with her eyes.  The young master of the Tang family.  "Little sister, do you know the cashier lady's room?" "Yes, Master, I live in the same room with the cashier lady, with bunk beds. When I get off work, she goes to work." The waitress is very beautiful, but she looks timid.  , making Tang Xiaoqiang want to protect her.  Tang Xiaoqiang glanced at Lan Xiaoke and gave up the idea of ??protecting the waitress, and also gave up the idea of ??going to the basement to wake up the cashier girl. He said seriously: "Miss, please ask the cashier girl to get up to settle the account and collect the money. Tell me  She, I am Tang Xiaoqiang, the prodigal son of the Tang family. If you come back here with her, I will reward you heavily!" With a bang, a stack of hundred-dollar bills was thrown on the coffee table.  The waitress said nothing more, looked at the thick wad of money on the coffee table affectionately and timidly, then turned around and left in a hurry.  Money has no mouth, but it can make the most beautiful sounds!
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