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Main text: Final chapter (11,000 words + final remarks + new book updates)

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    I saw formations all around, and there were gods patrolling, but they were all hairy gods. His mentality was completely different from the last time. Now Liu Ping could look down at those gods from top to bottom with a high profile.  Although he was aware of Liu Ping's scrutinizing gaze and looked around with some uncertainty, he still couldn't find Liu Ping after all, and Liu Ping also had this confidence.  In fact, if they weren't too lazy to completely restrain their breath, those hairy gods wouldn't even be able to be alert.  Soon, under Liu Ping's gaze, two Taoists walked into the examination room, but they were in the realm of earthly immortals and were obviously members of the Taoist sect. Liu Ping narrowed his eyes slightly and nodded thoughtfully.  Soon after, the examiner began to hand out test papers one by one.  Only then did Liu Ping return to his senses. He dragged his chin and flipped through the many questions in the test paper. He began to analyze it continuously. Soon, after scanning the third test paper, he whispered in surprise: "What's wrong? It's completely wrong."  It's just a normal question Did I notice a mistake? No, this is impossible." Liu Ping casually wrote out the questions for these three papers in minutes, and the handwriting was extremely neat and the fonts were clear.  Everyone's demeanor even has a faint Taoist meaning in it.  This literary spirit is condensed but not scattered, gathered on the paper.  This is simply a vision from heaven.  However, this did not cause Liu Ping to feel proud at all, but it was a matter of course.  He stopped writing and started to look at the fourth test paper. After reviewing all the questions, Liu Ping smiled coldly and said lightly: "Sure enough!" There were no other problems with the questions above, but one of them was related to Confucianism.  There are many discrepancies in the classic question, and it can be regarded as a completely messed up question If this is not the case, it is very likely that the question maker was too imaginative and came up with a completely different question.  But there is a vague Taoist meaning in this title.  This has a completely different meaning.  If any of the students taking this exam are familiar with Taoist classics, they may be able to answer this question easily and very well.  After Liu Ping looked through the test paper, he was not in a hurry to answer the questions.  Instead, he read through all the other test papers.  Soon, he also found a lot of questions related to Taoism in other test papers. Although there were not many, they were not too few. A few of them could be answered through Confucian classics, but after all, it was impossible to answer them perfectly!  "That's itthat's it." Liu Ping murmured softly: "If in the past, the Taoist sect recruited some talented people, it was like extending its hand into the imperial examination and the imperial court, and it was for some purpose. With bad intentions,  It doesn't matter after all But revising the test questions so unscrupulously at this time is to remove the foundation of Confucianism and Taoism in one move. It is so decisive and powerful!  Fortunatelyif you answer vaguely, you might be able to get it right if you are lucky, but if this happens gradually, the entire imperial examination questions will eventually be replaced by Taoist questions. What will happen?  What's the situation? " "This sect is simply crazy" Liu Ping said softly: "How many talented scholars who are full of expectations will fail this time?" "Confucianism and Taoism have their own merits, so changing this exam question is nothing.  In fact, I don¡¯t have many opinions about thisbut for not announcing it slowly, how many students¡¯ hearts have been chilled?¡± ¡°If you lose people¡¯s hearts like this, your destiny will be gone.  It is very likely that the tripod will be reformed again. When a new dynasty appears, how will the Taoist clan behave? " "No! If you think about it if you support the new dynasty this may be in line with their wishes!"  His eyes narrowed, his heart felt cold, and there was horror in his eyes: "Not only that" "I didn't expect that I was wrong. I originally thought that they might control the Great Xia Dynasty, confront the Heavenly Court, and gain dominance. Now it seems  , the situation is completely not like this it is very likely that the regime will be overthrown. " "No, this is not right." Liu Ping shook his head and muttered to himself: "That's not the case at least it's not completely like this.  Isn¡¯t it enough to just copy the question as a Taoist question? Why are you still so vague? I¡¯m afraid you have other plans and second-hand preparations!¡± ¡°It¡¯s so cunning and confusing  Liu Ping murmured softly. After coming to these conclusions, he did not analyze any further, but began to formulate questions. Soon, the questions were solved one by one.  In just half a day, Liu Ping finished writing this question completely. Liu Ping handed in the paper and walked out of the examination room alone He completed the other questions that took three days to pass in half a day, but this did not surprise the other candidates.  , regard him as a top student, but despise him, because this is notIn line with common sense, I subconsciously thought that this person must have been caught cheating so he couldn't take the exam!  Liu Ping didn't pay attention to such glances, and quickly left the examination room. As soon as he turned a corner, he saw a woman standing under a willow tree.  The woman was wearing pink and white clothes. She was like a beautiful fairy in a painting. She was free and free from the world. I don't know how many men came and went to look at her. They all forgot about their own affairs and looked at her without blinking.  , but didn't dare to get close, because just looking at it made me feel ashamed How could I dare to get close?  The willow trees are drifting. It is early spring, the ice and snow have melted, and the willow trees have just sprouted. Only some buds appear on the long branches, which look a little bare, but there is also some vitality.  When Liu Ping saw this beautiful fairy, he smiled in his heart, walked over quickly, and put his arms around her waist. With such an intimate gesture, the fairy did not resist at all. Instead, she showed a little girly attitude, and her face was slightly red.  , a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Compared with the otherworldly fireworks just now, his posture, appearance, and demeanor at this time are even more charming.  Seeing this fairy show such an expression, I don¡¯t know how many men¡¯s hearts were broken, and they kept sighing, and their hearts were full of envy. That young man was so lucky to have such a beautiful woman "You have been waiting for a long time?" Liu Ping  Asked softly.  "No, I just came here." The beautiful lady in her arms raised her head and said with a smile. She was filled with the aura of the world and was so sacred that ordinary people would just take a look and feel that it should not be desecrated, so they would only prostrate themselves on the ground.  Any trace of greed in your heart will lead to boundless self-blame!  But Liu Ping didn't feel the same at all. Instead, he felt a lot of pity and wanted to love her After all, she was only in the realm of gods, but he was already an immortal.  After having such confidence and atmosphere, Liu Ping's vision and mentality were naturally completely different.  What's more, Ao Jinyu was in his eyes.  Although he is the Dragon King, he is not much different from the helpless and kind-hearted little girl back then.  Liu Ping smiled and said, "That's good, otherwise I wouldn't want you to wait for me in this cold wind for so long" How can the realm of gods be afraid of these cold winds?  However, such sweet words made Ao Jinyu extremely happy, and whispered: "Young Master also knows that you love me?" "Of course I love you." Liu Ping said with a smile: "If I don't love you, who should I love?"  You've been working hard these days. I see you've lost a lot of weight. " "Of course" Ao Jinyu said slightly unhappy: "I thought the Dragon King was very majestic, but I didn't expect that the Dragon King had so many things to do.  , I have dealt with so many things in the past few days that I have been in office. I am really exhausted and have almost no time to rest. Fortunately, if my strength has increased greatly in the past, I would have been unable to hold on. " Liu Ping will soon take over Ao Jinyu.  Bring a private room in a first-class inn.  The small red stove was boiling tea, and the temperature in the room gradually rose. Liu Ping gave Ao Jinyu a cup of tea. This tea was Liu Ping's own spiritual tea, a high-quality thing he brought back from Xianmen. The taste was naturally not  generally.  Ao Jinyu took a cup of tea.  After taking a sip, his eyes suddenly lit up and he couldn't help but sigh: "It's really good tea" "Of course it's good tea. Seeing you working so hard, how could I not express some gratitude?" Liu Ping smiled and said: "It's just that it's good tea.  I didn¡¯t expect that the position of Dragon King would be so hard?¡± ¡°Yeah¡ªI didn¡¯t expect it to be so hard!¡± Ao Jinyu took a long breath and said slightly depressed: ¡°Fortunately, it¡¯s the busiest one.  A period of time has passed, and I will have a lot of free time in the future, and most of the things in the future will be left to the water commanders in each county, so I will feel much more relaxed." "That's good," Liu Ping said with a smile.  "So you can spend more time with me?" "Hmphdon't think I don't know. In such a busy day like mine, you have many beautiful and beautiful women by your side, yet you can actually say this at this time.  Come on, you are so shameless." Ao Jinyu wrinkled her nose and said complainingly. Although she was grateful to Liu Ping for helping her, and she was devoted to him and regarded him as a husband, but when she thought of those things,  I always feel a little unhappy and unhappy.  Liu Ping listened to this, hugged her into his arms, played with her little hands, and asked softly: "Are you jealous?" "Jealous? I'm not like that." Ao Jinyu snorted,  He didn't admit that he was indeed jealous.  Liu Ping smiled and didn't say anything, but held her tightly in his arms. There were some things he didn't want to talk about. In fact, Ao Jinyu also understood that this man was so outstanding, how could he alone be able to do it?  What about possession?  As long as it can occupy some position in her heart, that is enough.  Thinking of this,Jinyu raised her head slightly and looked at the man in front of her. She couldn't help but feel a little crazy. She stared blankly for a long time, sighed slightly, and then said: "Mr. Liu do you like me?" Listening to this abrupt statement  Liu Ping was slightly startled by the question.  "Of course I do." Liu Ping smiled and replied in a positive tone.  Hearing this answer, Ao Jinyu felt happy and snuggled into Liu Ping's arms completely, saying sweetly: "You know how to coax me" "How can I coax you?" Liu Ping shook his head slightly and said casually.  Stroking Ao Jinyu's back, feeling the warmth of the beauty in his arms, he felt a deep warmth.  I have so many beauties, and each one is so outstanding. I can't help but feel that letting them fall in love with me is something that I couldn't even imagine at the beginning. In fact, I didn't think so much about it at that time.  As things happened intentionally or unintentionally, there were more and more beauties around Liu Ping. This increase in number made Liu Ping a little helpless and a little happy. He was unwilling to let go of any of them. Maybe after all  It's still a bit selfish, but so what if it's selfish?  I have to be such a selfish person and bring these beauties into my harem Such mindless thinking made Ao Jinyu in my arms notice something, her cute nose wrinkled  He frowned and then said: "What are you thinking about, Master? Are you still thinking about your beauties? Humph. You are with me, so you still have to think about others. Don't blame me for not thinking about others in the future."  I'll take care of you." "You are really a jealous person." Liu Ping said speechlessly, and was secretly surprised by Ao Jinyu's keenness. He shook his head slightly.  Said: "Of course I don't think about this. When I can be with you, how can I think about others?" Liu Ping coaxed softly, but his hands subconsciously moved restlessly around various parts of Ao Jinyu's body.  , feeling the beauty of this wonderful curve, she was really filled with admiration in her heart. Such touch made Ao Jinyu's cheeks slightly red, and she knocked Liu Ping's palm away hard.  He snorted coldly and said: "The first time you treated meyou made me really hurt. You are so dishonest every time we meet. Can't we have a good chat?" Liu Ping's palm quickly turned over.  He continued to roam Ao Jinyu's body, and became even more unscrupulous. He directly reached into Ao Jinyu's clothes, kneaded the round and hard breasts, and kept playing with them wantonly.  Although he just started to reprimand, it was somewhat scolding.  But every time Liu Ping behaves like this, she is extra fiercein a sense.  It was very ferocious, which reminded Liu Ping that she was not a human, but a dragon. Her physical strength in that aspect was naturally much better than that of a human.  During the process of constant teasing, some colorful scales gradually appeared on Ao Jinyu¡¯s forehead.  It's very light and beautiful, like a kind of decoration. After these scales appeared, Ao Jinyu's expression also changed, and his eyes turned into the golden eyes of the dragon.  Her whole hair also turned from black to golden. She pushed Liu Ping and sat on Liu Ping's body. She breathed a little and said: "Young master, you are so serious. You tease me like this every time. Please beg for mercy this time."  It's useless!" Liu Ping's palm did not stop moving, and he said with a smile: "You are obviously begging for mercy!" "Look who is begging for mercy!" Ao Jinyu said with a snort.  With a wave of his hand, a barrier was set up in this elegant room, and then the ups and downs of the battle began.  This battle lasted for several hours, and did not stop until the sun was about to set. Looking at Ao Jinyu, who was happily and sweetly nestled in his arms, extremely satisfied and fed, Liu Ping smiled bitterly and caressed her.  With her smooth back, she said calmly: "It's really too much for me to bear like this If I hadn't obtained those two inheritances and my strength had been greatly improved in all aspects, I'm afraid I would really beg for mercy" ??????????????? It is said that Ao Jinyu is the most difficult to satisfy among the girls. After all, she is a dragon and not a human.  Ao Jinyu said proudly: "Humph, but you know how powerful I am, right? I will definitely ask you to beg for mercy next time so that you know how powerful this girl is." "Now that I have just fed you, you are thinking  Next time?" Liu Ping asked with a smile.  These words made Ao Jinyu's cheeks blush slightly, and she snorted and said, "Why not? Humph, doesn't the Young Master like it very much anyway?" "Then do you like it?" Liu Ping asked.  Ao Jinyu hesitated for a moment, nodded slightly, and whispered: "I like it." Liu Ping laughed and said: "I didn't hear it." Ao Jinyu said: "I like it, I really like this with the young master okay  Isn¡¯t itYoung master is really bad, he likes to ask me to say such shameful words, which makes others feel embarrassed."  "You know I'm sorry." "Of course I know I'm sorry, I'm from a daughter's house." Liu Ping smiled and said softly: "You and I are different, so I'm afraid it will be difficult to have children in the future, so don't work hard now  , How can that be done?" Ao Jinyu nodded: "That's right. I want to give birth to many children for you, but it seems unrealistic after all Forget it, I don't want to do this anymore, I still have thousands of years.  As for my lifespan, my little husband will definitely have a lifespan of several thousand years, and once he hides in the Cave Heaven Paradise, he will have a lifespan of more than ten thousand years Hehe, I don¡¯t believe that my little husband can¡¯t make my belly bigger" Liu  He said helplessly: "Have you already thought so deeply?" Ao Jinyu blushed and snorted: "It's all my little husband who seduced me!" "It's obviously you who thinks so,  Are you blaming me now?" Liu Ping snorted, kissed Ao Jinyu, and then said, "Do it again?" "Okay." Ao Jinyu nodded without thinking.  So it was ups and downs again, until the sun set, the two of them stopped this ridiculous play.  Remove the barrier and leave the inn.  Liu Ping held Ao Jinyu's hand and walked on both sides of the street, smelling the fresh smell in the air and looking at the lights on both sides, Liu Ping felt very happy and at ease.  I think this is the life I want to pursue.  And now I have enough strength to maintain such a life It's a pity, it's a pity that I am still within the system after all. Although I am strong enough, I still cannot be respected by the system. I am still a little behind.  "However, that's enough.  Liu Ping shook his head slightly.  Don't think about anything else.  Ao Jinyu, who was next to him, also nestled tightly in Liu Ping's arms. He didn't say anything, enjoying the silence of this moment.  At this moment, a figure appeared in the corner. She was very free and easy, with a confident look on her face, but she was a top-notch beauty.  She walked through here, but no one noticed her.  He actually used invisibility.  She walked quickly, looking across the river at the examination room in the distance, thinking silently in her mind, that guy should still be taking the exam there I wonder how he is doing?  I don¡¯t know why, since I came back.  Jiang Yan meets Liu Ping from time to time. Although they haven't had sex yet, Liu Ping has a strange feeling. Is this little girl falling in love with her?  At this time, she actually came over on her own initiative.  Just when Jiang Yan was about to leave.  Suddenly I saw Liu Ping's figure, and I thought it was an illusion. I quickly looked and saw that he was really the same person!  Just as he was about to say hello, he saw a picturesque beauty nestling in her arms, gradually walking away. Jiang Yan couldn't help but feel angry and snorted coldly. Just as she was about to catch up, she saw two more stunning beauties coming.  She came over, and now, there were three stunning women beside her. Although she knew that those two people were that person's two sisters, she still felt a little uncomfortable, because she knew deeplythis bastard was a useless person.  The incorrigible girl control.  Liu Ping did not expect that Liu Yue and Ying Ning would come over on their own initiative. With Liu Ping's help, Liu Yue was now at the peak of ghost immortality, and Yingning was almost half a step above the level of earth immortal.  realm.  "Three is just three, it's not too much anyway!" Jiang Yan comforted herself like this. She just wanted to go over and say hello, seeing this guy that she always missed for some reason.  But she found that there was another beauty beside her. Although she was small, she was really beautiful It was Bai Zhi, who was also looking for Liu Ping.  Jiang Yan took a deep breath and thought, just four She wanted to muster up the courage and walked over, but she saw a stunning female crown wearing a Taoist robe walking over holding two adorable Taoist boys.  , the two Taoist boys hugged Liu Ping even more excitedly.  Seeing this scene, Jiang Yan took a breath and looked at the very steady and elegant female crown strangely. She wondered in her heart, could those two particularly cute little Taoist boys be Liu Ping and her?  child?  The children are already this old?  ¡°I don¡¯t know why, Jiang Yan feels like she wants to cry but has no tears. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Maybe not the child?  What about this guy¡¯s little wife?  No, no, no, this seems to be even worse!  so terrible!  It's so bad!  Jiang Yan smiled bitterly and took a deep breath. Now one, two, three, four, five, plus the two little Taoist boys, there are already seven. Seven is just seven. Is it possible to add more?  ¡°Hmph, it¡¯s time for me to appear Jiang Yan adjusted her clothes subconsciously and wanted to walk over. At this moment, a fairy with stunning appearance fell from the sky!  But it¡¯s Mengshang, she¡¯s hereWhen I went to the lower world to find Liu Ping, there was obviously something going on Mengshang's appearance made even Jiang Yan feel particularly stunning, and she was amazed in her heart. She was so out of this world, so beautiful No, now is not the time to marvel.  Jiang Yan, Jiang Yan, hurry up and go over. You must not hesitate this time. If you don't go over, he will be far away Speaking of which, is this bastard so powerful? There are one, two, three, four, five, six around him.  With six stunning beauties and two cute little girls even the emperors on earth wouldn't be like this!  What kind of virtue and ability does this guy have?  Jiang Yan snorted coldly, feeling a little aggrieved. She took a deep breath again and prepared to walk over She felt that she could no longer hesitate. Every time she hesitated for a period of time, the guy would appear next to her.  If there is one more top-notch beauty, if things continue like this.  There is no place for him anymore.  However, her previous hesitation had doomed one thing.  Jiang Yan suddenly stopped and looked at the sky as if she had seen a ghost. Although she had released the invisibility technique and could not be seen by mortals, she was the Earth Immortal.  But can see it.  Hiss Jiang Yan took a big breath of cold air again, my God, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven** twelve!  Twelve fairies descended from the sky!  But it is the Twelve Flower Fairies.  The Twelve Flower Fairies obviously had something to do and came with Meng Shang. However, when one of the Flower Fairies saw Liu Ping, she came over and hugged him in a very intimate manner, which made Jiang Yan subconsciously feel that these Twelve Fairies  .  They are all in Liu Ping's pocket Twelve, plus the previous six, it's eighteen, plus the two Taoists, it's twenty Jiang Yan's face twitched.  Soon, Liu Ping followed the twelve immortals and the girls and ascended into the heaven.  Watching Liu Ping disappear into the sky.  Jiang Yan smiled bitterly and shook her head: "Oh I'll come find him again next time. My luck is really bad this time No, why should I find such a troublesome guy Do I like him? !!"  Think of this.  Jiang Yan's entire face turned red, she shook her head vigorously and said: "Impossible, absolutely impossible It's impossible for me to like such a carefree guy! Huh!" ¡ù¡ù¡ù¡ù¡ù¡ù¡ù "Have you been summoned by heaven?  " Liu Ping was now among the girls, hugging each other, feeling very unhappy, but unfortunately he was not in the mood to experience this kind of pleasure.  He said with a slight sigh.  Next to her, Mengshang was nestling in Liu Ping's arms. She hadn't seen the young master for a long time. She really wanted to be intimate, but unfortunately there were so many beauties next to her. She could only shake her head and sigh, feeling that it was not practical.  In fact, even if there were no other beauties, nothing could be done at such a critical and important moment. Just because of the summons from heaven, it seemed that something really happened.  The girls also followed Liu Ping to the heaven. The next thing to do can be said to be very important, and the girls also knew this importance, and their expressions were a little solemn.  Soon, I saw the Nantian Gate of the Heavenly Court. After entering from the main gate, I saw a group of soldiers waiting for Liu Ping's arrival. Seeing that Liu Ping finally arrived, I breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly came over to greet him respectfully.  "I've seen the Immortal!" Several heavenly soldiers saluted respectfully, and then said: "The Emperor of Heaven has been waiting for a long time, please come with us." Liu Ping nodded and flew towards the center of the heaven with the girls.  At this time, there were many immortals and gods flying towards the heaven. There were many people, some were even a dense group, they were actually armies, and some were walking over with great momentum, which was very shocking.  It's vulgar, but it doesn't show off too much, it's very hurried.  Liu Ping squinted his eyes slightly. When he saw this scene, his heart sank and he did not speak.  Soon, we arrived at the main hall in the center of the heaven. At this time, there were already many gods in it.  The main hall is extremely vast, with a height of three hundred feet and a height of seven to eight hundred feet. It can accommodate no matter how crowded it is.  Zui Hongchen frowned slightly and said, "Something is not good" "It is indeed not good." Liu Ping's eyes kept scanning these important figures. His position was at the bottom of the Emperor of Heaven. The one who could stand here was undoubtedly not  His high position, power and strength are astonishing.  In fact, there are people you want to find, such as the cheap master.  I thought it would be easy to find it, but I still didn't see it. I couldn't help but feel a little depressed Where did he die?  It's almost the finale, why don't you show up yet?  Liu Ping shook his head slightly, and ignored it, turning his head to look at the Emperor of Heaven above.  The Emperor of Heaven at this time is just a faint shadow. To become the Emperor of Heaven, he must be a person who has experienced countless hardships, has infinite merit, and is recognized and appreciated by heaven and earth. Only then can he ascend to such a great position!    But the Emperor of Heaven at this time was a phantom, and no real figure appeared. This made Liu Ping slightly stunned, and then he was secretly shocked, thinking, is the Emperor of Heaven also dead?  Is this just a piece of consciousness that remains between heaven and earth?  On the left and right, many important people came, including those from the Immortal Sect and the Shinto people. Among the Immortal Sects, there were the Green Emperor Immortal Sect, the White Emperor Immortal Sect, and the Yellow Emperor Immortal Sect. The three major Immortal Sects were all standing in line with the Shinto.  Are the three great immortal sects, plus the Shinto, still inferior to the three great sects, plus the other two great celestial sects?  "Everyone is here? We are summoned today. I think many people don't know what is going on, and many people know what is going to happen" The Heavenly Emperor above slowly spoke, but at this time there was no physical appearance.  This made Liu Ping even more certain that the Emperor of Heaven had passed away, just like the Immortal Emperor in the Taoist sect In fact, this was not a secret. He had already had some speculations and knowledge earlier, but he just couldn't believe it. Now he could see it  .  Only then can I fully believe this fact.  Although it was a virtual shadow, it still made the surrounding area quiet instantly.  Everyone looked at the tall and tall, full of heavenly emperor's shadow, showing a respectful look, and there was no slightest crowded.  This shows the status of the Emperor of Heaven in their hearts.  "The mortal dynastyhas already stood in the Taoist gate." The Emperor of Heaven opened his eyes slightly and said lightly.  As soon as these words came out, there was an uproar and it was no longer quiet. Mortal Dynasty said it was important.  It is also very important, after all, it is a big world!  The mortal dynasty has always supported the Shinto, so why would it favor the Taoist sect?  Everyone is very confused!  "This is me, Meng Lang!" The Emperor sighed slightly and said, "It's this person." As he said that, the Emperor pointed, and then a voice came out from his right side. Many people saw it and were all confused.  .  Who is this person?  Liu Ping was stunned for a moment, his face full of weirdness.  Wang Liulang?  What is this?  Could it be that his theory was really connected to the Emperor of Heaven No wonder I didn't see Wang Liulang visiting me in those days. It turned out that he was in Heaven.  Wang Liulang is not afraid of stage fright. Now he has reached the realm of a god and is quite graceful. He respectfully saluted everyone present: "I have met you all!" Then he suddenly saw Liu Ping.  His eyes suddenly widened, his demeanor suddenly disappeared, and his eyes turned into fanaticism: "I've seen the chairman!" These loud words spread in the hall, and everyone's eyes were focused on Liu Ping.  Chairman?     this.  What is it again?  Isn¡¯t this person from the Qing Emperor¡¯s Immortal Sect? Hiss, this person is really beautiful and blessed, with so many beauties around him.  The eyes of so many people gathered together, which were very heavy and stressful. Liu Ping didn't care, but the women next to him felt a little uncomfortable.  Liu Ping snorted coldly and glanced around the field. The pressure suddenly disappeared. Many people were secretly shocked. This person is so powerful!  The Heavenly Emperor above looked at Liu Ping in slight surprise. Is this the Chairman of the Committee that Wang Liulang said?  Is it so impressive?  After the Emperor of Heaven took one look, he smiled slightly and stopped looking.  And the women around Liu Ping were also puzzled, what happened just now?  The Emperor of Heaven said: "The cause and effect of the matter are as follows. Wang Liulang has acquired a Tao, which is beneficial to heaven and earth, beneficial to the country, and can enhance the fortune of Shinto. Therefore, I will promote it." "This Tao, Wang Liulang, please explain in detail  Last time!" Wang Liulang nodded, and then told him what Liu Ping taught him.  Everyone present was surprised, and their eyes were filled with amazement: "This actually there is such an open way!" "This way can truly prove the way!" The Emperor of Heaven sighed and said.  The people present were shocked and started making noises. Can this prove the truth?  It¡¯s really not to be underestimated!  Liu Ping was immediately shocked. Ever since he reached the late stage of Celestial Immortal, he had no idea about the so-called Daluo who had attained the Dao. Now that he heard his theory, he could still attain Dao, he felt like he had a thousand thoughts in his heart.  The grass and mud horses were running past This was a bit too deceiving.  "This way can indeed prove it!" There were actually many people nodding in agreement, which made Liu Ping unable to complain Although many people did not understand, there were many who understood. Almost everyone was thinking deeply, and many  People nodded in agreement.  "However, this Tao is too impatient I am also too impatient, which has caused the emperor of the world to turn to Taoism, so I want to ask you, is there any way to solve it?" The Emperor of Heaven asked: "As long as this can be solved  , Shinto will definitely win!" People around looked at each other.  Although they were all deep in thought, it was obvious that no one had a solution.  "Chairman, what can you do?"?  "Wang Liulang asked from the side. The Emperor of Heaven also said: "This way was not realized by Wang Liulang on his own, but was created by the chief disciple of the Qing Emperor Immortal Sect. I wonder, little friend, do you have a solution?  " As soon as these words fell, all the eyes around him suddenly gathered. At the same time, the hall became quiet for an instant, waiting for Liu Ping's answer. "I have a method that can indeed solve this problem!  Liu Ping thought for a moment, nodded lightly and said, "The name of this law is: Constitutional Monarchy!"  " Then, Liu Ping talked about the constitutional monarchy, which made everyone in the hall light up. They obviously didn't expect that politics can still be played like this! Listening to the interpretation of the constitutional monarchy, Wang Liulang couldn't help but become deeply obsessed.  , the respect for Liu Ping in his heart once again rose to an incomparable height, even the Emperor of Heaven could not compare, he sincerely praised: "You are indeed the chairman of the committee!  " Many women around Liu Ping didn't quite understand However, looking at the admiring looks of many people around him, they suddenly became a little proud, hey, this is his man, look, he is so powerful. " After Liu Ping said it,  , the Emperor of Heaven nodded: "Good!  Although this way is a bit reluctant, the two can coexist The emperor on earth, based on his past feelings, should agree to this way.  This way.  The crisis can be solved!  " At this moment, there was a rumble in the entire heaven, and the entire hall began to shake, as if there was an earthquake. Exclamations suddenly broke out, and everyone looked around in astonishment. Liu Ping frowned slightly, released a cover, and  The women covered him: "This method is indeed very wonderful.  Unfortunately, it's too late.  "There was such a voice in the sky. There was a Tao Lord sitting in the sky. He was not a shadow, but an entity. Not only that, but there were countless masters of the Tao sect behind him. As well as two other immortal sects.  Master. ¡°Daojun, Shangqiu Daojun?  "The Emperor of Heaven was shocked and angry, with endless shock in his eyes: "You're not dead yet?  !  " "I have escaped from the Three Realms and am no longer in the Five Elements, so naturally I can.  Immortality!  "Shangqiu Daojun said lightly, with a calm tone, and then pointed at everyone with one hand. All the gods present collapsed to the ground in an instant, feeling that their magic power was flowing away. "I didn't expect that at this critical moment, something like this would happen.  Accident.  If I hadn't forcefully speculated through the movement of heaven many timesI'm afraid I still wouldn't know about this variable!  "Shangqiu Daojun looked at Liu Ping coldly at this time and said lightly: "I am really surprised that there is a person with such a destiny in the world!  "Liu Ping and the other girls suddenly felt that the spiritual power in their bodies was disappearing rapidly, and they all looked frightened. "I never thought that the safest place is also the most dangerous place" Liu Ping sighed slightly and looked at  He glanced at the girls next to him, but he didn't want to drag them into the water. He was avoiding this, but couldn't he avoid it after all? "I lost I still lost after all?  The Emperor of Heaven showed a look of deep regret, sighed and said: "If you give me some more time, establish this method, and gather my luck, I can be reborn!"  Hey, it doesn't matter, if you lose, you lose" Liu Ping was shocked when he heard this, but he was more relieved. No wonder, his method is so valued by the Emperor of Heaven. It turns out there is this reason  Liu Ping said calmly at this time: "Dao Lord is already here, even if you give him more time, how can this method be accomplished in one go?  "The Emperor looked at Liu Ping, slightly stunned. "This is a great thing to say.  "Daojun smiled slightly and said: "This method is not a day's work. Even if you get it, you can't save the situation, you are just struggling to death.  "    "snort.  "The Emperor of Heaven snorted coldly, and was about to make a last-ditch effort, but he didn't expect the Dao Lord to take action first. With a wave of his whisk, the bodies of most of the Shinto people in the entire Heavenly Court instantly shattered and dissipated as quickly as the ice and snow melted.  Even Mengshang and the Twelve Flower Immortals beside Liu Ping were like this. Liu Ping was shocked: "How could this happen?  "The Emperor of Heaven rose into the sky and rushed towards the Dao Lord, but in the process, his figure slowly disappeared and finally disappeared. "Bought them a short time?  Or do you want to die because you don¡¯t want to be humiliated?  "The Taoist Lord snorted coldly, and stopped commenting, and then said: "There are many immortal sects, but if you belong to my Taoist sect, there is still hope" Liu Ping smiled grimly: "You are forcing me again!  "    "oh?  What else can you do?  "Daojun lowered his head slightly and looked at Liu Ping. At this time, Liu Ping had already quickly propped up a god and demon to come and cover the girls. This is the yin and yang god and demon, which can perfectly isolate all attacks. Although Daojun  It's a bit difficult to resist the attack, but this attack is too scattered, so it can still be resisted.??Er Huaxian and Meng Shang finally started to get better, breathing heavily, they almost died after walking in the Yama Palace!  "That's it? Gods and demons are coming? Even if you have mastered the chaos gods and demons, so what? I can kill them with just one hand." Dao Lord said calmly.  However, as soon as he said this sentence, Daojun's expression began to change: "You guy, where did you get so much luck! What do you want to do!" I saw Liu Ping's head rushing out of a mighty stream.  A stream of colorful luck, like a rushing river, rushes into the heavenly path of this world.  "You guy" Daojun's expression gradually became serious, and he waved his fly whisk again, trying to kill Liu Ping.  Unfortunately, it's slow.  "This is the luck of the world, the luck given to me by the world." Liu Ping sneered and said lightly: "This luck can change the world!" The aura between heaven and earth disappeared in an instant.  And that Daojun's attack quickly became invisible.  "From now on, Taoism will no longer exist, and destiny will become sacred!" Liu Ping sneered and said, "Shangqiu Daojun! You are too domineering I wanted to negotiate with you, but I didn't expect that you actually forced me to use this last resort.  What's your trump cardare you working hard on this?" I saw the figure of Shangqiu Daojun slowly fading in the sky and gradually disappearing from this world!  Since he escaped, he no longer belongs to this world. He came here to be supported by the powerful Tao and spiritual power. Now there is no aura in the world, and it has begun to reject all aura. Naturally, he cannot exist in this world.  Soon, the entire heaven began to fall apart. Liu Ping shook his head slightly and used the remaining power of luck to carry many people back to the human world.  Falling to the ground, many people looked at Liu Ping with somewhat complicated eyes. Although Liu Ping saved them, this method was too radical.  However, it is irreversible after all.  They must gradually adapt to this new era.  "Go home." Liu Pingyi pulled the girls and said, "If you survive the disaster tonight, I will sleep with you!" "We are going too!" Jasmine Goddess said quickly: "We all want to be together, now  The Emperor of Heaven is dead and the way of God has collapsed. I don¡¯t know when it will get better again. Master must take us in. " He said and pulled the other flower gods, who all showed sincere expressions.  "But I really can't handle so many people!" Liu Ping looked at the women around him and couldn't help but laugh.  "Brother!" "Master!" "Little husband!" Several angry voices suddenly rang. How could you agree to the sudden addition of so many sisters?  We must resist resolutely!  There is even such a voice "Junior brother!" But it is the voice of Zui Hongchen.  There were also the two little lolita who didn¡¯t know what was going on, but they started cheering together and shouted: ¡°Uncle Master!¡±  "Okay, okay, it's just a temporary shelter. I won't be included in the harem." Liu Pingyi said righteously.  "Only ghosts believe you!" (End of book) ¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª It feels like the ending is hasty.  I also admit that the smell of bad ending is very strongbut it seems that I have nothing to write This book has taught me some lessons and experiences. In short, I have gained a lot.  Thank you all, every reader who subscribed, tipped, collected, and voted.  There is nothing I can do but say sorry and thank you.  The new book will be available to everyone on August 10th.  A single chapter will be released at that time.  The new book is a sequel to this book. It is a world where luck manifests itself.  It is different from this book. The protagonist is a very arrogant and crazy person. I hope you will like it.  I don¡¯t know if it suits my taste, but I personally feel that it should be several times more exciting than this book.  The subject matter is old-fashioned but novel. It has appeared many times in the online literary world, but no one has written about it.     that's all.  Bow and step down.  (To be continued)
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