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Volume 3 Castlevania in the Fog Chapter 250 Finale

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    Yakumo Blue and Reimu stayed in Gensokyo as newcomers to Gensokyo, which caused some waves, but the waves did not last long, because another bigger wave was about to take place, which was to deal with the Devourer.  When Liu Feng and Xiao Zi announced the news, the originally joyful Gensokyo suddenly fell silent, and a stormy atmosphere hung over everyone's heads.  Everyone knows that the final battle that will determine the life and death of the world is coming.  The main force in this battle is Liu Feng alone, and even Xiao Zi cannot intervene, because except for Liu Feng, the power of others is ineffective against the Devourer. This will be a war in which one person determines the fate.  When Liu Feng went to fight, everyone in Gensokyo arrived, and even friends from other worlds came over to practice for Liu Feng.  There were no extra words. The dullness before the war made everyone not know what to say, and Liu Feng was not a good talker, so in the end, after everyone only had a brief exchange, Liu Feng was watched by everyone.  Soar into the sky and fly towards the sky.  At the same time, the consciousness of the world poured all its power into Liu Feng, causing Liu Feng's strength to surge upwards. In the blink of an eye, it exceeded a hundred times, just like a Super Saiyan transformation.  This is the power that the world consciousness mobilized for the final battle, and it was also agreed upon when signing the contract with Liu Feng. Otherwise, even if he perfected the power of the Death Eye, Liu Feng would never be a match for the Devourer.  Now with the blessing of direct consciousness and the power of the entire world, Liu Feng instantly transformed from an earthling to a Super Saiyan, directly surpassing the upper limit of power in this world and becoming a being that can single-handedly destroy the entire world.  Although this state is only temporary, it is perfect for dealing with Devourer. Liu Feng, who transformed into a Super Saiyan, immediately tore the air at a speed exceeding Mach 20. In the blink of an eye, he was outside the atmosphere, facing those giant cities.  And huge devourers.  "In the past, Liu Feng's speed was really not as fast as the Devourer, which looked huge but was actually as fast as lightning. But now his speed has far surpassed the Devourer, so there is no need to be afraid of the Devourer.  Liu Feng immediately opened the Demonic Eye of Direct Death. Under the gaze of the Demonic Eye, all the lines of death that could not be seen before emerged, but the location of the point of death was nowhere to be seen.  This is because the power of the Devourer is too strong. Even if Liu Feng has perfected the Demonic Eye of Direct Death, he cannot directly see the line of death. He can only weaken the Devourer by losing a certain amount of health.  will emerge.  A great war began. This was definitely a war beyond the standards. Although it was fought on the outer wall of the world, the aftermath of the battle still brought huge shocks to the world.  Moreover, after the flesh and blood dropped from the Devourers fall to the ground, they will turn into terrifying monsters. If these monsters are left alone, they will definitely cause huge disasters.  Faced with this situation, the people in Gensokyo were not idle. While Liu Feng was fighting, they were also scattered around the world to stop the monsters transformed from the flesh and blood of the Devourer.  And when the people of Gensokyo took action, the mortal forces represented by Runa Xiu also took action. Runa Xiu, who had been warned by Liu Feng, had begun preparations many years ago. Now when disaster strikes,  , the leaders of various countries, headed by Runa Xiu, took action together to resist this terrible world-class disaster with the people of Gensokyo.  This is a veritable thousand-day war. From the beginning of the war, no one can see the momentum of the end. The world and the Devourer are fighting fiercely, making the sky gloomy and the world undergoing great changes. For all things in the world, this is a veritable war.  catastrophe.  When the war lasted until the 400th day, the Titans who were supposed to leave this world returned. Having settled in another world, they were summoned by the consciousness of the world. After careful consideration, they returned with the strongest combat power.  Returning to the Holy Soul World, I want to contribute one last time to the world that raised and created them.  Although the Titans were unable to intervene in the direct battle between Liu Feng and the Devourer, their help to the mortal world was huge. When the Titans joined the war, the pressure on the mortal world was greatly reduced, and there would never be another incident.  After this battle, millions of people died.  ¡° Moreover, the medical technology brought back by the Titans is extremely powerful. As long as they are not dead, even broken limbs can be completely cured in a short time and the injured can return to the battlefield again.  This technology is equivalent to a second life for mortal warriors. Before the return of the Titans, the battle damage rate in every battle exceeded 30. In tragic times, a 90 battle damage rate was possible, and in war  But it happens every day. As a result, there are very few veterans who can survive for more than a year. If humans didn't have a huge population base and other races also joined the war, the continent would be turned into a dead land in one year.  .  And?After the arrival of the Titans, the battle loss rate of the mortal army was immediately reduced to less than 10%. Even in a tragic battle, the battle loss rate was only 30% at most.  Because once someone is injured, his comrades will go up and pull the injured person back to the rear, receive treatment at the rear, and then return to the battlefield to replace other injured comrades.  Under such a virtuous cycle, the loss rate of the mortal army is extremely low, and it bursts out with strong cohesion and momentum in the face of the high pressure of destruction and disaster. All creatures are working towards the same goal, which is to defeat the monster that destroys the world.  Protect everything around them.  When the catastrophe of the end of the world comes, all races and countries will become meaningless. All creatures are working towards one goal, which is to protect the world.  Life is falling like rain, and civilization is fragile.  As the war continues, more and more living beings die, and all mortal beings do not know whether this catastrophe will end. Despair and numbness permeate society and the army.  Facing this kind of catastrophe, even the comfort of the gods seems pale and feeble, because the Titans, as gods, have long joined the war, and although they have brought huge help, they have never been able to completely eliminate those monsters.  However, when all living beings have become numb and the breath of despair can be seen everywhere.  Suddenly one day, all the monsters died. Yes, at that moment, all the raging monsters died. It was like the collective was poisoned and attacked at the same time. In that moment, all the monsters died.  Faced with this situation, all the mortal beings were stunned for a while, and finally burst into cheers that shook the world, because everyone understood that the catastrophe was over.  Mortal beings don¡¯t know why this happens, but it doesn¡¯t prevent those extraordinary beings from knowing the reason.  When this happens, there is only one possibility, and that is that all the Devourers are eliminated.  Yes, after three years of war, the Devourers were finally eliminated by Liu Feng.  This matter spread throughout the world through the mouths of the Titans and Luna Xiu, who had become the emperor. Suddenly, the entire Holy Soul World was shouting Liu Feng's name. At this moment, Liu Feng was like a god.  It's just that as a party involved, Liu Feng didn't care about these things at all. After destroying the Devourer, his contract with the world consciousness was completed. The world consciousness withdrew the power from him and fell into sleep, and he also entered Gensokyo.  The World Tree began to sleep.  Three consecutive years of war, both Liu Feng and the world's consciousness, have consumed too much. The huge consumption has forced them to fall into a deep sleep. It may take a long time for them to wake up.  Xiao Zi knows this very well, so she has been waiting outside the World Tree and built a hut next to the World Tree. She just hopes that the first person her husband sees after waking up is her.  As for the affairs of Gensokyo, Xiaozi left it to Isayama Yomi who turned into Yakumo Blue, and the task of guarding Gensokyo was taken care of by Tsuchimiya Kagura, whose pseudonym was Hakurei Reimu.  There are two mikos from the past world who are responsible for everything in Gensokyo. Gensokyo is impregnable and nothing happens.  As the days passed, many outsiders moved into Gensokyo, making Gensokyo more and more lively.  At the same time, the mortal world has established a unified government under the auspices of the Titans, and there are no longer racial barriers.  Because the catastrophe of the world united all major races, and this unity did not stop when the war ended.  The Titans told the creatures in this world that there are many worlds outside this world, many of which have no civilized creatures, waiting for them like an untouched virgin.  If you want to go to those worlds, you must work hard to develop and research world-exaggerating technology as soon as possible, so that you can get more things.  Under the temptation of such huge interests, the things we fought for before seemed meaningless, not to mention that after the war, the world was full of unclaimed lands, and the major races could easily get a piece of good land for development.  In this way, the conflicts between races disappeared, and Runa Xiu also became the first leader of the world government with the help of the Titans. Using the technology left by the Titans, he led the entire world to start a great revolution.  develop.  After doing this, the Titans left. They had already left this world and had their own lives and civilizations.  And they will also wait in a higher civilization system for the original residents of the Holy Soul World to come find them.  The sun and the moon go round and round, and in the blink of an eye, a hundred years have passed, and things have changed and people have changed.  "It's just that in a clean and simple house under the World Tree in Gensokyo, a stunning woman with blond hair and purple clothes, who is always as beautiful as a girl, stays here forever, quietly waiting for someone's return.  Finally, on the 100thWhen the voice from Year 01 rang out, the blond woman seemed to notice something and immediately rushed out of the room, looking straight in the direction of the World Tree.  There, a man in black walked out slowly, and the two looked at each other from a distance for a long time.  In the end, the blond woman showed a beautiful smile that made the sun and the moon eclipse and said softly: "Welcome back." The black-haired man didn't say much, he just stepped forward and hugged the blond woman tightly into his arms, using the gentlest  The voice said what he had always wanted to say: "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting." (End of the book) r1152?
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