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Replace the strange stories inside and outside!  10. Afterwards~ (Finale-Postscript)

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    Bai Hua took off his helmet, looked at the rows of people in front of him, and took a deep breath.  "Bai Hua, why did you quit so quickly?" A young man came over immediately. This was a new person, a new time traveler, and it seemed that he had only traveled once. But he was lucky enough to survive to the end and return to normal.  "What are you asking at this time? Let him sober up for a while. You also know that when you travel through that world, you will only have basic memory data, and it will be blurry for a while when you come back." The black-haired Shuo Jun looked at a group of people.  Bai Hua, who looked confused, suddenly sneered. He must have been killed before he came back. "Forced return to the city", we time travelers are really a "high-risk" profession.  "Okay, let me continue to educate you on the formation of our time travellers." Shuo Jun looked at the newcomer, while Hong Ye stood behind him and looked at him silently. The two of them are partners, no matter in other  The world is still in this world.  "The emergence of our time-traveling organization is also due to ten years ago." Ten years ago, Huang Ji, the most talented person in the world and also the strongest weaver in the world, died.  The cause of all this is her younger brother, Huang Lang.  Huang Lang, Huang Ji's younger brother, was also suffering from a terminal disease called 'cancer'. For this reason, Huang Ji agreed to join the great power of China in exchange for the world's highest level of treatment. At the same time, he also developed a fusion of many elements.  Game, this game can be updated automatically, and can also record the latest animation data and generate a world.  There is only one player in the entire game, Huang Lang, and Huang Ji is the only creator and GM. This ultra-era game is just an alternative way for Huang Ji to extend his life for his younger brother.  Everything was originally arranged. After the [Immortality] system was weaved, Huang Lang would be transplanted into the Immortality System to obtain immortality. This is why Huang Ji participated in the development of this system.  Originally, everything went so smoothly. Huang Ji went offline every day to research and develop [Eternal Life], and when the work was completed, she would go online to accompany Wang Lang.  It can be said that because of the existence of Wang Lang and Huang Ji, the game has become an independent and complete world, and every character in it seems to have its own life.  This is also because Huang Ji's talent is at work, the weaver, weaving everything in the world. A powerful weaver can even weave the world like a creator god.  Although Huang Ji¡¯s weaving ability was originally very strong, she did not have the ability to weave a living world like a god, until the day before [Eternal Life] was about to be completed.  An oversight by Huanglang's medical staff caused the 'cancer attack' to occur prematurely, and Huanglang lost his life in just half an hour.  On the same day, Huang Ji committed suicide by cutting her wrists.  However, at the last one who committed suicide, Huang Ji completed the [Eternal Life] system, and because she gave up her life, Huang Ji¡¯s weaving ability was sublimated at that moment.  At the last moment, Huang Ji created a dream world, and the game produced by Huang Ji was completely woven into reality!  Yes, this is the most terrifying side of the Weaver. As long as you are strong enough, anything portrayed by the Weaver will become a reality!  It is unknown what happened afterwards, but according to the speculations of other weavers, Huang Ji had sublimated into a god at that moment and entered the world she weaved, and her brother Huang Lang should have also been resurrected.  Moreover, after gaining ¡®eternal life¡¯ and giving up your life, you can transform into a god.  Originally, the matter had ended here, because after completing the [Eternal Life] system, Huang Ji broke the recording of [Eternal Life] before committing suicide.  Even the data was deleted, making it impossible to restore everything, and the [Eternal Life] system prepared by the country could never be completed, so the people of the country planned to rely on the helmet left by Huang Ji to make large-scale copies, and then enter the one that had been  The Princess has become a different world in reality.  It has to be said that they succeeded. The time travelers appeared. They were ordered to travel through various worlds and search for useful information just to enhance the real world. However, at the same time, they also became pests in other worlds and were suppressed by various worlds. However, due to the helmet  Because of this, the time travel by the time travelers is like a login to the game. Even if they fail and die, they will just be kicked out of the game.  Of course, Huang Ji showed mercy in all this, and at the same time, the people in the country knew Huang Ji's bottom line - as long as they did not disturb Huang Lang and her, she would not stop them from doing anything, perhaps to compensate for their original willfulness.  Well, after all, the country worked hard to extend Huang Lang's life span for nearly ten years.  "So, newcomers, please remember that if you encounter Huang Lang, Ju Tianzi, or Alice, run quickly, otherwise you may return to the city for free." Shuo Jun said, and then  Patted the newcomer on the shoulder."Ohbut are weavers really that strong? Why not let weavers travel through time?" The newcomer thought for a while and suddenly expressed his doubts.  "Becauseafter that night, all the weavers lost their powermaybe it's because of Huang Ji, maybe she doesn't want the weavers to disturb her, well, anyway, there are many kinds of  "Diverse." "Oh the weaverweaves the dreams of others, but that Lady Huangji, is weaving her own dream" "She just wants to live with her brother forever  Speaking of which, Bai Hua, tell me, how did you die?" Shuo Nue suddenly turned around and looked at Bai Hua, who had recovered.  "It's nothing. I met Huang Lang, and then he was thrown a Fei Xiangtian by the famous Ju Tianzi." Bai Hua's face was very bitter at this time. He had attacked Huang Lang before, so he was remembered by Huang Lang, and he didn't  I know why. The time travel function of this helmet seems to be able to travel to the past. Huang Lang was not dead at that time "Pfft, hahahaha!! This idiot met Huang Lang and was killed!! Hahaha  ! ! I¡¯m going to spread the word!¡± Shuo Nue suddenly laughed and said loudly, attracting the attention of all the passers-by.  "Get out of here, you bastard!" On the other sidesitting quietly under the tree, Wang Langshould be called Huang Lang now, because the original name was originally called Huang Lang, and Wang Lang was just a game he had played before.  It's just an ID', but now, the game has become a reality, so the so-called 'game ID' is no longer needed.  Huang Lang leaned against the tree and slowly looked at the sky. Mashiro lay on his shoulder and closed his eyes quietly. The emperor leaned his head over and rubbed his hand gently, while Alice  She just put her head on his lap and seemed to have fallen asleep.  "Ara ala, I'm asleep." Yakumo Purple sat on the tree and said with a smile on her face.  "Yes, she's asleep." Feng Jian Youxiang nodded, she has always been here.  "It's better not to disturb them." "You have to look at Remilia for this." Yakumo Purple pointed at Remilia, who was leaning on Wang Lang's right side. Her mouth seemed to be close to Wang Lang's neck.  Okay, does this vampire want to suck blood even if it is asleep "Forget it let's go, Remy won't bite you." Feng Jian Youxiang smiled softly, no matter what, as long as  As long as Huang Lang is happy, even if he is not his younger brother, in his heart, he is still the younger brother who follows him and calls "sister, sister" In other words, if you think so, Her Highness Huangji will  Not jealous?  World Tree Huang Ji rested her head on the table with both hands, looking at the sleeping Huang Lang in the picture, with a happy smile on her face. All this has been completed Next, just enjoy it.  As long as his brother is happy, then I will be happy Looking back now on that night ten years ago.  Huang Ji looked at the [Eternal Life] system on the computer monitor in front of her.  He typed the last character in his hand, then took out the two chips from the computer, put one into Huang Lang's already slightly stiff hand, and held the other in his own hand. Then he picked up the fruit knife and cut his own  wrist.  At the last moment of his life, Huang Lang, who was already dead, made a sound.  Perhaps it was just a recording that Huang Lang quietly left the game while Huang Ji was away, but it successfully stimulated the power of Huang Ji's weaver. The chip in his hand linked the two people, and then slowly dissipated. At the same time,  He sublimated Huang Ji's power, turned the world she weaved into reality, and at the same time replaced himself with the character in the game, the Dragon God.  And that voice only has a few words ¡ª¡ª"Sister" ¡ª¡ª"The Hidden God" END.2-Postscript (Happy.End) PS: What's the really good ending~ Actually, I  I didn¡¯t plan to write it, but I was afraid that someone would riot and find me in real life and beat me up or something so I wrote it Okay, the above is nonsense, but actually I didn¡¯t want it to end in such a bad way, otherwise I would  I love this warrior By the way, gentlemen, do you want to watch the extra story about Alice and the Emperor? If so, I will write one~
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