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Text Chapter 626: The Great Seal of the World (Grand Finale)

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    The divine realm is the source of the universe, and the realm of cultivation is the mother of all heavens and realms.  Nowadays, the world of gods is sealed, and the world of cultivation is even more withered.  "Let's find Senior Sister and the others." With a sigh, Yang Fan stopped staying, and his spiritual thoughts swept across the entire world of cultivation.  He is now at the peak of his strength. After being tempered by divine power, his soul has also grown greatly. Although he has not improved his realm, it has condensed a lot and reached an unimaginable level.  Transform into emptiness, the spirit, soul and body become one.  Therefore, now Yang Fan, to a certain extent, has broken the boundary between the soul and the physical body, and has truly reached the realm of pure Yang mentioned in the Nine Transformations Xuan Gong.  It¡¯s just that before Yang Fan reached the realm of Pure Yang, it was the day after tomorrow, but now, he has transformed into Xiantian.  At this point, even Li Daotong, or the great master who created the Nine Transformations Mysterious Technique, could not succeed, because they did not have divine power, and unlike Yang Fan, they did not enter the realm of physical cultivation.  "In the South China Sea." Discovering the familiar aura in the South China Sea, Yang Fan flashed and appeared in the South China Sea. But at this moment, the heaven and the earth roared, and a supreme power descended from the sky.  This power is countless times more powerful than the Thunder Punishment or the Eye of Heaven Punishment. Moreover, with such force and force, in an instant, all the people Yang Fan has anything to do with in the South China Sea are captured in one fell swoop.  Chu Hongxiu, Fang Xuewei, Liu Ruoxi, Elder Long, Elder Xuan, and even Ao Shuang, Xuan Yuefeng and others who had already left long ago were all taken away.  "Who is it?" Yang Fan yelled.  "If you want them to live, open the door to the God Realm." A high-pitched voice fell from the sky. Yang Fan's brows jumped when he saw it.  It was the old man in black whom he met outside the God Realm.  In addition to the old man in black, the old man in white and the young man in purple all appeared one by one.  "You little ant, you actually dare to deceive us, the third incarnation of the Dao of Heaven. You really don't know how to live or die. If the Dao hadn't left a mark on you, you would have been deceived. Now, what do you have to say?" The old man in white always had an indifferent face.  Became extremely gloomy.  Nothing like before.  "Three incarnations of Heavenly Dao?" Yang Fan was stunned for a moment.  The purple-clothed boy laughed: "You don't know, and I don't blame you. The three of us are the most powerful gods and demons in the innate world. We were transformed by Panhuang Kaitian, and we act on behalf of heaven. We are the incarnations of the way of heaven. In addition to the world of gods, there is no end.  Void, all heavens and all realms are under our command, you are the destined one, haha. Speaking of which, I was the one who ordered it." "So it's you!" Yang Fan gritted his teeth.  "The so-called destined people are lonely and suffer all their lives. They cannot practice immortality on their own, so they can only practice martial arts, and it is the lowest form of physical cultivation. Although it is also a great way, and it is extremely powerful.  However, it has brought him too many hardships, and it is obvious that this third incarnation of Heavenly Dao will never think that he will actually become a god or demon.  "That's right. Do what you should do, otherwise, with your strength, although my three brothers cannot kill you, they can still suppress you." The boy in purple laughed indifferently.  "Open the door to the God Realm?" Yang Fan asked.  "That's right." "With my strength, I can't forcefully open the door to the God Realm. I need some sacrifices." Yang Fan said with a flash of his eyes.  "Oh?" The purple-clothed boy became interested: "What kind of sacrifice?" "The two realms of immortals and demons!" "Hahaha, the two realms of immortals and demons, you kid, you have such a loud tone, but that's all, I'll give you three days  Time depends on how much you can improve. In three days, we will wait for you at the entrance to the God Realm!" After saying that, the boy in purple, the old man in white and the old man in black all disappeared.  Yang Fan¡¯s eyes jumped, and his originally calm mind kept fluctuating. Finally, he bit down and flew away through the air.  Fairyland.  Ninety-nine days, billions of creatures are constantly multiplying and growing inside.  Yang Fan took a closer look and discovered that the ninety-nine heavens were like ninety-nine crystal clear crystal worlds, some large and some small, and there were endless immortal beings in them.  "Aren't the immortals and demons going to destroy martial arts? Today, I will let you all be exterminated!" Yang Fan sneered, and three thousand golden pillars suddenly appeared in front of him. His body shape changed and became infinitely large.  He picked up one of the golden pillars and thrust it into the fairy world.  Boom!  ¡°Most of the ninety-nine-day fairyland barrier was shattered in one fell swoop.  ? ?A large number of creatures were sucked into the extremely huge God and Demon Pillar, and the golden gems increased at a speed visible to the naked eye.  In the blink of an eye, a pillar of gods and demons was promoted to the peak level of the acquired high-grade spiritual treasure, only one step away from the acquired treasure.  "Bold!" "Where is the evildoer!" Countless immortal saints jumped out from the immortal world and attacked Yang Fan.  However, Yang Fan could only sneer.  He has the power of 999,999,999 nine-clawed divine dragons. Apart from the three incarnations of Heavenly Dao, even the Blood River Ancestor in the Netherworld Blood River may not be him.  His opponents, these ordinary saints, whether they are elementary or intermediate, have not reached the Lianhe Dao, so how can they be his opponents.  ?????????????????????????????????????????????OUTOUT 1  "That's two." Yang Fan sneered, and the third pillar of gods and demons blasted into the fairy world.  For a moment, the massacre began again.  The fourth root, the fifth root I don¡¯t know how much time has passed. Those saints in the immortal world were too scared to come out again, but they were still killed by Yang Fan.  Gradually, hundreds of thousands of saints, as well as the entire immortal world, forged 1,500 acquired treasure-level god-demonic pillars, which was exactly half of the three thousand.  And the fairy world was destroyed in one fell swoop.  Looking at the ruins of the fairy world, Yang Fan thought, and he brought this fairy world back to the world of cultivation.  In an instant, the world of cultivation actually stopped its original decline and began to recover.  Hundreds of millions of people in the world of cultivation all cheered.  Especially the children of the demon and martial worlds, in fact, the current cultivation world.  There are only two disciples of Yaowu and Wu Dao, and Fang Xuewei is a pure killer.  She is so powerful that she can easily kill all the immortal and demon sects in the world of cultivation, which is much more thorough than what Yang Fan can do.  Over the past twenty years.  The foundation of the immortal and demon paths in the world of cultivation can be said to have been destroyed. Now, there are almost only two paths of demon and martial arts in the entire world of cultivation. ????????????? The martial arts, which was originally weak, is even higher than the demon clan.  The destruction of the fairy world has alarmed countless existences hidden in various places.  Yang Fan once had a chance encounter with the God Lord.  She also appeared in front of Yang Fan. She was graceful and had an unbelievable look on her face.  "You actually destroyed the fairy world!" Yang Fan didn't say anything when he saw it was the God Lord. A corpse was thrown out of the Qiankun Ring.  Surprisingly, it was the one he got from the South China Sea.  Seeing this corpse, the Lord God was shocked.  "Hahaha! Sister, I really didn't expect you to come out." The corpse suddenly spoke.  All of a sudden, extremely powerful power emitted from his body. Yang Fan had only felt this power in the three incarnations of Tian Dao.  However, 1,500 divine and demonic pillars have become acquired treasures. Yang Fan's strength has improved a lot. Although he has not broken the limit of physical strength, his lethality has increased countless times, and he has finally reached the level of the third incarnation of Tiandao.  That level.  This level cannot be reached by being powerful, it was brought to Yang Fan by the God and Demon Pillar.  It is a further sublimation.  "Thank you, little guy." The corpse, the Demon Lord, laughed playfully.  "Settle your own matters. Don't bother me." Yang Fan left such a sentence coldly. In a flash, he arrived in front of the Demon Realm, which is opposite to the Immortal Realm. This time, the Demon Realm was obviously more powerful than the Immortal Realm.  reaction.  The ancestor of Blood River had already stood in front of the demon world, looking at Yang Fan indifferently.  "Death!" Yang Fan didn't say any nonsense, and just hit out with a pillar of gods and demons.  "How dare you, a mere Lingbao, fight with me?" Ancestor Xuehe snorted, and then he saw the two sword-like horns on his head separated and stabbed at Yang Fan.  These two horns turned into two divine swords when separated.  The aura of each handle is actually not weaker than the Divine Demonic Pillar, and is even much stronger.  Yang Fan's heart moved, and 1,500 divine and demonic pillars condensed into one. Although these divine and demonic pillars have not grown up, they are only equivalent to ordinary acquired lower-grade spiritual treasures, and they are also the lowest-grade low-grade spiritual treasures. However,  Condensed into one, it is extremely powerful, no weaker than two divine swords, even stronger. If a pillar is hit, the two divine swords will be shattered, and the origin of the divine swords inside will be absorbed at once.  "Broken"??¡± Yang Fan roared angrily, ignoring the ugly look on the face of Patriarch Xuehe, and suddenly blasted the god-demon pillar, which was made up of 1,500 god-demon pillars, into the demon world. The sky of the demon world, suddenly  "Ah, ah, ah, ah, Ancestor is so angry, Ancestor wants to kill you!"  "The ancestor of Blood River roared and rushed towards Yang Fan. Yang Fan's mind moved again. The fifteen hundred divine and demonic pillars that had been transformed into acquired treasures suddenly condensed into one and turned into a small golden pillar.  The stick, as soon as this small stick was completed, a huge force rose into the sky, and those immortal saints who were in harmony were knocked down one by one. Seven of the most powerful ones turned into the sky.  The seven gold stars were absorbed by the little stick, and the rest were integrated into the little stick. Yang Fan's strength increased again. At the same time, after absorbing their memories, Yang Fan also knew the cause and effect of everything.  All my life, I have been under the control of heaven. According to the calculations of these saints, I will give birth to the God and Demon Pillar step by step, so that the God and Demon Pillar will turn into three thousand acquired treasures, and then condense into one, becoming an unprecedented thing.  The acquired chaos treasure. Like now, this little stick has reached the top level of the acquired chaos treasure. If the other one, which represents the devil, can also successfully achieve the effect of this pillar representing the god.  , will turn into a sharp blade, becoming the only acquired chaos treasure in the world that is as powerful as the Sky-Opening Ax when Panhuang opened the sky. And, it is even more powerful, and it is the ultimate world-destroying weapon.  The world is created in the past, and the world is destroyed in the future. Yang Fan¡¯s life is to be the one who destroys the world. And now, Yang Fan has learned this.  The demonic 1,500 god-demon pillars have destroyed the entire demon world, and even the fairy world has returned to Yang Fan's hands. This demon blade, combined with the magic stick, turned into a world-destroying sword.  With a casual slash of the big ax, the Blood River Ancestor was easily killed, turning the Blood River Ancestor into a streak of blood on the axe blade. The heaven and earth were transformed, and the two paths of immortality and demon merged.  All the saints were killed, and the demon world was also thrown into the world of cultivation. Suddenly, the entire world of cultivation seemed to be in a unified state. "Holy Lord, let's wait for ourselves."  Nether.  " Seemingly sensing something, the great saints of the Tianwu Realm and the Demon Realm began to drive the two realms down. The saint of the Tianwu Realm was surprisingly Yang Fan's eldest brother, Yin Wuji. He became the last and only ancient saint in the Wu Realm.  . There are seven demon saints in the demon world, but Yang Fan knows with just one glance that his elder brother Yin Wuji is enough to fight against the seven demon saints.  Even if you can't come back, you can rest assured.  " Yang Fan thought in his heart, and immediately peeled off the Qingling Secret Realm. Liu Qingling felt that the Qingling Secret Realm merged with her, and she immediately knew that something had changed. In a flash, she was outside the secret realm. "  Qingling, I have an important thing to do. You and Shengyuan, wait for me in the world of cultivation. After I come back, I will accompany you back to see your father-in-law and mother-in-law.  "Yang Fan said with a smile. But no matter how sincere he smiled, at this moment, seeing the scene of everything being destroyed in the void, coupled with the invincible aura emanating from the world-destroying ax in Yang Fan's hand, Liu Qingling was also frightened.  "Mother, we listen to father.  " Yang Shengyuan spoke. Liu Qingling reluctantly nodded, urging the Qingling secret realm to reach the world of cultivation. Seeing them return to the world of cultivation, Yang Fan breathed a sigh of relief. In order to avoid those three incarnations of heaven from catching Liu Qingling and Yang Shengyuan again, Yang Fan  In a flash, he arrived outside the realm of gods. ¡°Okay, okay, okay, it¡¯s so perfect. The world of immortals and demons has been shattered, and the world-destroying ax has finally been born.  "The old man in black laughed heartily. Although the old man in white still had an indifferent expression, there was an unconcealable joy between his brows. As for the young man in purple, he looked at Yang Fan as if he were a supreme treasure.  "Even I didn't expect that you could reach this point. Now, have you become a saint?  "The words of the boy in purple made Yang Fan's heart skip a beat. But soon, he laughed:"Now that you've seen it, that's it." As he said that, the aura on Yang Fan's body increased again, and the power increased tenfold, and the swordsmanship finally reached perfection.  Sanctification.  Yang Fan¡¯s palm contains the yin and yang of life and death, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, the nine basic ways, as well as the avenue of void, and the sword way, integrated into one, with extraordinary power.  "Coupled with the power of tens of billions of twelve-clawed dragon ancestors, one dragon ancestor is equivalent to a saint, and tens of billions are equivalent to tens of billions of saints.  Even if the three people in front of him are the incarnations of heaven, they are no match for Yang Fan.  "Suffer death!" Holding the world-destroying axe, Yang Fan was about to chop it down at the three incarnations of heaven.  "Son of destiny, return to your throne!" Unexpectedly, these three incarnations of heaven were not surprised at all. The three of them thought together, and suddenly, a figure stood in front of Yang Fan.  "Yuan'er!" Yang Fan was shocked.  The person who came was none other than his son, Yang Shengyuan.  At this moment, Yang Shengyuan's face was expressionless, as if he had lost his mind and was being controlled.  "You actually treat a child like this!" Yang Fan was furious.  But there is nothing you can do.  Before, he wanted to kill the three heavenly incarnations when they were not paying attention to rescue Fang Xuewei and others. But now, Yang Shengyuan was taken out again. Even if he had the strength to kill them, he might not have the chance to kill them.  The three incarnations of heaven.  "Child? Haha, brother, he still believes that this son of destiny is the son of his destiny." "The son of destiny is the son of heaven. How can you, a mere mortal, be the father?" "Haha,  Although your blood is flowing in his body, his soul is the origin of heaven. What do you think you can do to be the father of this son? " The three incarnations of heaven laughed at Yang Fan.  Yang Fan was not moved at all: "Is this your plan?" "Of course not." "Son of Destiny. Hurry up and master your divine weapon of heaven, and join us in destroying the world and reopening chaos!" The boy in purple and the boy in white  The old man drank lightly one after another.  Yang Shengyuan¡¯s eyes revealed an indifferent golden light.  "The divine weapon of heaven. The unity of spirit and body!" With that said, Yang Shengyuan brought it to Yang Fan.  And as Yang Shengyuan's voice fell, Yang Fan suddenly discovered that the world-destroying ax in his hand suddenly came with endless attraction, trying to absorb all his power.  It's like swallowing them all.  "Haha, the Supreme Chaos Treasure is finally taking shape today." "We have planned thousands of guilds, and we can finally return to Chaos and reshape the divine body. When the time comes, we will transcend and no longer be subject to this damned way of heaven.  "Haha, with Yang Shengyuan, it is easy to open up ten universes." "That's right, Son of Destiny, why don't you quickly take charge of your heavenly artifact?"  Gate to the God Realm. Kill three thousand gods and demons and seize their origins! " Yang Fan's heart was shattered by your words and my words.  If they really open the door to the God Realm.  Chaos will return to the world, and there will be no more living beings in this universe.  All turned into nothingness.  No wonder these three incarnations of Heavenly Dao didn¡¯t care about destroying the world of immortals and demons at all, because they originally wanted to use their own hands to destroy the world.  "Sister, how about we work together?" At this moment, a crisp voice came.  Yang Fan looked up and saw that it was the Demon Lord.  The Lord of God is also there, and at this time, Yang Fan also knows how to distinguish the two.  ??????????????????????????????????????????Out of these two people, one exudes the radiance of divinity and has golden eyes, and is the Lord of God; the other is surrounded by demonic energy and has purple eyes, and is the Lord of Demons.  These golden and purple eyes fit perfectly with the world-destroying ax in his hand, with its golden handle and purple blade.  "That's right." The God Lord responded.  Seeing Yang Fan's eyes, the God Lord explained: "My two sisters are the daughters of Emperor Pan. They are one body and two spirits. They will not allow the universe created by their father to turn into chaos like this, let alone let those three  An evil spirit has destroyed the world of gods, so we are here to help you." "How can you help me?" Yang Fan struggled to resist the suction of the world-destroying ax in his hand.  But?The power from him is still being sucked away.  "The reason why Yang Shengyuan can become the Son of Destiny is because he is your son. If he is not your son, then this world-destroying artifact will not be controlled by him. As long as our sisters kill him and destroy him  The blood that belongs to you can restore everything." The Demon Lord spoke.  "No!" Yang Fan shouted: "You can't kill my son." "You" When the Demon Lord heard this, he was furious.  The Lord God¡¯s eyes flashed and he didn¡¯t say anything.  "You really don't know what is good or bad. Do you know that once we are one body and two souls, once we are united, although we can exert unparalleled strength and change our lives, we will also die. For the sake of my father's world, and for the sake of thousands of living beings, we will wait.  Even if you are willing to die, you are still like this! Sister, why don't we just kill Yang Shengyuan?" The demon master shouted.  At this time, the three incarnations of heaven seemed to feel that something was not good.  They all recognize the God Lord and the Demon Lord, and in a sense, they are the father of the God Lord and the Demon Lord, the last incarnation of Panhuang.  However, although they are the incarnations of Panhuang and control the way of heaven, their character has nothing to do with Panhuang. Therefore, the God Lord and the Demon Lord call them the three evil spirits.  "Daughters, please don't mess around. This is destiny and you can't change it." The old man in white suddenly spoke.  "Bah, who is your daughter? You instigated our sisters and let us sleep for countless thousands of years before we had a chance to wake up at this time. Now, you actually want to bewitch us, sister, let's do it quickly!" "Okay!  " The God Lord responded, and the two became one.  A new life appears.  This life and breath are extremely powerful, definitely exceeding the power of the three incarnations of Tiandao.  Moreover, the aura exuding from her body is the purest aura of gods and demons.  Seeing this aura, Yang Fan's whole body was shocked.  There are countless runes of gods and demons in his body.  At this moment, everything seemed to come alive.  These runes of gods and demons extended through Yang Fan's body and entered the world-destroying axe, all of a sudden.  Yang Fan felt that in this big ax, in addition to the intention of destroying the world, there were also two powers.  However, compared to the intention to destroy the world, there are two other forces.  Poor little one.  "What's going on? Why do I actually feel that I can control my own power and enter the other two forces?" Yang Fan suddenly realized that his power was being sucked into the world-destroying axe, mainly by that force.  The intention to destroy the world is absorbed.  And the remaining two forces cannot be absorbed at all.     but.  He discovered that when the runes of gods and demons entered the world-destroying axe, he could influence the absorption of his own power by these three forces through the runes.  "Do it!" The Lord God suddenly shouted softly.  A stream of light rushed towards Yang Shengyuan.  "Looking for death!" The three incarnations of Heavenly Dao started to move.  The three of them merged into one and turned into a huge golden giant, standing in front of Yang Shengyuan.  When he saw the giant, the God Lord was shocked and screamed: "Father!" Then.  Then I saw the giant, holding a huge ax in his hand, and slashed it down at once, killing the God Lord who was depressed.  The power to change the destiny.  It only penetrated half of Yang Shengyuan's body and then disappeared.  "I really don't know whether to live or die." The three incarnations of heaven restored three people.  Their faces were extremely pale. Obviously, their victory just now was not as easy as it seemed.  It can even be said that it is not easy. ???????????? If the two gods and masters had not fused for the first time and had a psychological flaw in response to the appearance of Panhuang's incarnation, it would have been absolutely impossible for them to kill him with just this one blow. ?????????????????? In the end, what they used was the attachment and emotion in the hearts of the two gods and masters towards Panhuang.  For them who have never had any feelings, this is definitely their favorite trick to threaten those disobedient opponents.  "My destiny, why don't you hurry up and let the world-destroying ax suck your power away." The boy in purple spoke sharply.  They forced themselves out of the Panhuang incarnation and suffered heavy injuries that required divine power to make up for it.  Naturally, they began to urge, and Fang Xuewei and the others also appeared in front of Yang Fan. It seemed that as long as Yang Fan continued to resist, these??will be killed.  Yang Fan's heart moved, but his face showed helplessness and sorrow: "Okay, as long as you let them go, I will let this world-destroying ax absorb all the strength in my body." "Okay, I agree." The boy in purple said, with a look in his eyes.  The threat is even greater.  Yang Fan had no choice but to stop resisting and let his earth-shattering power merge into the world-destroying axe. Without resisting, Yang Fan discovered that the divine and demonic runes were actually integrated into the axe at a faster speed.  .  He clearly felt the remaining two breaths. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? It is the three forces that coexist with Destruction.  Yang Fan's heart moved and he poured all his power into Zhenshi.  Suddenly, the breath of the world-destroying ax became more and more powerful.  "Hahaha, this boy is indeed a fool just like those two women." The old man in black laughed.  Soon, all the shocking power of Yang Fan poured into Zhenshi. Suddenly, the world-destroying ax flew up, but Yang Fan couldn't even stand still.  If it hadn¡¯t been for an unknown force that had been supporting him, he would have died at this moment.  "It wasn't completely sucked out?" Seeing that Yang Fan was still alive, the boy in purple was a little puzzled.  "The world-destroying ax has been completed. Let the son of destiny break through the divine world. As for this kid, don't worry about it." The old man in white said indifferently.  The old man in black was full of excitement at the moment, so he would not care about a loser like Yang Fan.  Yang Shengyuan held the world-destroying axe, but to the surprise of the three incarnations of heaven, he did not move.  "What's wrong? Did the fate-changing technique of those two women really succeed?" "Impossible. If it succeeds, the world-destroying ax will not absorb the power of the destined person, but will be used by the destined person.  "That's right, what about now?" Just when the three incarnations of heaven were puzzled, Yang Fan suddenly shouted: "Goodness, the way of filial piety, evil, the way of guardianship, Yuan'er, why don't you hurry up?"  Make a decision!" As soon as this voice came out, Yang Shengyuan suddenly woke up. He raised his hand and slashed at the three incarnations of heaven.  "This, this is impossible!" The three of them shouted in unison.  But what made them powerless was that the world-destroying power was all poured out on them. All of a sudden, they were already severely injured and about to die.  "Haha, I'm really unwilling." "People of destiny, don't be complacent. We are the incarnation of the way of heaven. When we die, the way of heaven collapses, and those thousands of creatures will still die." "Yes, we are the way of heaven, and the way of heaven is us,  If we die, all living things in the world will not survive." In unwillingness and curses, the three incarnations of heaven disappeared.  And just as they said, the way of heaven collapsed, and all realms actually began to be destroyed.  "Yuan'er, use your power to control the world." Yang Fan shouted again.  Yang Shengyuan, who was at a loss what to do, moved his mind and activated the world-destroying axe. However, he found that even with all his strength flowing out, he could not mobilize the world-suppressing power inside.  Finally, a thought came out from the world-destroying axe.  Yang Shengyuan was shocked.  He looked at Yang Fan with a complicated expression: "Father, the good way, the filial piety, the evil way, the way of guardianship, the way of swordsmanship, which one do you most want me to choose?" Yang Fan was stunned, and seemed to sense something. He shouted loudly: "Yuan  Son, nothing matters, father wants you to live! Living is what father hopes most." Hearing this, Yang Shengyuan smiled.  "Father, the child knows." After saying this, his body suddenly disintegrated and turned into a stream of light, pouring into the world-destroying axe.  "I am the Tao of Heaven, and I can suppress the world forever!" "I am the Tao of Heaven, and all things are equal!" "Father, forgive the child. The child cannot show filial piety in front of you and his mother. However, the child will always be alive. As long as you look up at the sky, you will  I can see the child!" As he finished speaking, the world-destroying ax suddenly turned into a big seal.  On the seal are engraved the two characters Zhenshi.  Hanging above the nine heavens.  Heaven and earth were once again at peace.  Originally, the world that began to collapse due to the collapse of heaven has once again regained its vitality.  Furthermore, due to the fall of the four realms of immortals, demons, demons and martial arts, the world of cultivation, once again regained its vitality, and countless parts that had been scattered away due to damage to their origin began to slowly return.  It seems that it won¡¯t be long before it turns into its original appearance.  Yang Fan stood in the void, looking at the Great Seal above the Nine Heavens, tears streaming down his face uncontrollably.  "Father, don't be sad, my child, you are always alive!" When Liu Qingling, Fang Xuewei, and everyone appeared behind Yang Fan, an innocent smiling face appeared in the void, it was Yang Shengyuan.  He is smiling at everyone.  (Complete book)
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