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Text Chapter 252 Fragrance

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    After leaving the hotel and walking on the road, Lin Fan felt that his legs were shaking a little.  It seems that we should pay more attention to life in the future and not be too indulgent.  Lin Fan didn¡¯t take the initiative to contact Xiang Hua, and now he had to rush to Wang¡¯s house.  The time for the competition is coming soon, and Lin Fan has to go abroad with Wang Guozhong and the others.  Wang Lao is old and has always been behind the scenes, so he will not go abroad with Lin Fan this time.  When she returned to Wang's house, Wang Xiner was already in the living room. When she saw Lin Fan coming back, she immediately stepped forward, "Huh, I went there to be cool last night, but I didn't even come." Wang Xiner pouted with an unhappy look on her face.  Lin Fan smiled and patted Wang Xiner's face. "I met my friend again last night." "Sniff" "What's wrong?" Lin Fan asked with a guilty conscience when he saw Wang Xiner sniffing around on his body.  road.  "Don't move" Wang Xiner pressed down on Lin Fan, not letting go of anything from front to back.  "You have several different scents on your body. It seems you are dishonest." Wang Xiner said.  Lin Fan felt a little guilty. People say that a woman¡¯s nose is as sensitive as a dog¡¯s. It¡¯s true, she can actually smell it.  "Xin'er, please don't frame me falsely." Lin Fan couldn't admit that he went to look for flowers last night, let alone say that he had ten women in one night.  To say this is not to seek death.  At this time, Mr. Wang and the others also came out. Lin Fan's expression changed and he immediately started talking to Mr. Wang. This matter was temporarily escaped.  Fortunately, Lin Fan made it in time for breakfast. Lin Fan also integrated into this big family, so he didn't feel anything strange.  During the meal, Mr. Wang mentioned the competition.  Lin Fan also nodded.  "Grandpa, I'm going too." Wang Xiner heard that Lin Fan would go abroad the day after tomorrow.  I immediately wanted to follow him.  However, Mr. Wang glared at her, "Xin'er, don't be ridiculous. This time is a matter of national importance. What are you going to do? Just stay at home." "Grandpa" Wang Xiner was a little depressed, but she didn't dare to refute her grandfather's words.  Lin Fan naturally didn¡¯t want Wang Xiner to follow him, so he just buried his head in eating and ignored what was going on outside the window.  Just pretend you didn't hear it.  After finishing the meal, Lin Fan immediately returned to his room without saying a word.  Not long after entering the room, Lin Fan's door was violently pushed open.  "Why didn't you say something to me just now? I want to go with you too." Wang Xiner said. She was also very similar to going abroad with Lin Fan, but her grandfather refused with just one sentence. If Lin Fan asked to help her, maybe she would  You can go.  Seeing that there was no one outside, Lin Fan immediately closed the door.  Holding Wang Xiner in his arms, "I have something to do this time, and no one will play with you even if you go there. Stay at home and you will be back in a few days." Although this is not the first time that Wang Xiner has been held in Lin Fan's arms.  Yes, but I still feel a little shy at the moment.  But the relationship between the two was settled by surprise, so there was no sense of embarrassment.  Lin Fan¡¯s hands began to be dishonest again, but Wang Xiner did not refuse. She was Lin Fan¡¯s person anyway, so naturally she would not resist this.  "Where are you touching?" Wang Xiner patted Lin Fan's restless little hand.  Lin Fan also smiled, but he lifted up your skirt with his little hands and touched inside.  "Haha, isn't it because you are so tempting? I can't resist you." Lin Fan said with a squinting smile.  "Big pervert" Wang Xiner rolled her eyes at Lin Fan.  But there is no disgust at all, only full love.  And Lin Fan¡¯s little hands were also unscrupulous, and Wang Xiner also enjoyed Lin Fan¡¯s touch.  Time passed very quickly, and the day after tomorrow, Lin Fan had already gotten up early.  This time we will be picked up by a special plane.  The soldiers going to the competition were all on the same plane.  This time, we were followed by Wang Guozhong and the national leaders.  Lin Fan has never met the national leader, and has only heard Mr. Wang mention it.  However, Lin Fan managed to talk to him, which was also attributed to Mr. Wang.  Wang Lao also mentioned Lin Fan from time to time in the higher-ups.  The leaders of the country have long wanted to meet this legendary strange man.  He is proficient in medicine and martial arts, and even knows a lot.  Seeing that Lin Fan was so young, he did not look down upon him.  Those who have reached this position are quite capable of judging people.  "Mr. Chen, let me help you take a look at your body." Lin Fan hooked up with the leader of the country, Mr. Chen.  ?Lin Fan once again used his own god-level medical skills.  No matter who you are, you are very particular about your body.  And Mr. Chen also believed in Lin Fan and asked Lin Fan to treat her body.  Mr. Chen's health is actually not bad, because people like them have special medical doctors for their bodies. However, it is not Western medicine, but Chinese medicine. After all, except for freaks like Lin Fan, all the truly capable Chinese medicine doctors are  Serve your country and follow your leader.  Lin Fan saw how many people were around Mr. Chen. Lin Fan could tell at a glance that he was an old man. He looked like an old Chinese doctor. He was a little worried when he heard that Lin Fan was going to help Mr. Chen adjust his health. However,  The leaders don¡¯t have any opinions, so naturally they won¡¯t say anything.  But if he feels something is wrong, he will definitely stop it.  There were also a few middle-aged people. Lin Fan could tell that they had a lot of energy in their bodies. They were practitioners and very strong. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? "Ten Needles of the Holy Hand" This is a secret technique that has been lost for a long time, and this young man actually knows it.  Lin Fan did not pause, but completed the task in one go, eradicating it for Chairman Chen once and for all.  "Chairman, if you have a good rest, your health will definitely get better and better in the future. If you continue to take the Body Tempering Pill, living a hundred years will definitely not be a problem." Lin Fan said.  "Thank you, Mr. Lin." Chairman Chen thanked him.  Chairman Chen also feels that his body is indeed very different. Every day, his body is operating at a high intensity. Although he also takes the Body Tempering Pill, he sometimes feels a lot of discomfort in his body.  Chairman Chen is not like Mr. Wang, who enjoys leisurely life every day. He basically gets up early in the morning and starts busy working.  Lin Fan also said goodbye and returned to his seat, closing his eyes to rest.  After Lin Fan left, Mr. Chen asked the people around him.  "Mr. Yang, how do you feel?" "Chairman, this man's medical skills are not as good as mine. What he just performed for the Chairman was a magical skill that has been lost for hundreds of years. I have also seen this in ancient books." Mr. Yang  said.  "Where are you?" Mr. Chen asked the others again.  "Chairman, we can't feel anything. It's just like ordinary people. If you don't see it with your eyes, you can't feel his existence at all. In this case, there is only one possibility, and that is that his strength has reached a certain level.  Such an unfathomable level. " Chairman Chen looked at these people in surprise. These people's evaluations were so high. Could it be that they were just as Mr. Wang said, they were strange people in the world.  (To be continued)
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