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Text Chapter 396 Unsolved mystery?

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    A few days later, Hou Lixuan jumped from the teaching building of Linji University. Just like Guan Ying was killed, it took a whole night for someone to find his body.  The police station did not conduct a detailed investigation at all and closed the case hastily. In the Hou family's situation, no one dared to stand up for him.  Wang Ming looked at the photos sent from China and finally showed a relaxed smile. His biggest wish since his rebirth had finally come true.  The next thing to do is to enjoy the benefits brought by rebirth!  From the end of 2001 to the end of 2002, Ming did not show up for a whole year. After his exchange student career in South Korea ended, he found an excuse to come to the United States and never went back. He called it a further study at Harvard.  With a master's degree in business administration, he is actually enjoying the glamorous life of Hollywood.  And this year, both China and South Korea, has been a magnificent year, a year in which history has changed, but no one knows it, except Wang Ming.  The government changed, the Olympic bid was successful, the WTO was successfully added, and a new giant was born!  China's political and business circles are busy formulating the next development plan!  Unlike other companies, the biggest change of Perfect Company is that in addition to Internet companies and entertainment companies, it has one more project, and that is the real estate industry.  Wang Ming really doesn¡¯t want to earn this hard-earned money, but there is no way. Whether it is Cao Jianye or his future father-in-law, he must enter the real estate market to fully increase land prices and create GDP for the country!  In this case, Perfect Real Estate emerged and became a new real estate tycoon.  When Perfect Real Estate attracted attention, no one noticed that a new private TV station was established in South Korea, and no one realized that Hong Kong TVB was undergoing comprehensive reforms, and no one noticed that many independent film companies in the United States were integrated and acquired.  Next is the time for Wang Ming¡¯s companies to go public. One website after another is split into companies and listed one after another in the United States and Hong Kong!  For these websites, Wang Ming adopted a herding approach. He only retained 15% of the shares to maintain his status as a major shareholder, and then gave up the management rights.  It¡¯s not that Wang Ming doesn¡¯t want to control all the websites, but he is now making all the changes in the online world. If he has to intervene in everything, problems will occur sooner or later!  However, his title of consultant has not escaped, and the development of almost every company has not escaped from his original plan.  As various websites went public one after another, Wang Ming had more and more cash in his hands, and he began to establish a theater chain.  Who asked his future father-in-law to be in charge of the area that Yu Zhensheng was originally responsible for, which happened to be within this scope!  In this way, Asia's largest theater chain was built step by step from scratch.  Originally, Cen¡¯s father wanted Wang Ming and Cen Wei to get married as soon as possible. Seeing this situation, he did not urge them to get married.  After all, some gossip should be avoided. It was not until 2005, when Perfect Company continued to develop and became the largest private enterprise in the country, that the two got married in a low-key manner.  In the eyes of outsiders, this wedding is a combination of politics and economics. Only the parties involved know that there is still an unknown relationship between the two behind it. Of course, Guan Ying's selfless dedication cannot be forgotten.  At the wedding scene, Guan Ying appeared as Cen Wei's bridesmaid. In a sense, this was also her wedding to Wang Ming.  For Wang Ming, the wedding is just a formality to secure his support to the outside world and make those who covet the perfect company give up their unnecessary ideas.  By this time, Wang Ming had already settled in several homes.  One is the Wang Manor in Malaysia.  Lu Yue'er lives here, as well as the little girls brought from China. They will grow up here. As for their future fate, it depends on whether they are beautiful.  The greatest use of this place is that it becomes a place for Wang Ming to train soldiers. People trained here will enter Wang Ming's security company and assume the task of protecting the senior leaders of Perfect Company.  The other one is a seaside villa in South Korea, where He Hua, Yuan Youmei, Zhou Min, Cheng Ying, Zhao Xueqin and other women live here.  They have infiltrated the Korean entertainment industry overtly or covertly and controlled this market. Because of Roh Moo-hyun's care, they can also provide better services to those interest groups. In fact, they are already the largest entertainment company in South Korea.  In addition, this is the place where Korean entertainment stars most want to go. As long as they can stay here for a day or two and Wang Ming unspoken rules, she will soon be the heroine after leaving!  Unless you don't want to be famous, you simply can't refuse Wang Ming's call.  The third home is in the mountains, next to the largest college entrance examination city in Asia. This is also where the girls go on vacation!  From a villa, it gradually turned into a manor. There are extremely secretive buildings in hundreds of acres of woodland.  Guan Ying, Cen Wei, Li Xue, Tian Nina and other girls all have their own villas here.  Unlike the blatant unspoken rules in South Korea, Wang Ming is more restrained in China. He bought a yacht and parked it in the Bohai Bay.  Those who made up their minds and were selected by Wang MingOnly actresses have the opportunity to come to the yacht. As for what to do, it is naturally self-evident.  And only actresses who are truly favored by Wang Ming and are clean and self-sufficient will have the opportunity to go to the villa in the mountains!  Because only by going there can you truly be included in the circle!  It's just that there are too few actresses like that, and they can be said to be like phoenixes.  The fourth home is in Hong Kong. After acquiring TVB, Lu Yue'er spent a huge amount of money to buy a villa as a place for Wang Ming to stay!  Compared with mainland actresses, Hong Kong actresses do not have such a good fate.  Firstly, there are too few beautiful women, and secondly, there are too many female stars, and Wang Ming does not like them.  However, the wireless station has provided Wang Ming with sufficient resources. Whether it is the training department or the Miss Hong Kong election, it has become an organization for Wang Ming to select beauties!  The fifth one is located in Los Angeles, which is also where the Uncensored Conference is held!  Unlike the reserved people in China, American women don¡¯t say that so much. As long as they are given a chance, their bodies are the bargaining chip for exchange!  Therefore, in the United States, Wang Ming played more actresses, whether in movies, TV, or music.  In addition to making rapid progress in the entertainment industry, Wang Ming has not forgotten Cao Jianye's preferences. When others withdrew from the football market, he broke in with a large amount of money, ushering in the era of spending money in the Chinese Super League in advance!  The acquisition of the Houston Rockets has brought huge popularity to Perfect Company.  In the following years, while Wang Ming was fighting openly and secretly with Murdoch, he did not forget to develop smartphones and seize the Weibo market first!  The steady stream of money brought by these markets is also the basis for Wang Ming's battle with Murdoch Media Group.  When the competition between the two parties was at its fiercest, the nails planted by Wang Ming played the most critical role. While becoming Murdoch's lover, she also became Murdoch's senior assistant.  Because of her leaks, everyone at News Corporation called for beatings, and Wang Ming took the opportunity to occupy many markets.  By the time Perfect Company successfully launched its third satellite in 2008, no one could stop the rise of Perfect Media.  Until this time, Wang Ming began to integrate Perfect Media. From Hong Kong, South Korea, the United States to Europe, he controlled TV stations, film companies, music companies, brokerage companies, newspapers, and magazines.  Overnight, Perfect Media Group became the largest media company in the world.  At this time, Murdoch knew that he had lost, couldn't afford to fall ill, and died more than ten years earlier than in history. Of course, only he knew whether Wang Ming had done anything.  ¡°In 10, ten years after Wang Ming was reborn, he won the Nobel Prize for Literature as expected.  First of all, he has been a copywriter for so many years and published countless classic works.  Secondly, he spent a lot of public relations fees, and there are no awards in this world that money can't buy.  At this time, Wang Ming rarely appeared in the media. He was busy appeasing his goddaughter.  I have to say that Wang Ming has some bad taste. In the past ten years, he has been recruiting little girls born in the 1990s, those who are in the entertainment industry!  Not only did they set up a celebrity training department, but they also instilled some obedient thoughts in them from an early age.  This move does have some damage, but the effect is good.  When these girls debuted, people were surprised to find that not only were they good at acting and beautiful, but they also had no scandals.  From the mainland to Hong Kong, and from Hong Kong to Hollywood, one by one quickly became famous internationally.  In fact, not only celebrities in the entertainment industry, athletes in the sports circle, experts in the fashion circle, and beautiful writers in the cultural circle, as long as Wang Ming can think of the name and find the celebrities, he will not let them go!  Eating, drinking and having fun have become everything in Wang Ming¡¯s life.  Unlike him, most of his women still have their own pursuits and are working hard one by one.  They privately described Wang Ming as a male lion who did nothing but hunt, eat meat, fuck female lions, and breed cubs.  Wang Ming doesn't care about other people's opinions. All he has to do in his new life is to make himself happy and let the people around him live a good life. As for the criticisms, they don't matter. Only those who have died will know how rare these lives are.  !  "Wang Ming's name is not included in the 21st century celebrity list, even though he won the Nobel Prize for Literature, even though he has trillions of wealth, because his private life is too chaotic.  According to incomplete statistics, people have accused Wang Ming in various programs, people have written memoirs and denounced Wang Ming, people have uploaded private photos online, smartphones have been hacked by hackers, exposed photos, provoking videos, and other evidence have been linked to Wang Ming.  Ming had sex with hundreds of people.  Therefore, one of the biggest mysteries of the 21st century is how many women Wang Ming has had!  Killing hundreds of people?  Killing thousands of people?  Kill ten thousand people?  Or behead 100,000 people?  Is this an unsolved mystery?
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