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Volume One: Star Sword Picture Chapter 0013.  Blacksmith: Xiao Peipei

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    "Then let me ask you, how heavy a sword do you think you can hold?" Renault curled his lips, looked at the three hundred kilogram epee in his hand, and said implicitly: "About a thousand kilograms, if it is higher" "  "What?" Not to mention the little girl who asked, even Renault's younger brother Shen Sanbao looked at him in surprise.  "What?" "Do you think you can hold a sword weighing a thousand pounds?" The little girl asked clearly in disbelief: "Brother, how heavy is the sword behind you?" "Brother?" Renault's mouth corners clasped together,  I am only sixteen years old, why do I get called big brother everywhere I go?  Isn't it called the old man if it is hard, this still makes people live alive?  Renault, dumbfounded, pulled out the epee from his back and said, "I don't know the actual weight, but it should be more than five hundred kilograms." "Five hundred kilograms?" Originally, a swordsman holding a three hundred kilograms epee would already weigh more than five hundred kilograms.  is the limit.  There are still people holding 500-pound heavy swords now?  "I don't believe that you can hold an epee weighing five hundred kilograms with your body?" The little girl seemed to really not believe that Renault could hold an epee weighing five hundred kilograms, let alone what Renault said.  The sword weighs a thousand pounds.  "Hey, little girl, why do you question that my elder brother's sword is not heavy enough?" "Xiaocao, tell him, why do I?" When the little girl heard this, she looked at Shen Sanbao with some idiotic eyes, and then said to that  The waiter in the shop raised his hand and said.  "Oh" The waiter in the store sneered and quickly introduced: "This is the eldest lady in our store. All the swords here are made by the eldest lady." "Are you Xiao Peipei?" Shen Sanbao's mouth turned into a goose.  Dan, as if full of disbelief, "How could you be Xiao Peipei!" "What, you doubt me?" Feeling Shen Sanbao's questioning gaze, Xiao Peipei put her hands on her hips, blinked her delicate brows and said: "Don't think you are the Lord of Chaos City.  Your son can doubt this lady. You must know that most of the weapons in Chaos City are produced by my Xiao family. Do you really want that Chaos City will no longer have weapons from our Xiao family in the future? " "This  Thathehe, Miss Xiao, you have misunderstood. To be as beautiful as you, you need breasts, buttocks, and" "You brat, you still dare to say that?" Looking at Xiao Peipei's face that wanted to spit out fire.  With a look in his eyes, Shen Sanbao quickly shut up, not daring to say another word.  Seeing the defeated Demon King, Renault was both shocked and dumbfounded.  "It turns out that there are still people in this world who can cure this kid." In fact, Renault didn't know how powerful the Xiao family was in the entire Daxia Dynasty.  Of course, the strength of the Xiao family does not lie in its strength, but in its power.  From the Great Xia Dynasty to the eight major cities, there are weapons shops of the Xiao family everywhere.  The Xiao family's weapons shops are located throughout the Great Xia Dynasty, and they supply all major families with weapons and swords.  In addition to the Daxia Dynasty, the Xiao family is in this dynasty.  It can be said that one person is inferior to ten thousand people.  Of course, the most important reason is that the Xiao family is related to the Shen family in Chaos City.  Due to this aspect, Chaos City not only became a powerful main city among the eight major cities, but also ranked among the top three of the eight major cities.  ¡°Moreover, 80% of the weapons in Chaos City are made by the Xiao family.  "Hmph" Xiao Peipei snorted coldly and ignored Shen Sanbao. Instead, she stared directly at the epee in Renault's hand, "Eh? Is this an epee made of medium-grade black iron?"  "Pin Xuan Iron?" Renault didn't understand the material of the sword, but looking at the little girl's shining eyes, he was afraid that his heavy-looking heavy sword had something extraordinary about it.  "Although it is medium-grade black iron, unfortunately, the craftsmanship is rough." Xiao Peipei said with a serious face: "Since you think the swords here are not suitable for your eyes, come with me. I want to see if you can really lift a thousand pounds."  "The weight." "Uh" Renault looked at the little girl's back blankly.  Shen Sanbao reminded from the side: "Brother Lei Zi, this time you have your sword." "How do you say?" "The top weapons family in the Great Xia Dynasty, the eldest daughter of the Xiao family is very famous for her forging skills.  If she can say this, I guess she will give you the best sword. "The top weapons family of the Great Xia Dynasty?  Renault sinksHe frowned and followed her away with Shen Sanbao without saying anything more.  The Xiao Family Arms Shop is famous throughout the Xia Dynasty, and the design of each shop is very clever.  There are swords for guests to view and choose from in the front yard, slightly higher-grade swords are placed on the second floor, and the backyard is more lively than the front yard.  Noisy noises, the sound of iron, shouts, and various sounds greeted the ears, making Renault and Shen Sanbao stunned for a moment.  I have seen the most sensational scene, but I have never seen such a sensational scene.  There are materials all over the place, the upper body is wet, and the big man is full of sunshine. He keeps swinging the hammer and is dripping with sweat. It seems that it is not as painful as imagined.  What¡¯s more important is that the faces of the big guys working here are full of smiles, as if being able to work here is their greatest happiness.  Xiao Peipei glanced at Renault and Shen Sanbao without saying anything, but called a shirtless man over.  "Uncle Six, I need your help with something." "Miss, what's the matter?" The shirtless man asked respectfully while wiping his sweat.  "A very 'tasteful' guest has come. He said that the epee we put on the sword pavilion is not heavy enough. You go and take a few people to the basement to carry out the thousand-jin dark iron sword for him to take a look at.  "A thousand-jin black iron sword?" The shirtless man was stunned, then shook his head and smiled: "Miss, stop joking with me, there is no one" "No" Xiao Peipei brought it because she didn't believe it.  Renault is here.  When the shirtless man heard this, he immediately looked at Renault, and the disbelief on his face became more intense, "Boy, are you the only one who can lift a thousand catty weight?" "Hey, what's that look in your eyes, do you believe I photographed you?" "Shen  Sanbao, this is the Xiao family's forging field. Don't think it's your Chaos City." Xiao Peipei blocked Shen Sanbao to death with one sentence, "Uncle Liu, just leave him alone and just do as I say!  " "Okay! " The shirtless man didn't feel timid at all because Shen Sanbao was the son of the lord of Chaos City. Instead, he glanced at him with a look of disdain on his face, turned around and waved to the other men to go to the basement.  Within a moment several big men came out carrying a long black sword about three feet long and three fingers wide.  Not to mention, at first glance, this sword looks the same as any other sword, but it requires seven bare-chested men to carry it.  You can imagine how much it weighs!  "Miss, the Black Iron Sword has been taken out." The shirtless man, panting like an ox, walked up to Xiao Peipei and said.  Xiao Peipei nodded, and then said to Renault: "What is the name of this big brother?" "My name is Renault." Renault dealt with it casually, his eyes had already been attracted by the dark three-foot sharp blade.  The sword body was completely black, with a semi-circular groove in the middle. The hilt was even more exquisitely tied with a ribbon, and the blade was still sharpened. This made Renault extremely enthusiastic.  "Brother Lei, right? It looks like you like that sword very much?" Xiao Peipei smiled.  But in Shen Sanbao's eyes, such a smile seemed like a devilish smile.  Breaking away from his fanatical mentality, Renault squinted his eyes and asked, "What does Miss Xiao mean by letting Lei Mou see such a sharp blade?" "I don't mean anything else. You just said that you can afford it.  Qianjin, I don¡¯t believe it. So, I want to take a gamble with you?¡± Renault was slightly surprised and said, ¡°Miss Xiao, don¡¯t do this¡± ¡°What, you are still afraid?  "My sword doesn't weigh a thousand pounds at all?" "No, I'm just afraid, Miss Xiao, you will lose." Seeing Renault's hesitation, what Xiao Peipei dislikes the most is those who boast but can't do it.  ordinary man.  ¡°Obviously, Renault has been classified as one of those people by her, so she doesn¡¯t mind embarrassing Renault once.  "Am I going to lose?" Xiao Peipei chuckled and said, "If I lose, this sword will be given to you for free." "Give to me?" Getting something for nothing?  To be honest, this is still a great thing that everyone wants, but Renault knows that there is absolutely no free pie in this world.  As expected Xiao Peipei suddenly pointed at the middle-grade dark iron heavy sword behind Renault and said: "If you lose, keep the middle-grade dark iron sword behind you." "Brother Lei Zi, don't listen to her.  ??.  Shen Sanbao frowned and said, "Don't you just want a sword? I can ask my father to find precious materials and then make one for you."  I don't believe it. In this world, except for the Xiao family, no one else can forge good weapons.  " "You are wrong, Shen Sanbao. I dare to say that in this Great Xia Dynasty, except for my Xiao family, no one dares to say that they can forge the best blades.  " "Extremeexcellent?"  " Shen Sanbao trembled all over and said, "Is that sword a top-grade sword?  "    "good!  "Xiao Peipei seemed to be very proud and said with a smile: "That sword is forged from high-grade black iron. It is my first overweight work. It is called 'Black Soul'. It is a top-quality sword certified by my father.  "Impossible, a sword that is not forged in a cauldron cannot become a top-quality sword." Shen Sanbao shook his head violently and said, "This sword was not forged by you at all.  It is impossible for a third-level swordsman to activate the cauldron to forge such a sharp blade. Don¡¯t think I¡¯m a fool.¡± Xiao Peipei¡¯s face was a little ugly. This sword was indeed forged in the cauldron, and with her swordsman-level strength.  , unable to activate the cauldron forging at all.  The forger of this sword was actually her father, and she was just helping out. Whether it was screening materials, quenching, etc., she was almost entirely responsible for it.  So, when this sword came out, she classified it as her first work.  "Anyway, that's my work. Brother Renault, do you dare to bet?"
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