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Text Chapter 981 Return to Nanjiang (Finale)

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    Gao Jianbin stood at the door of the yard and watched everyone leave, feeling filled with emotion. The biggest purpose of coming to Lingnan this time was to solve the problem of how everyone should cooperate.  He has made it very clear. As for how he will go in the future and what the results will be, that is beyond his control. He has fulfilled his responsibilities. It can be said that he has a clear conscience towards his former team.  The road is made by yourself, not paved by others. If you understand what he said, you will have a glorious future of progress. If you don't understand what he said, it will stop there.  Liu Xiaoxue complained behind him and said: "Jianbin, your tone is too harsh. Can't you find another way to communicate with everyone?" Gao Jianbin said lightly: "I am doing this for their own good.  Don¡¯t suffer the consequences and then complain that I didn¡¯t remind you, that would be meaningless.¡± At about six o¡¯clock in the evening, Lin Guandong and Zhao Donghui took a commercial car and picked up Gao Jianbin at the gate of the yard and arrived at a house.  A very unique Yaozhai restaurant.  Under the guidance of the secretary, the three of them arrived at a private room with a very quiet environment. From the window, they could still see the bamboo outside, and a cool breeze blew, making people feel very comfortable.  After we sat down, the food started to be served. It seemed that we had already prepared it. Although there were not many dishes ordered this time, everything was authentic Lingnan cuisine, supplemented by the unique mountain flavor of Yao Village.  Lin Guandong picked up the wine glass and said with a smile: "Comrade Jianbin, today we open our hearts and tell each other a few honest words. There is no need to hide anything. Although we both worked in Lingnan before, we didn't know each other well.  There are even some slight misunderstandings. Speaking of which, it is a problem in Linghe City. Everyone knows that it is your brainchild. You do not allow others to interfere because you want to control it for a long time. In addition, several personnel adjustments have been made.  "You stopped me, and the conflict arose." Zhao Donghui then raised his glass and said, "But with the results of this standing committee meeting, we are now awake. You are using this method to protect Linghe City."  The hard-earned stable development is not due to your selfishness. We sincerely apologize to you tonight. We hope that with this glass of wine, we can forget everything in the past and tomorrow will be a brand new day." Gao Jianbin also said.  He raised his glass and said: "Since we have to be honest. Then I will tell the truth. Looking back on this matter, I also made a mistake. I did not make a good connection before leaving. If it had been like this before, everyone sat down and kept each other's hearts in mind.  After thinking about it clearly, maybe the current situation is much better." Then he said: "I guess you two already know what happened in the yard where I used to live this afternoon. I had a casual chat with my old subordinates.  The purpose of the chat is to eliminate their concerns and require them to maintain a high degree of consistency with the provincial party committee and the provincial government, work closely together, and do a good job in Lingnan's economic development and people's livelihood work. Secretary Lin and Governor Zhao have their vision.  There are always limitations. If you are not in your position, you will not be able to achieve your goals. The gap between the two of you is too big." Lin Guandong said with a smile: "Thank you Comrade Jianbin for everything you have done for Lingnan. Comrade Donghui and I are very grateful.  I admire your personal charm and character very much. These old subordinates of yours are the pillars and talents of Lingnan. The provincial party committee and the provincial government will entrust them with important responsibilities in the future and create more opportunities for them to display their abilities and talents. This is  Comrade Dong Hui and I can assure you that after all, the overall stability of Lingnan is the responsibility of each of us." Gao Jianbin nodded and said, "Thank you to Secretary Lin and Governor Zhao for their understanding. They actually have their own ambitions and goals.  After a period of training, I think the organization will have other considerations for them. Excellent leaders will shine wherever they go. They may grow faster in a different environment. People always have to face various challenges before they can gradually grow.  "Maturity." At this point, we stopped talking. The three of them talked about many work-related issues like old friends.  The two were surprised to find that during one night's conversation, Gao Jianbin had actually highlighted the contents of Lingnan's future five-year plan, many of which they had not thought of.  The next day, Gao Jianbin participated in the Lingnan Coal Governance Experience Exchange Meeting. This was a very grand meeting. All leading cadres at the deputy department level and above in the province participated. Gao Jianbin¡¯s speech won rounds of applause from the participants. After the meeting,  , many leading cadres surrounded him and competed to speak. Lin Guandong and Zhao Donghui felt a little envious of this.  After the meeting, Gao Jianbin did not make any stop. After lunch, he declined Lin Guandong and Zhao Donghui's offer to send him a car, and rushed to Linghe City in the car driven by Fang Mengtian and Liu Xiaoxue.  Originally, Shi Peiwen and Cao Yang wanted to bring members of the municipal party committee leadership team to meet him at the highway intersection, but he refused. He only said: "I came in a private capacity this time, and I didn't want to disturb everyone who was waiting for me."?Work, and go to the farmyard to have a meal together in the evening.  ¡± The Gao family courtyard was still the same as before, with no obvious changes. After he entered the door, he saw the four golden flowers and Qiao Yuchen waiting. In addition, what surprised Gao Jianbin was that Fanny and Lucy arrived in such a short time.  Here we are. Although the two girls have not seen each other for such a long time, they are still so beautiful, and they seem to have added a bit of intellectual charm. The long-lost laughter resounded in the courtyard. There was a man at home.  This family is considered complete. But unfortunately, Fanny and Lucy only stayed for two days before returning to China. They are now in charge of the family's huge industry and have no more time to stay in Linghe City.  We made an appointment to go to the southern seaside for a vacation together and drive a yacht to relax in the sea. A week later, in the morning, Gao Jianbin was put on a plane by the leaders of Linghe City, and he was accompanied by four others.  Jinhua, they came to Guanbei City to be guests for Wu Xinyan and Lan Xin¡¯s performance. This matter has long been reported through entertainment news. Before getting on the plane, Gao Jianbin said to everyone emotionally: "This time I leave.  There will be very few opportunities to come to Linghe City in the future. I hope you will remember what I said to you, take a longer view, and don¡¯t give yourself too many limitations. The road is getting wider as you go, stay here  If you stand still, you will never reach your dream position.  Don't call me easily when you encounter difficulties, as that will hinder your growth. Although big trees can block the wind and rain, they block the sunshine.  " After the plane arrived at Guanbei City International Airport, Wu Xinyan and Lan Xin actually went to the airport to greet them in person. The traffic nearby was blocked for a while, which became a great spectacle. At the same time, the Provincial Public Security Department investigated the richest man in Guangfeng City  Zhu Youhe and his son carried out the arrest. When the news came out, it caused a stir in the officialdom of Yangxi Province for a long time. Gao Jianbin then proposed his own two-step plan at the Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee. First, all previous private acquisitions and mergers of state-owned coal mines.  Conduct investigations to ensure that state-owned assets will not be damaged as a result. Second, for those coal mines that have not completed legal procedures, they will go through normal channels to complete the procedures again.  , how could anyone agree to such harsh conditions? If they don¡¯t want to do it anymore, just reapply or acquire a new coal mine. But what¡¯s surprising is that a private enterprise in Kyoto first made the decision. The chairman  Zhong Huige, Managing Director Tan Sufei and General Manager Shen Xinghong arrived in Guanbei City and paid back all the taxes to the Provincial State Administration of Taxation and the Local Taxation Bureau. They paid a one-time penalty of five times the amount and repaid it according to the procedures stipulated by the state.  After the mission of the leadership group ended, Gao Jianbin completely stopped participating in the later resource allocation, and the new group took over. He turned his attention to party work. The first step was to start cultivating party members to become rich.  The leader¡¯s plan is mainly for rural areas. This initiative has received strong support from the provincial government. The second step is to require all leading cadres not to listen to reports and read documents in the office, but to visit the field regularly.  After learning first-hand information, this will also become a new assessment for leading cadres. This initiative received strong support from the provincial party committee. One morning three years later, Gao Jianbin was talking to the masses about organic vegetables in a field in a county.  Regarding planting, this is what he demands from others, and he demands it even more from himself. Isn¡¯t it just empty talk about what he can¡¯t do? At this moment, he received a call from the National Organization Department.  When he arrived in Kyoto, Minister Li Shenghua personally talked to him. He was about to be appointed as the deputy director of the National Propaganda Department. When Gao Jianbin returned to Yangxi Province, he looked at the land in front of him with some reluctance. He felt that he still had a lot.  On a sunny morning, a group of provincial party committee leaders from Nanjiang Province were waiting at the Shengzhou Airport, preparing to welcome the arrival of the new secretary. Among them were Guo Yongjian, Yue Qidong, Shang Ming, Zhou Xuejiao, and Leng Bingling.  Most of them, like Song Chengen and others, were old classmates who had participated in the training class of the Provincial Party Committee. Shang Ming spoke to each other more casually and said in confusion: "Who knows who our new secretary of Nanjiang Province is this time?  I didn't hear anything!  " Guo Yongjian said: "Before the appointment of the National Organization Department is announced, it is normal for us not to know. Anyway, we will see it soon. How anxious are you?  " Leng Bing Linglan has a good heart and has long seen the answer. She smiled and said: "Look at who is taking care of the child next to us. Isn't it clear?  ¡± Everyone turned around and saw that it was Li Li and Gao Lanbing who were running around on the ground, and they immediately smiled knowingly!   PS: Thanks to Panshi friends for their evaluation votes.  Deep Blue Kingdom would like to thank all readers and friends for their continued support of this book for four years. Due to special reasons, this book ended early. Deep Blue Kingdom would like to apologize to everyone and thank all friends again.  thank you all!
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