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    It turns out that the beautiful host Zhang Yan came to Ye Feng to invite him to participate in the new College Singer Competition. Ye Feng originally did not intend to participate, but according to Zhang Yan, the winner of this competition will be invited to participate in a king-level concert  , as long as he can perform well in this king-level concert, he can become an instant hit and become a real singer accepted in the country.  Ye Feng participated in the competition and won the championship by defeating his opponents with the youth song "My Deskmate". After the game, Ye Feng went to a king-level concert. Among a group of kings, he took the stage as a pure newcomer. On the day of the concert, it started to rain coldly.  At that time, the old artist who needed to go on stage could not bear it physically and needed someone else to take his place. No one was willing to go on stage. At this time, Ye Feng took the initiative to come on stage and sang "Ice Rain" on stage. The song shocked the audience and all the kings.  The icy rain continued to fall, and no one wanted to go on stage. The director asked Ye Feng to sing a song, and Ye Feng sang "The Rain Keeps Falling". The two classic songs aroused the atmosphere of the audience.  The rain gradually subsided. Ye Feng wanted to end the show, but the audience disagreed. Tens of thousands of people shouted for one more song. After the rain, the sky cleared. In order to warm up the audience, Ye Feng ended with "Passionate Desert".  After the King-level concert, Ye Feng became famous all over the world and became a real singer accepted by the domestic music scene.  Later, Ye Feng began to develop a music company, singing by himself or finding others to sing. He discovered that stars from previous lives also existed in this world, but those stars from previous lives were not involved in the entertainment industry. The protagonist was specifically looking for these stars from previous lives. At first, these stars were not involved in the entertainment industry.  Not optimistic about them, but their strength is extraordinary. One by one, the big names in the past were discovered by Ye Feng and sang their past classics.  At this time, Ye Feng's music career was already one of the best in China. When conditions were ripe, he began to get involved in the film industry. He first entered the Hong Kong film and television industry. He first attracted countless people's attention by singing "A Chinese Ghost Story", and then filmed "A Chinese Ghost Story".  "A Chinese Ghost Story" movie, after "A Chinese Ghost Story", he also filmed Hong Kong business cards such as "Infernal Affairs", dominating the Hong Kong Island film industry.  Movies and music are developing at the same time. Ye Feng's music company is gradually integrating with international standards. It first intersects with Bangzi Guosheng. The two sides compete in cross-border variety shows. When it comes to girl groups, most domestic girl groups lose. At the critical moment, Ye Feng  Move out of the mid-level Girls' Generation, use Bangzi's country song to Bangzi's country song, completely defeating the opponent!  Ye Feng¡¯s music company began to go to the world, including stick country, small country, and the United States, and they would do the same thing in return, conquering them all with their songs.  Ye Feng's movies began to go global and enter Hollywood. "Home Alone" made the younger siblings famous. American blockbusters from his previous life were reviewed in film reviews, and he eventually became a movie empire.  Ten years later, Ye Feng's career reached its peak. He personally created a unique entertainment empire in the world. His name became a legend and he was the benchmark for global entertainment.  Ye Feng married Ou Baoer, making up for all the regrets in his previous life, and the little brother and sister lived a happy life.  (End of the book) It ends at this time, and any explanation is redundant. Xiaojiu just wants to say that if possible, Xiaojiu really doesn¡¯t want it to end, otherwise it wouldn¡¯t have dragged on for so long, but there is really no way now, sorry.  See you tomorrow.  (To be continued)
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