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The third volume of bloody battle!  The Predator becomes... Chapter 75 The truth about King Kong¡¯s nightmare world is getting closer

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    When he covered the ghost hand with his palm, the mysterious feeling appeared again like before.  šIChen Shibo¡¯s eyes flashed, which showed that the previous feeling was not an hallucination, nor was it a small probability situation that would only appear after certain trigger conditions were met.  On the contrary, it is an established fact that will inevitably be triggered!  So, what can be done to amplify or even enhance this feeling?  Or even trigger a certain situation to occur?  Regarding this, Chen Shibo was moved in his mind and decided to first test whether the inheritance profession of the Black Blade Knight of Hades Palace was somehow related to Ghost Hand.  On his palm, a rich dark aura appeared, covering Chen Shibo's entire arm almost in the blink of an eye. Even on his palm, an extremely pure dark aura gradually began to permeate.  out.  However, nothing strange happened.  But the mysterious feeling of the previous touch became more intense.  It's like a child who particularly likes to eat candy. Suddenly he sees his favorite candy right in front of him. However, because the packaging bag is too strong, he can't eat it. He feels anxious and annoyed. It can clearly make him feel anxious and annoyed.  Chen Shibo felt it immediately.  At the same time, Chen Shibo was constantly brainstorming. Judging from the situation, this showed that his exploration was in the right direction.  However, the specific methods are biased.  This deviation will change the current stalemate, and will cause earth-shaking changes in the clueless status quo.  Chen Shibo was vaguely aware of this, and even sensed a huge secret and a major turning point in the nightmare world of King Kong is now!  Right now!  There was a thinking look on his face, and he was constantly reviewing his own analysis and judgment in his mind.  Since the dark and pure aura of the Dark Knight of Hades can make the result of the touch more intense.  So, besides the dark breath, what else is more powerful than the breath?  He thought of a possibility, although this possibility was extremely incredible and illogical.  However, this is a nightmare world after all, and any place that does not conform to the logic of common thinking must have its own unique purpose of existence.  Existence is reasonable!  Thinking of this, the Eagle's Edge White Gun appeared again on Chen Shibo's right hand, and then he pointed the sharp black and white gun muzzle at his left hand covering the ghost hand.  After cutting a long and narrow incision on his left hand.  Black-red blood slowly flowed out and dripped on the ghost's hand.  Different from the blood of ordinary people, Chen Shibo was reborn after going through the Nirvana of Hell Fire in the Palace of Hades.  His blood is not blood red, but close to dark red, or black-red.  Moreover, compared with the blood of normal people, the medium and density present in a single cell in his blood are already much stronger than those of ordinary people.  His blood was not as thin as ordinary people's, but seemed very thick.  In the black-red blood, there seems to be an extremely subtle glow of bright black and gold, but at a glance, you can definitely see that the flame stars are burning.  When the sticky blood dripped on the ghost's hand.  The entire stone statue of the Ghost Swordsman had undergone tremendous changes at that time!  It was like sparks falling on a candle.  There was a crisp melting sound.  The sound was like a piece of extremely hard chocolate being devoured.  There was even an extremely violent and sonorous feeling and momentum that appeared out of thin air for no apparent reason.  In this regard, not only Chen Shibo, whose palm was covered with the ghost's hand, had a more obvious reaction, but also the faces of Qian Mei, Liang Pengfei, Yu Danyan and Fang Lin became serious in an instant, while originally only Sisi Gui  The stone statue with the swordsman's aura gradually made the sound of shattering.  At the same time, an indescribable and powerful aura suddenly erupted!  And Chen Shibo's arms had boiling blood being continuously drawn out.  It was actually absorbed by the Ghost Swordsman stone statue at a frenetic speed that would cause an ordinary person to die from excessive blood loss within a few seconds.  In this regard, Chen Shibo's eyes remained calm, as if the blood flowing happily was not his own.  Almost a moment later, there was a small clang sound!  A tired voice with sharp sword intent sounded out: "Who is Dalan?" The ghost swordsman actually woke up because of the blood of Chen Shibo's Black Blade Knight of the Underworld!  In other words, the seal has been lifted!  This is something that no one had thought of before, but it happened now!  and.  The most important thing is that he actually speaks Japanese!  Fortunately, mastering the basics of language is a basic ability that every first-level contractor must master, for Chen Shibo, Qian Mei, Liang Pengfei, Yu Danyan and Fang Lin.  At least there will be no inability to communicate.  The current situation.  But it was broken!  Chen Shibo, however, calmly spoke in Japanese without being humble or arrogant: "They should be partners." This was in response to the Ghost Swordsman's question.  At the same time, his reply was also very interesting.  Because the current situation is too sudden and unclear, Chen Shibo can only be called a partner, hiding behind the scenes.?Even if it is an enemy.  It doesn¡¯t matter, it¡¯s just a fight!  Being able to say such things is enough to show that Chen Shibo has extremely strong confidence.  Sure enough, when the Ghost Swordsman heard this, he immediately smiled and said: "You'd better hope we are partners! But why does your aura have such a strong affinity with Ghost Hands? Have you also been transformed by Ghost Hands? Here  , or the Arad continent? Where are my friends?" Chen Shibo's eyes flashed when he heard this, and the words of the ghost swordsman seemed to be enough to explain a lot of problems!  At least he is not familiar with the current situation.  Even to a certain extent, he, like himself, knows nothing about the situation of both parties. So, if the two parties combine each other's situation, will they get the final truth?  What impact will such a truth have on the nightmare world of King Kong?  Will it have a huge relationship with Castle in the Sky?  Are there really gods on Skull Island?  King Kong is the darling of the ancient jungle. Will it be the blessing and protection of the gods?  All this requires finding the final answer.  So Chen Shibo said simply: "I'm sorry, I can't give you an answer to your question, because many things are unclear now. Maybe we should have a good talk." After finishing speaking,  , a meaningful smile appeared on Chen Shibo's face.  Closer, closer to the truth of King Kong¡¯s nightmare world!  (To be continued, please search Piaotian Literature. The novels will be better and updated faster!
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