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Text Chapter 190 Money can make the world go round

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    Yin Xinyu could see that his brother's disbelief was written on his face, and he sighed again and said: "Brother, I remember there is an old saying in China. I wonder if you have heard of it. There are people in the world, and there is a sky outside the sky!" To Yang Shuai  Yin Xinyu knew that she couldn't say too much or too clearly. If she said too much, she would be afraid that her brother would still think that she had some secret "relationship" with Yang Shuai, and then it would be difficult for her to meet Yang Shuai in the future. No matter  After all, her brother is definitely wary of Yang Shuai now. He will only let her get in touch with someone he and his father think is a "match"!  Yin Cheng is dubious. He knows that his sister never talks nonsense, but he only thinks that what she said now is just casual, and she is trying to persuade him not to look down on others too much.  "Stop arguing, let's go back to the hotel!" When Yin Chengze thought of the beautiful and charming Qiao Mingzhu, he felt a little empty in his heart. His heart fell on her and he didn't want to go out and have fun.  , and told her sister in a depressed tone to just go back to the hotel.  "Okay!" Yin Xinyu also wanted to go back to the hotel. Her brother wouldn't let her go shopping alone outside, so it was better to go back to the hotel and have some peace and quiet.  It was rare for the brother and sister to have the same opinion. They were not in the mood to go shopping and headed back to the hotel.  Yin Xinyu walked a few steps and then raised her head and asked Yin Chengze: "Brother, what's your impression of the man with Miss Qiao?" "Which man?" Yin Chengze was a little surprised and recalled it for a while.  Then he remembered that there was indeed someone else who came to the restaurant with Qiao Mingzhu, but he didn't pay attention to this person from the beginning to the end. After thinking about it, he replied: "It seems to be a very young boy, a little brat, no one."  Why pay attention?" "Little brat?" Yin Xinyu sneered and said after a while: "Brother, you are just absent-minded, forget it, I am a spectator, you are a fan of the authorities.  If you fall in love with that Miss Qiao, I advise you to give up. Her thoughts are on that little brat you think she is!" "What did you say?" Yin Chengze was stunned.  , recalling that he really didn't notice the young man, but after hearing what his sister said, he had a slight impression. At this time, he remembered what his sister had said about creating something from nothing.  Only then did he wake up and asked in surprise: "Xinyu, tell me do you think this boy is the person you mentioned before?" Yin Xinyu said lightly: "You finally have a clear mind. I saw that person once. Before  In South Korea, he accepted several people who resigned from our Sanxin Electronics, such as Guo Mingrui and Li Junxiu. "Do you have any impression?" "LiJunxiu?" Yin Cheng hesitated and said the name.  He was not very impressed, but he was quite familiar with Li Junxiu. Strictly speaking, Li Junxiu was his senior in college, two years ahead of him, and he was also a prominent figure in the school. However, since he came to Sanxin Electronics Division,  His relationship with Li Junxiu has become normal. After all, he is the son of the president.  He is Li Junxiu's invisible "boss", and can even be said to be his future boss. Due to the disparity in status, the relationship between the two has gradually become distant.  Yin Xinyu sighed and said: "Brother, I don't know what people in the company think. I'm not familiar with the other people who were laid off, but I know Li Junxiu. He is really capable and understands  He is a rare talent with electronic skills. Why would the company lay him off? " To his sister's words, Yin Chengze replied disapprovingly: "What do you know about the company's decision-making? Rome was not built in a day. The company was not built in a day.  It is composed of a group of people. The earth will turn the same without any one person. Our company must ultimately achieve the goal of not becoming a disaster because of the departure of any one person. Our company must put the company first and not the individual first.  " Yin Xinyu sighed again and said nothing. It is undeniable that any great building is made of countless bricks. There is no problem if one or two bricks are missing, because one or two bricks are enough.  The force is very small, but they may not notice that the missing of one or two bricks may pose a potential threat to the building!  Of course, the purpose and theme of the company is correct, and the company cannot be coerced by anyone, but this does not mean that it does not pay attention to talents. After all, my brother has fallen into the trap of imitating his father too much.  Well, the core focus of any person cannot be imitated. He forgets that he should have his own characteristics!  Yin Cheng glanced at his brooding sister, a little surprised as to why she said that. If she could say that she had met this Chinese boy frankly, it meant that she had no "ambiguity" or shameful aspects with him, otherwise  She would never talk about it. For example, she didn't want to say too much about her boyfriend. Her family didn't agree. If she said it openly, there would be no ambiguity.  ? ?Although he loves his sister very much, Yin Chengze also understands that firstly, his sister is naturally beautiful and cute, and secondly, she is a girl and will not pose a threat to his inheritance. The most important thing is that her sister has no ambitions!  No matter before or now, Yin Xinyu has never been interested in the family's wealth. She has never used money sent from her family even to study abroad. All her expenses are earned by doing odd jobs, and no one outside knows that she is a third-year-old.  The daughter of Xin Electronics!  It is precisely because he knows that his sister does not pose an inheritance threat to him that Yin Chengze loves her sister. In addition, Koreans are inherently biased against men and women, and family property is not passed on to daughters. His father also has that concept, which makes him even more unhappy.  Worried about the threat from my sister.  Yin Xinyu's beauty is extremely lethal. She and her brother Yin Chengze walk side by side, attracting countless attention. Yin Xinyu has long been accustomed to this kind of situation. In addition, she and Yin Chengze look similar to Chinese people.  There is no difference. They have black hair, black eyes, and yellow skin. No one regards them as foreigners.  Yin Xinyu is actually not clear about the relationship between Qiao Mingzhu and Yang Shuai. She has a good impression of Yang Shuai, but she will never reveal her friendly relationship with Yang Shuai in front of her brother, otherwise it will attract his attention.  , but I have no good impression of Qiao Mingzhu. This woman is too beautiful. Even a conceited person like her can't help but admire Qiao Mingzhu's beauty at the first sight!  Yin Xinyu was not surprised that her brother would be fascinated by it. A man would like such a stunning beauty. However, she had a vague feeling that this woman was not something her brother could pursue. Although she was determined by her father and brother to marry her,  She objected, but she would still protect and like her brother. Her brother was ignored by Qiao Mingzhu, and she felt unhappy in her heart!  That¡¯s why Yin Xinyu deliberately ¡°find¡± a reason with her brother, that is, Qiao Mingzhu ¡°likes¡± Yang Shuai.  Yin Cheng didn¡¯t quite believe this reason, but his memory was really fuzzy and he really didn¡¯t pay attention to the man.  Yin Xinyu and Yin Chengze got closer and whispered in a very low voice: "Brother, the Chinese say that only by knowing oneself and the enemy can one be victorious. If you want to catch Miss Qiao, then you have to deal with Miss Qiao's "qing"  ren "Familiar. Only after you are familiar with his strengths and weaknesses can you think of ways to defeat your opponent. I think you should understand this very well, right?" Yin Xinyu said this because she knew that her brother often did such things.  He is rich. Among the women who surround his brother, which one doesn't love money?  As long as she can attract women with money, her brother can easily take them away from other men.  And Yin Xinyu also knows that Yang Shuai is by no means an ordinary person. If her brother finds out the details of Yang Shuai and wants to "compete" with him, she believes that it will be difficult for her brother to win against Yang Shuai, because he is indeed not as good as Yang Shuai.  His personal ability is strong!  This would weaken her brother's attention to her and make him suffer some hardships. Whether it was Yang Shuai or Qiao Mingzhu, she felt that they could not be won with money. Of course, she hoped that her brother could really pursue Qiao Mingzhu.  Woman, in short, she just doesn't like Qiao Mingzhu.  No one likes a woman who is more beautiful than himself!  Yin Cheng pondered and asked his sister: "How can we understand each other if we are not familiar with each other? It is impossible to directly inquire from official organizations, right?" Yin Xinyu snorted and said: "Brother, we are not familiar with each other.  , it¡¯s not convenient to check, but you forgot that you don¡¯t have Li Mengnan as a friend?¡± Yin Chengze was startled, and then he suddenly realized: ¡°By the way, why did I forget that I still have Li Mengnan?¡± ¡°Yin Chengze didn¡¯t.  Fool, after his sister reminded him, he understood that it was not convenient for him to check Qiao Mingzhu's "qingren", but Li Mengnan is a local and a powerful and wealthy person. It is not a trivial matter for him to check.  pile?  Besides, Li Mengnan is even more eager to help him at this time, and he has what Li Mengnan wants in his hands: "the agency right of Sanxin Electronic Products in China"!  But what was a bit disappointing was that Li Mengnan didn¡¯t say he could handle Qiao Mingzhu¡¯s matter. He just said he would try his best to help him. Whether he could catch her or not was up to him.  When he broke up with Li Mengnan before, he had promised that he would try his best to help, but at that time Yin Chengze just wanted to ask Li Mengnan to help him match up with Qiao Mingzhu, but he did not expect to ask him to help find out whether Qiao Mingzhu had a "man"  "if.  The two brothers and sister returned to the hotel in silence. Both of them were thinking about something. Yin Xinyu was thinking about how to get Yang Shuai to help her convey information to her "boyfriend", while Yin Cheng was thinking about how to treat Qiao Mingzhu.  Launching an all-round offensive, as for his sister, he really has no intention to care about her. Besides, China is thousands of miles away from her boyfriend, and they are in a foreign country, so he doesn't worry about her slipping out.??Just meet the other person!  Back at the hotel, Yin Chengze told the woman on duty at the front desk to notify him if her sister made an overseas phone call through the hotel extension. Of course, he also secretly gave the woman a few hundred dollars.  , Money can make the world go round, and he has always known how to take advantage of this principle.
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