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Chapter 255 Final Chapter (Grand Finale)

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    Time flies, and more than ten years have passed in the blink of an eye. Lin Luo is still a big boss in the antique circle. His reputation has become more and more prosperous, and his antique business is booming.  Bao Yuxuan, which specializes in jadeite, is no less impressive. It has opened many branches in big cities across the country, established Bao Yuxuan Jewelry Company, and even went public, becoming a large jewelry company.  With branches all over the country, it can be said that it makes tens of thousands of dollars a day, but it is still a giant.  On this day, a middle-aged man rushed back to Cangsong from other places and went directly to Jingu. When a thin man saw the middle-aged man appearing, he was startled and immediately smiled and said: "Brother Luo, isn't there someone over there in Nansong City?"  Are you going to hold an antique treasure appraisal meeting for a week? You have only been away for a month. Have you accepted any tasks? You are not good at this. You are already a person with a net worth of over 100 million. Why are you still following a wandering Taoist priest?  It seems that you go around to help people solve their problems. " "You are the only one who talks a lot. I have inherited my grandfather's inheritance. In this life, I have only been traveling around the world in addition to antiques. It's enough to have you at home. Do you still need me?" The man said.  He yawned and said with a smile: "Where is Fatty? Why don't you see him?" "He took Feng Feng and Mr. Wu to the dog fighting ring to watch the fun." Lian Feng said with a smile; "Brother Luo, if you are tired, you need to  Why don't you just go and rest for a while? " "Yes." The middle-aged man was Lin Luo. He nodded and went to the backyard.  Just as he was preparing to take a rest, Lin Luo's phone rang. As soon as the call was answered, Lin Luo smiled and said: "Brother Huang, I just returned to Cangsong. Do you have anything to do with me?" "Well, you are in the capital. What do you do?  Come on the plane, our boy is getting engaged to someone today, it's a girl from the Mo family. As his uncle, you should come over and have a look. Just take your private plane and come over. Flights are often delayed, and I don't want to wait any longer.  "The voice coming from the receiver was Huang Yubang.  In recent years, Lin Luo¡¯s business has grown bigger and bigger.  While his connections are getting better and better, the real caring and reliable ones are the Huang family, the brothers he first met.  Huang Yubang was naturally talking about Huang Xiaobao, and Lin Luo had not seen Huang Xiaobao since the last time.  It was still a few years ago when the old man of the Huang family drove Hexian there.  Lin Luo pondered for a moment and then greeted Lian Feng.  "Brother Luo, what's the matter?" Lian Feng said in surprise: "Are you going back to the company? Then should I inform Mo Qingqing in advance and let her prepare in advance." "No." Lin Luo shook her head.  Said: "I just received a call from Huang Yubang. Huang Xiaobao is getting engaged to a girl from the Mo family. Let me go over to meet him. You call Sister Qing and ask the private plane at the airport to prepare it. I will rush over right away.  ." Lian Feng nodded and immediately started to contact Mo Qingqing At this time, Lin Luo was already on the plane flying to the capital, and Lin Luo was squinting to rest.  Hearing the sound of footsteps, Lin Luo was stunned.  When he opened his eyes, he saw a woman in professional attire with a strong aura. The woman looked charming and calm, and her strong aura made the random people on the side stay silent.  "Why are you here?" Lin Luo saw the woman, smiled slightly, and said: "Sister Qing, aren't you in the company? Why are you here?" "Chairman, I fly back and forth in the world, but I never have a good rest.  Once, I finally have the opportunity to see you. I have to ask you for a long vacation no matter what, so that I can relax. I don¡¯t want to be a robot. For the sake of the company, I have been single until now. You can¡¯t let me.  Am I going to live alone?" Mo Qingqing sat down next to Lin Luo, took the red wine from the random person, took a sip, and said to Lin Luo elegantly.  "This won't work." After hearing this, Lin Luo smiled and shook his head, saying: "You have to know that you are in charge of the company now. If I want to support someone, I have to train him for a long time. I don't have that.  Energy, the company has long been on the right track, there is no need to do everything, there is still time for love, sister Qing, please don¡¯t make it difficult for me." Mo Qingqing sighed helplessly after hearing this.  Lin Luo rejected him again.   "Brother Bao, why have I never heard you mention that uncle of yours? What does he do? Is he fierce? Do you have any objections to me?" In the departure hall of Beijing Airport, a man dressed in fashionable clothes  The beautiful woman held the arm of the tall and handsome man and asked softly.  The handsome man smiled mysteriously. Looking back on his uncle's experiences over the years, it really took three days and three nights to describe. It can be summarized by strange people and strange things.  When I was studying abroad, it was because of my uncle that I was able to truly integrate into the circles of hidden wealthy families. After integrating, I realized that the terrifying energy of these hidden wealthy families was not at all what the public faces of Hong Kong Island were.  The four major families in the world can't be compared to anything other than clouds and mud.?.  Of course, he has personal experience and will naturally not tell others. His uncle is a very low-key person. Except for family members, they know to some extent the huge power and wealth he has accumulated over the years. Ordinary people who see him just think that she is just an ordinary person.  "Behave better and don't talk too much. My uncle doesn't like people who talk too much." The handsome man was Huang Xiaobao. He was silent for a moment and said to the woman beside him.  "I know." Although the girl from the Mo family was a little unhappy, she didn't know who Huang Xiaobao's uncle was. She only knew that this Huang Xiaobao's uncle had no blood relationship with the Huang family. When she came, Huang Xiaobao said that this uncle was someone he knew when he was a child.  , after so many years, I haven¡¯t met him a few times. Do you think you value him so much?  Bring yourself to see him.  Soon, a middle-aged man wearing casual sportswear and walking calmly walked out of the security check and walked towards Huang Xiaobao and his girlfriend.  "Uncle, I'm here!" Huang Xiaobao recognized Lin Luo at a glance, happily waved his arms towards the middle-aged man and shouted loudly.  When Lin Luo saw Huang Xiaobao, who was handsome and tall, half a head taller than himself, he smiled happily and walked over.  "Hello, uncle!" The girl from the Mo family called out obediently when she saw Lin Luo.  "You must be that girl from the Mo family." Lin Luo paused slightly and looked at the girl.  Her gaze was like a sword, as if a sword had been unsheathed. The girl from the Mo family felt as if she had become transparent at this moment.  It was as if she had completely seen through him, and his breathing became rapid, and he didn't even dare to take a breath.  She suddenly understood now why Huang Xiaobao didn't let her speak more just now. The aura of the man in front of her was so powerful at this moment that even the old man of the Mo family couldn't compare with it.  "Uncle" Huang Xiaobao on the side shouted cautiously.  "My uncle is not deaf. He can hear. Let's go, don't keep your father and my sister waiting." Lin Luo nodded and said.  Just walked outside.  Seeing that his girlfriend was still stunned, Huang Xiaobao hurriedly pulled her to follow him.  When Huang Xiaobao and his girlfriend came out, they were stunned when they saw four or five extended Lincoln cars lined up.  Wait in front.  The bodyguards, all in suits and leather shoes, were even more vigilant about their surroundings.  It attracted passers-by¡¯s attention.  "What are you doing standing still? Why don't you get in the car?" Lin Luo smiled slightly and waved to Huang Xiaobao.  Only then did Huang Xiaobao react and hurriedly walked towards a Lincoln car in the middle with his girlfriend.  Sitting in the car, Huang Xiaobao was a little nervous. After all, he was not going to see his uncle, but he was very aware of his uncle's huge energy, and his father asked him to come.  It must be to calculate the Mo family's luck. If the Mo family's luck is prosperous.  They may be able to be together, but if they are strong on the outside and strong on the inside, I am afraid that even if they are in love, they will not be able to be together. The big family itself is so ruthless.  " Just like my uncle and the wealthy young lady from Hong Kong back then. They didn't agree with their daughter being with her uncle, and it wasn't because the uncle had no money or power.  But now several years have passed. Although the Li family barely maintained the heyday of the big family when they first arrived, it has inevitably gone downhill. However, my uncle has risen rapidly in the past ten years, and even the hidden family has to curry favor with him.  Big shots, not to mention these families in the capital.  The motorcade parked in an extremely luxurious hotel. The hotel was so towering that it reached into the sky. It could be said to be "just a stone's throw away" from the Forbidden City. Standing on the top floor of the hotel, you could have a panoramic view of the capital city.  "Master." Just after they entered the hotel, a man who looked like a boss came over. When he saw Lin Luo, he said respectfully and bowed slightly.  Huang Xiaobao in the back was normal, but the girl from the Mo family opened her mouth in surprise. The boss could be said to be on an equal footing with his father, but he didn't expect Lin Luo to be called the sect master. He looked at Huang Xiaobao's uncle.  There was obvious excitement in his eyes.  "Yeah." Lin Luo nodded slightly and said to him calmly: "You take them to another place, and I'll go meet Brother Huang." Lin Luo said and entered the elevator.  "Young Master Huang, follow me." The hotel manager smiled at the two of them and led them away. The girl from the Mo family looked back three times, feeling extremely shocked.  "I'm sorry I bumped into you." Lin Luo walked out of the elevator. A young man bumped into Lin Luo. He looked a little nervous and apologized hurriedly.  The man was plump and tall, and when Lin Luo looked at his face, he saw a hidden little dragon looming on his forehead, exuding a majestic aura.  Lin Luo was extremely shocked because this man looked similar to the girl from the Mo family.  The man is from the Mo family. ?¡­ ?The top floor of the hotel, a gracefulThe noble woman sat next to the man, thinking about Lin Luo who was about to arrive, and sighed slightly, "Yu Bang, I never dreamed that my little brother could reach this point and have this seven-star hotel today.  , is the property of his sect. At that time, I just thought he could write spells and appraise treasures. How could I have imagined that he would reach the heights he is today? When our Huang family came forward for our younger brother, Mr. Li didn't show any dignity.  Now that he is gone, I wonder if he will regret it when he is alive" "Qingwan, don't talk about you, even I didn't expect it. Don't talk about it. I don't know what the Mo family's luck will be in the future.  Is there any fate between Xiaobao and the girl from the Mo family? If the two families can get married, they will get engaged. If not, then I will find a reason to reject it," said the man with a hint of gray hair next to him.  "Sister Qingwan, Brother Huang." At this time, a man walked in. There were only three of them in this private banquet hall. The man who walked in was Lin Luo.  "Brother, you're here. I haven't seen you for a long time. I miss you so much." Mu Qingwan was a little excited when she saw Lin Luo, so she came over and hugged him.  "Sister, I'm here right now. When you and Brother Huang see me, I will show up even if I'm busy." Lin Luo felt that Mu Qingwan was a little excited, and patted Mu Qingwan's shoulder slightly, signaling for her to let her go.  clam down.  "Xiao Luo, the Huang family already made a wrong step back then. Now that we are marrying the Mo family, I don't know what the fate of the Mo family is. The Huang family can't make another wrong step, otherwise the capital will be without the Huang family in the future." Huang Yubang pondered,  Just ask directly.  Lin Luo groaned and said slowly: "Thirty years later, Qinglong will come from the Mo family, and the Mo family will become a top wealthy family. Mo Xirui's eldest brother is beyond words, and he will definitely ride on the wind and transform into a dragon." Mu Qingwan heard this.  In the fog, Huang Yubang's expression changed drastically. The Mo Xinrui in Lin Luo's mouth was Huang Xiaobao's girlfriend, but only a few people knew that Mo Xinrui had an elder brother, because Mo Xinrui's  The eldest brother is an illegitimate child.  Huang Yubang was shocked and speechless for a long time because of how precious he was to the Mo family.  After Lin Luo had dinner with Huang Yubang and Mu Qingwan, he chatted with them for a while. Knowing that the couple was afraid that they would have something to talk about because of what he had said before, Lin Luo left first.  Lin Luo walked to the elevator. The elevator suddenly opened, and an extremely beautiful face poked out. When she saw him, the woman was stunned.  Excitement slowly appeared on her face, and her body trembled slightly. After a long time, the woman calmed down, smiled slightly, and took the initiative to move inward.  Lin Luo smiled slightly and stepped in ps: In fact, the ending is advanced, but it is time to wrap up now, and I can¡¯t find the feeling to continue writing.  This book was too rough, mainly because of me. When it was first released, the results were not very good, so I stopped reading it. Later, I accidentally saw a comment from a book friend in another book review section, saying that even eunuchs should have one.  The ending touched me so much that I decided to continue writing it.  In fact, the continuation will not be too long, it just needs to give an ending. If it is a direct ending, it will definitely be terrible, so I simply continued it for a month. Even the ending will not be too abrupt. Of course, some people will still find it very sudden, but  I really have done everything I should do, and it¡¯s time to bring this book to an end.  (To be continued)
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