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Text Chapter 22 One million

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    "There's no need to apologize. I hope Master Libiye will fulfill his bet." Jiang Lin said calmly.  Bill on the side curled his lips with a look of disdain.  In any case, Jiang Lin is a prodigal son in his eyes. Maybe he got something wrong this time to make the teacher value him so much.  "I don't even care about Bill Jianglin. He is just a child after all. Do I need to care about a child?"  The answer is of course obvious. As long as this kid doesn't go too far and doesn't exceed some of his own bottom lines, Jiang Lin thinks everything is forgivable.  The other party¡¯s words, expressions, and actions were all so childish in Jiang Lin¡¯s eyes, and they were just childish.  But regarding the master Libby, Jiang Lin naturally couldn't let it go easily. Of course, he didn't mean to deliberately embarrass him. The key was the one million!  What should I say, do you want Libiye to pay the money?  When Libby heard this, her face was startled, and then she couldn't help but blush.  He had vowed before that as long as the other party could answer it, he would apologize to all the mages in the Tower of Plateau.  Please, he is an alchemist master and a magician. He has his own status in the world of Edry. If he really does this, where will he put his old face?  ??Well, even if you don¡¯t apologize, it seems like it would be embarrassing, right?  From beginning to end, Libby completely forgot about those million things!  Because in his opinion, a wise man like Xiang Jianglin would be short of one million gold coins?  There is definitely no shortage!  So the reason why the other party brought up a million things in the first place was probably just to hit him from the side and make him less confident and not too proud!  ¡°If Jiang Lin knew what this little old man was thinking, he would definitely be very helpless.  That's right, this is the world of Adri, a world dominated by wisdom!  Regardless of whether it is a mage or an alchemist, this is the substantial body experienced by wisdom!  Without wisdom and brain, how can you become a mage, and how can you become a famous alchemist?  Weber was on the side, not knowing how happy Lehe was.  In his memory, Libby was arrogant and arrogant all his life, and this was the first time he had a blushing expression!  This kind of expression means that the other party is guilty and starts to feel embarrassed.  If the people in the Alchemy Guild knew that this little old man still had such a side, they would all be stunned?  "This, thatMaster Ke Lin, look" Libby was about to stop talking.  How many mages are there in the Plateau Tower?  Not one thousand, but five hundred, right?  It's really embarrassing to apologize to them in front of them.  Mailin on the side also thought the same way. After all, Libiye is from the Alchemy Guild. As one of the strongest forces in the Edre world, the Plateau Tower must give some face to the Alchemy Guild.  Therefore, he couldn't help but persuade: "Master, Master Libiye is a master of alchemy and also a magician. If you want to apologize, there should be no need to say it, right? After all, this is our place, and we should be more or less accommodating."  Respect. It¡¯s not easy for Master Libby Ye to come all the way.¡± Jiang Lin looked at Old Mailin and then at Libby Ye, almost speechless.  Apologize?  Didn¡¯t you say you don¡¯t need to apologize?  Then he looked at Libiye with a calm and serious look, and said: "Master, I think you may have misunderstood something. Just talk about this kind of apology. What I want to say is, that one million  Gold coins" Libiye breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that he only wanted one million gold coins. He should have said it earlier!  These are all small things!  To be honest, Libby is not short of money. After being in the Alchemy Guild for so long, he already has more than 50 million in inheritance!  A mere one million gold coins and refining two or three legendary magic items are enough to make up for it.  One million gold coins, compared with my own face, is really not worth mentioning!  At that moment, Libby took out a purple card and handed it to Jiang Lin.  "Master Ke Lin, this is one million purple gold coin cards, which should be enough to make up for your loss." Li Biye remembered more, remembering that Jiang Lin said before that he wanted one million for something urgent.  I just heard him say these words. I originally thought that the other party was going to waste his fortune, but now Libby doesn't think so anymore.  What a joke, you said Colin would be a prodigal? Is he a prodigal?  Are you kidding me?  If such a talent is a prodigal, then who else is not a prodigal?  For Colin, Libby has fallen into blind worship.  As an alchemist master, there are not many people who can admire him, unless he is at a level above the alchemist master!  A person of that level already lives in a humble place and does not easily appear in the world.  Because every minute and every second of their time represents endless wealth and wisdom!  "I'm really sorry. As the master, I really don't have time to entertain the master. I still have a lot of things to do." Jiang Lin apologized, butHis hand has already taken over the gold card and the gold card.  Although the Prodigal Family's mission lasts for three days, today is only the first day. In terms of time, Jiang Lin does not need to be in such a hurry.  But this is his temperament, and because his life is at stake, it would be better to finish this kind of thing as soon as possible, so that he can do what he wants to do with complete peace of mind.  What¡¯s more, the system will also give rewards.  Magic Smile Potion and Eye of Truth Potion, these two formulas really helped him a lot.  At the very least, he is no longer short of money. If he sells one of them, it will be a huge sum of money.  But you can¡¯t sell it during the Prodigal Mission. Otherwise, what if the amount of gold coins is increased?  Therefore, it is more reliable to be an honest prodigal first.  After leaving the Plateau Tower, Jiang Lin still went to that small town.  But this time, as soon as he arrived in the town, he met an acquaintance, well, Dupont, who helped him lose money in gambling last time!  Dupont has been waiting at the entrance of this town for a long time. He thinks that since Colin will come for the first time, he may come for the second time.  And this prodigal son often comes to this town to spend money!  In this case, it's okay to wait a few more days.  But he had already heard that Colin had come once before, and he was very upset about this.  Dupont, who was troubled, suddenly lit up because he saw Colin Saint-Sal!  After waiting for a long time, I finally got this master!  Dupont was very excited, because whether he could enter the Plateau Tower all depended on this person!  The young master of the Tower of Plateau, Colin Saint-Sar!  At the same time, he is also Tiande's only son. Generally, Tiande will agree to whatever this son says.  By tying him up yourself, it¡¯s like climbing a big tree!  As the saying goes, it's easy to enjoy the shade under a big tree. This is the truth.
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