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Text Chapter 16 The future of the future (unfinished ending)

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    Yan Chixia also came back. He brought back sixteen demon-conquerors, but they all seemed to be swordsmen in the foundation-building stage. The strongest monk was actually only in the middle stage of Nascent Soul. Everyone respected him and called him Fa.  Master Hai.  In Lanruo Temple, Chen Xiang summoned all his power, including all Transformers and three thousand Holy Fire Paladins, sixty thousand night elves, and ninety thousand martial arts knights.  Being able to stay in the Demon Suppressing Palace that was transformed by Chen Xiang.  The Black Mountain Old Demon and other ghosts were blown to pieces. The Black Mountain Old Demon itself was also severely damaged and was condensed into the monster star.  When Fahai saw him, he wanted to suppress him first, but was defeated by Chen Xiang. He obtained the technology to suppress the tower and took over Leifeng Pagoda. He took Bai Suzhen and Qing'er under his command, and Xu Xian also joined Lanruo Temple.  Fa Hai was exiled to Lu Gaoyin, and went to slay demons with the wealthy gangsters.  After the Light Golden Pagoda devoured the Leifeng Pagoda, it gained a comprehensive power system, and by absorbing the power of Andariel and her Dark Throne, Chen Xiang's physical power was quickly pushed into the Nascent Soul realm, and then brought with it  The people swept through the entire Lu Gaoyin and took the King of Pain, Dur, into the Golden Tower of Light. The Archangel Tyrell also did not let him go. He also brought him back and shaped him into a golden body, which he placed before Lan Ruo.  In the temple.  On the 15th, the gate of ghosts opened wide. Sure enough, the old demon from Black Mountain led his army. As soon as they entered Lanruo Temple, they entered the formation of the Demon Suppression Hall. One hundred thousand ghost soldiers and ghost generals met 90,000 martial arts masters.  , the old demon of Montenegro inexplicably fought with Andariel, defeated Andariel, and then dragged his exhausted body to fight with Durr, and finally fought with Tyrell, and finally fought again  It was beaten into a black crystal by Chen Xiang's Star Destroyer Gun, which was also the source of fire.  One hundred thousand ghost soldiers and ghost generals were all saved by Chen Xiang, enlightened by black crystals, and turned into small fires, all of which were spread around Lanruo Temple.  Chen Xiang returned to the real world, consumed all the power of the old Black Mountain demon, and transformed 200 million undead souls into robot fire. All of them were planted in various remaining machines in the world, deliberately re-building a full-line industrial system, and re-establishing a full-scale industrial system.  A robot society was established to restore and establish the entire real world.  After mastering everything, it was discovered that the old government on the equator originally wanted to pool all resources and build a ladder that would allow ordinary people to go directly into space and start collecting minerals from the moon and even Mars.  Enter the space age.  They are worried that human power will be consumed in internal fighting, thus missing the space development period.  Chen Xiang completely controlled the modern world and established the mechanical world.  The human soul lives in a mechanical virtual world, creating an artificial paradise.  Chen Xiang was inspired and also built a new artificial paradise in the Temple of Light.  That is, his kingdom of God.  Entering the world of Heaven's Mark, he obtained ten artifacts, and through practicing with Yu'er and Xiaoxue, he succeeded in the ninth level of the Peach Blossom Succubus Technique, which was a great achievement. Taking advantage of the Heaven's Mark to open, Chen Xiang took Yu Wentuo and Yu  Er, Xiaoxue and Gao Zhong Xu Ziling entered the Heaven's Trace together and poured all the Heaven's Trace into the Bright Temple. As soon as the Heaven's Trace opened, all the monsters rushed into the main formation of the Demon Suppressing Hall and were killed by three hundred and sixty-five  One evil star spawned monsters and killed enemies, and the others were turned into energy sources by Chen Xiang. Then he fought back all the way, rushed to the nine levels of hell, and sealed Satan in his own evil star.  Became the leader of the Demon King, and later entered the world of Journey to the West. Using the energy pillars snatched from the natural enemies, he completely pulled the planet Cybertron over, and fell to the ground to form Chenxiang's Demon Mountain. He became the Demon King of one party, and then  He replaced Li Shimin in Journey to the West with Li Shimin from The Legend of Two Dragons of the Tang Dynasty, completely controlling the overall situation of Journey to the West. At the same time, Erlang Shen completely became hostile. The two sides were not RPG teams versus teams, but strategic battles. Huaguo Mountain + Demon King Chen Xiang versus the West  Demon King + Heavenly General.  Chen Xiang finally defeated Erlang Shen by using Pudu swordsmanship and all human powers, and truly realized the great prosperity of humanity in the Conferred God War. He received the protection of Taishang Laojun and rescued his mother.  (To be continued)
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