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Volume 4 Breaking the Limit Volume 8 Chapter 159 The End (Grand Finale)

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    Rosalind suddenly became more honest, and even her unruly temporary stance became regular. Arthur, who was still in her arms despite being able to walk, even more alertly stuffed the pacifier into his mouth, and then closed his mouth.  He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.  .  .  Only Xia Zuo was relaxed.  "In the Sinful Plains, in Tiba City, my father is very good. He said he misses you very much." Xia Zuo communicated with the shadow and said.  "Huh, even if you say it nicely, you won't come to see me. No man is good." Audrey snorted coldly and turned away.  "Look, my mother-in-law said so, men are not good." Rosalin snorted. ?¡­ ?The dark world, the plain of sin, the city of Tiba.  Over the past year, Charlie has led Xia Zuo on a wild hunt, usually with Charlie taking action.  Very far away, demigods or pseudo-gods must at least reach the late emperor stage and realize the source of god to be a demigod.  Charlie is not a demigod. Although he is also a fighting emperor, he has not understood the source of God. There is only one demigod on earth, and that is Li Youran.  "Is this the trump card?" Xia Zuo and Charlie were flying, playing with a square sign in their hands, which he just got in a valley.  "It's an ace, from the light weapon type." Charlie said, "If you think it's useful, keep it. If you don't, just give it away. Barnett has gone crazy looking for this." "Kerry's grandfather?" Xia Zuo  He looked at Charlie for a moment.  "Yes." Charlie responded.  "Then just give it to him." Xia Zuo said nonchalantly and put away the trump card.  "This city is full of evil energy." The desolate land is filled with blood.  The sky was obscured by dark clouds, red light loomed, and the air was gray.  You can vaguely see an ancient city in the distance, emitting black light, like a terrifying beast with teeth and claws, crawling on the seemingly endless land.  "This is one of the most sinful cities in the dark world. There are countless vicious people, and many of them are powerful beings who can help you improve." King Charles stood in the air.  Fidgeting with the revolver in his hand.  It looks like an ordinary gun, but Xia Zuo has seen his father use this gun with his own eyes.  One bullet destroyed a terrifying evil dragon that crawled out from the endless abyss like a mountain.  "Why can this kind of city exist openly?" Xia Zuo frowned in confusion.  "Because the evil in the dark world will never disappear. If we suppress it, countless lives will only suffer. That's why this kind of city is created." King Charles looked from a distance: "To vent evil, this is a city without any morality and law.  But we shouldn¡¯t go in. Although we can kill any living thing, we should have our own morals in our hearts.¡± ¡°Father, you are so great,¡± Xia Zuo said with a smile.  "If this wasn't the hundredth time you said this to me, I probably wouldn't take it as a taunt." Charlie looked sideways at Xia Zuo.  "Just teasing." Xia Zuo also looked at Charlie sideways.  In fact, since the battle always ends quickly, the two of them spend most of their time on the road.  Some places cannot build a bridge of time and space The journey is boring, even for Charlie, who doesn't like to joke.  He would also quarrel with Xia Zuo.  There was a moment of silence.  "Are we just going to wait like this?" Xia Zuo suddenly asked.  "Yeah." Charlie nodded, "I don't like the smell insidehere it comes!" Following Charlie's voice, a strange-looking creature flew out of the ancient city in the distance, its body covered with stick-like tentacles, like  It is in the form of a toad, but one eye is blind, its wings are on its buttocks, and its body is covered with green mucus.  "What does it smell like? It's disgusting." Xia Zuo couldn't help but say, he smelled a sour fishy smell.  "That's the Seven-Star Conversion Demon." Charlie also frowned and explained.  "How come Qixing Conversion has such a name?" Xia Zuo asked.  "It's that legend. Legend has it that a long time ago, the king's servant who bathed the horses had a disabled son. He was ridiculed because of his disability. He felt resentful and killed his father, the one who brushed the horses, and then dug out his mother's left leg.  Eyes, sacrificed to the devil, praying to the devil to make him healthy. " "The devil is not evil, he decided to punish, pretending to give this disabled son a chance, and promised that as long as he reincarnates seven times, he will kill his father and kill his mother every time.  He sacrificed his eyes seven times, giving him health and eternal life. He believed it, and ridiculously believed in the devil. After seven times, the devil transformed him into what he is now, seven stars, representing seven eyes.  , take refuge, ?To express faith Forget about my son, it is better to let him live in pain than to kill him.  " "Agree, let's stay away, this smell can't stand it.  " Xia Zuo said.  The years are long. Shadow Xia Zuo and Charlie are constantly hunting those powerful and evil beings in the dark world. Relying on the devouring ability, Shadow Xia Zuo's strength continues to increase. But on Earth, Xia Zuo forgot  In June of 1822, Xia Zuo was 24 years old, in the core residential area of ??the British Empire, Fanny¡¯s villa.  "    "Happy birthday.  "Xia Zuo, who is used to wearing aristocratic uniforms, raised his wine glass and cheered and celebrated with Vivian. This day was teacher Fanny's birthday, her 40th birthday, a meaningful day in life, but Fanny never thought of informing anyone.  She was a little sad when she came to celebrate her birthday. She didn't want to admit that she was a middle-aged woman. It was Vivian who informed Xia Zuo and Xia Zuo came here specially. Therefore, there were only three people in the evening celebration, the somewhat reluctant Fanny and the considerate Wei.  Vivian, the rest is naturally Xia Zuo. Late at night, Vivian lay on the sofa and fell asleep, with a big hat on her face. She was drunk because of the special wine. "Be happy."  , the world may be destroyed, what is there to think about?  "The drunken Xia Zuo clinked glasses with Fanny. "The world is destroyed, and I can't even get married.  Why should I be happy?  "Fanny said drunkenly, smelling of alcohol, and fell down on the sofa chair. "You have too high standards.  How many people are chasing you.  "Xia Zuo had a helpless tone, put down the wine glass, and sat next to Fanny. Fanny suddenly sat up straight and came close to Xia Zuo's face. The smell of wine sprayed on Xia Zuo's face. She paused for a moment before asking drunkenly: "  Then why don't you chase me?  " "I have a wife.  " Xia Zuo seemed to reply subconsciously, looking at Fanny's face close at hand. He immediately said: "Okay, I'm sorry for her.  "    "Well.  "  ¡± A plain full of ravines and bones, full of ghosts, and faint cries of killing and despair can be heard. These sounds have existed for a long, long time. In that battle, the gods fell, the Lord of Shura was suppressed, and all living beings who participated in the war  Countless, almost all died here. In fact, the souls of those fallen gods were hidden here, and the Lord of Shura was also suppressed here. Xia Zuo and Charlie stood in the sky, looking down at this place with no end in sight.  At this time, the shadow Xia Zuo's aura was equal to that of King Charles. This was the result of four years of continuous hunting. Even though King Charles existed, it still took him four years to grow up.  The current situation shows how difficult it is. ¡°If Lord Shura starts to wake up now, will we die miserably?  "Xia Zuo asked, holding his chin. "I will definitely do it, so hurry up and offer your sacrifice, and I promise your mother to go back for dinner.  "King Charles urged. "My dear father, do you really want your son to die?  "Xia Zuo looked at Charlie sideways. "If you spent more of your energy arguing with me on dealing with relationships with women, the family wouldn't be so chaotic.  "Charlie looked unsympathetic. "Okay, pretend I didn't say anything.  "Xia Zuo turned his head back silently, "I'm going.  "Wow. Xia Zuo began to fly downward. King Charles had already told him the process. He knew what to do. As he flew downward, he opened his arms, stopped flying, and began to fall freely. At the same time, he  The aura all over his body was exuding crazily, and bits of starlight seeped out of his body, disintegrating into the air. He was actively decomposing his soul, and Hades would have an unprecedented intensity of feeling one thousand meters away from the ground.  At this time, the ground below began to shake violently. At 500 meters, a hole opened in the ground. When it was still 100 meters away from the ground, Xia Zuo's soul had completely decomposed and disappeared, and the body of the earth also lost its control over the clone.  In response, a black light emerged from the cracks in the ground and rushed into the shadow. Rumble~~~ The space was shaking. At this moment, the black light enveloped the entire dark world, which contained the majesty of a god. "Hadi."  Si?  " "Hades?  " " Hades!  "    "He is back!  ¡±   Countless voices were heard by the returning Hades. The rich black light completely enveloped the figure. The body was getting bigger, and the divine power was constantly washing it. It became bigger and bigger, and gradually reached a height of more than a hundred meters.  When the black light dissipated, Charlie saw a real living being for the first time, and he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. Fortunately, in the process of growing bigger, Hades restored his appearance. If it were Xia Zuo's face, he would feel strange  weird.  "God, your believers" Charlie was about to say something nice and slip away, but he just started.  Rumble~~~ The ground suddenly shook violently again, and another hole opened in the ground not far away. This time the hole was huge, with lava emerging from it, and a terrifying aura emanating from it. A huge white bone palm first appeared.  Stretched out, followed by another This was a huge humanoid skeleton, and the terrifying aura made Charlie believe that he was the Lord of Shura.  Just after Hades was resurrected, he also came out.  The Lord of Shura climbed up completely from the crack, and Hades kept looking at him. Both sides were over a hundred meters tall, and their eyes widened for a moment.  "Go back!" Hades drew his sword and pointed at the Lord of Shura.  The Lord of Shura tilted his head, looked at Hades who was wearing armor and holding a long sword, and then looked down at himself, who was just a skeleton. He scratched the back of his head, hesitated, and said to Hades.  Si waved his hand, turned around and crawled back into the crack silently A month later.  Earth, Argentine Republic, Patagonia Desert.  "Luotuo, do you think I will be called a bitch if I come here like this? But I really like him. I dare not say it" "Is this where Xia Zuo grew up? Although I am good  I want to take a closer look, but is it too far? How about we fly Oh, you can't fly. " "Camel, what is that? The wolf scared away, so boring."  "Camel, do you want some water?" "Camel, we are about to arrive." "I can see the valley." Talking to herself, Vivian, wearing a big wizard hat, led a big camel for three days.  After crossing most of the desert, I looked at the valley where the Selsa people were in the distance, and smiled happily.  Under the setting sun, the girl and the camel gradually approached the valley, leaving a long series of marks on the sand.  (End of the book) (To be continued, please search Piaotian Literature, the novel is better and updated faster! ps: sad
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