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Text 712 Final Chapter

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    After all, the red button on the nuclear suitcase was not pressed.  When the super-power team captured Camp David, hundreds of vacuum implosion bombs saved by the Chinese PL invaded the United States one after another.  Some of these vacuum implosion bombs were launched by 096 nuclear submarines, some were launched by land-based Dongfeng missiles, and there were even hypersonic weapons developed by China itself.  The targets of these vacuum implosion bombs are U.S. nuclear weapons bases, including strategic bomber force airports, rocket launch sites, etc.  The U.S. military's anti-missile system is also in operation, but it has only successfully intercepted a few cases out of hundreds, which is not enough to change the situation of the war. However, once the Chinese side discovers that a target has been destroyed by a vacuum implosion bomb, it will immediately issue a replacement.  , ensuring that a single target receives enough hits.  Amid the panic at the highest levels of the U.S. government and the Pentagon being attacked by vacuum implosion bombs, the U.S. military was unable to successfully counterattack the meteor shower of vacuum implosion bombs used by China. Most of the U.S. air-based and land-based missiles  All nuclear capabilities have been lost. Even if there are still a few nuclear warheads in hidden nuclear arsenals, they cannot be thrown into China if they want to be used.  However, most of the US military's sea-based strategic nuclear strike capabilities have not been substantially damaged. However, because there is no one to issue the order, these nuclear submarines did not wait for the order to launch after preparing for launch, and a considerable number of nuclear submarines were in the deep sea.  They were attacked by a super giant squid, which dragged them directly to the shore and stranded them, causing them to directly lose their ability to move and attack and defend.  When the Americans learned that Camp David had been captured by the sudden Chinese army, they were completely panicked. The Pentagon was sucked into the black hole. The functions of the Department of Defense were now maintained to a limited extent by the military. The U.S. military immediately launched an attack on Camp David. However,  Under the guard of the super force, the US military did not occupy the manor for a whole night.  And soon, when the cryogenic space device was built, a large number of red police troops swarmed out of Camp David, and the American troops besieging the manor were beaten to pieces.  No one could have imagined that the United States would be defeated in this way. Camp David was like a crack in hell, from which endless hungry ghosts crawled out and devoured the United States alive.  Neither the National Guard nor the local U.S. military are ready to conduct defensive operations on the mainland. Obviously, the Red Police Corps has no scruples. Even if it causes a large number of civilians to be injured, they do not feel sorry. On the contrary, they  Do everything possible to eliminate any active force of the US military. Those American people holding guns are also labeled as resisters and are directly eliminated.  Even though the United States has a land area of ??more than nine million square kilometers, it is not very difficult to actually capture it, and it is even easier than India.  The transportation facilities here are complete, and many terrains are relatively flat. In addition, the scale of the Red Police Force is too large. They can completely crush the enemy with several times the enemy's strength. The battle is not difficult for them.  .  Three weeks after the time teleportation at Camp David, more than a dozen states have been completely occupied by Chinese red police forces.  The official government of the United States has lost the ability to completely control the country, and even the president has been changed twice, because both presidents were assassinated or captured by the Power Squad.  "For at least ten years, the entire United States will remain under the occupation of our troops, which is the so-called military control. We will build some Level 2 mind control towers as soon as possible to reduce possible commotions and chaos, and ultimately  The other side of the South China Sea is considering whether to dismember the United States according to the direct method of India," Mo Xiantong said to Qi Yiming. At this time, the excitement of the staff was palpable.  He has been working in the Strategic Bureau for many years, and what he is looking forward to is the moment when China reaches the top of the world. Now the United States has fallen, several major European countries have begun to surrender one after another, and the world has begun to crawl at the feet of China.  Having reached this point, Mo Xiantong has gained a lot of self-recognition, and this sense of accomplishment is naturally indescribable.  Qi Yiming, on the other hand, seemed much calmer. Ever since he decided to increase his efforts and quickly resolve this world war, he had been able to foresee the arrival of this day, so now there are not many surprises. He said: "Dismember the United States? I  I have thought about it before, but I feel that with our current capabilities, dismemberment is not necessarily a good method. The United States has more than 9 million square kilometers of land, rich in products, fertile, and the climate is very similar to our country.  . I plan to forcibly move Americans out of the United States and send them to South America or Europe. The black uncles will go to Africa, but the Asians can stay and observe how they treated the Indians.  With regard to the reservation policy, except for the areas that belong to them, other places will be managed by us Chinese. With our population base and operating capabilities, it will take about two generations to make the United States no longer a national concept and make it a national concept.  Our territory." Mo Xiantong sighed: "Your plan is more bold, but it is also more difficult to implement. Just moving the Americans away is very difficult."So I'm going to assist with mind control in doing this." Qi Yiming said with a smile.  Two months later, the entire United States and Canada were occupied by the Chinese Red Police Corps. The pLAf, who came across the ocean by boat, quickly joined the ranks of the occupying forces. The entire North America, except Mexico, has been completely occupied by China.  This is where martial law began.  The direct purpose of this military control is to destroy the United States and Canada and make this land belong to the Chinese from now on. Plans have also begun in China. Hundreds of millions of Chinese may migrate to this land from the mainland, and hundreds of millions of Americans  and Canadians may be removed from the land.  The whole world has been occupied by China in such a surreal way. The United States is very horrified. At this time, China only gave a brief introduction, claiming to have some capabilities beyond the times and a large-scale legion, so please all  Resisters should not take chances. China's power is irresistible to them.  It seems that there is a good explanation for China's sudden rise and dominance. Although it will inevitably make some people in some countries sarcastic and jealous, the fact is established that none of these can change the status quo. They can only hold on to it.  Let¡¯s face it, China is now the leader in the world.  People across the country were in jubilation. Although at the beginning of the war, many people were very confused about a sudden war and only supported it out of simple patriotism.  But things are different now. China has defeated another superpower in the world and has become a unique existence in the world. Not only will the Chinese people continue to enjoy the sense of glory of being the first celestial country on earth from now on, but also such a  The country will better absorb nutrients from the world to support itself, and people can already see that life in the future will be more generous and sweet.  A country that was only founded for more than 50 years has suddenly transformed from poverty and backwardness to become the overlord of the earth. The script of this counterattack is really amazing.  But Qi Yiming, the most important screenwriter of this script, felt completely empty at this time.  "The routes he set have been completed. China will establish a world order with itself as the core. No country can go against China's will. The end point of this new global order is actually a Chinese Earth Federation.  Maybe this name will not appear in half a century or a century, but Qi Yiming believes that one day in the future, this will become a reality.  Since traveling to this dimension in 1985, Qi Yiming has experienced many things, including slowly rising from a little person who was not taken seriously, to gradually entering the core circle of power, and finally becoming a free-spirited person.  The actual top level beyond the top level.  He also met the woman he liked, established a family, and became the father of several children.  His life is bizarre, but the trajectory is clear, as if there is no difference between him and the ordinary people.  However, it took him less than twenty years to achieve a great cause that billions of people may not be able to complete even if they spend ten lifetimes.  At the beginning, he felt that he had a noble and sacred mission, which was to use the power of Red Alert to change the historical trajectory of this plane, so that the disaster-stricken country and nation could gain a more glorious and graceful path.  path of.  He has actually done it now, but looking back at the road he has traveled, he doesn't feel that it is very magical.  It's like people climbing a mountain. Before going up the mountain, they feel how steep the mountain road is and how towering the peak is, but when they actually climb the mountain, it doesn't seem to be anything special.  Next to her, Jacqueline looked at Qi Yiming, who was looking at the Dalinol Lake, and asked: "Your life has come to an end, but you seem to have no signs of aging or death at all. What do you want to do next?"  What? Build a spaceship and go see outer space? " Qi Yiming smiled and said: "Maybe, I don't know now, and I have a lot of time to think about what I can do in the future.  And although the war is over now, there is still a lot of follow-up work that still requires me. It may not be an easy task to straighten out the messy state relations and interests after the war. In short, I am not.  I'm worried that I have nothing to do." Jacqueline asked: "As a Red Alert controller born for war, I'm afraid you won't be able to fight any more battles in this dimension. Do you want to further improve the level of the base?  , to obtain more powerful power? " Qi Yiming blinked: "I can't do it anymore, but I'm afraid there are others in our family who are willing to do it"
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