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Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Emperor of Immortal Desolation Volume 1: Driving a long chariot to break throug LaoLvDongLai 372K 24-04-06 serializing
Xianlv Cihang Text Chapter 619: Siege of the General’s Mansio HuiFeiDeZhu 3794K 24-04-06 serializing
Death Sky Knife Text Zhu Xin’s new book! ZhuZhuZhuZhuXi 4125K 24-04-06 serializing
obliterate the sacred Text Chapter 86 Dongli (4) AXuan 3295K 24-04-06 serializing
Heavenly doctor and ghost Volume 1: Arrival in the Demonic City Chapter 11 TaKuDeXiangBin 966K 24-04-06 serializing
Book of Gods Volume 1 In the Human World Chapter 150 The Deci TianJingShaQiu 1006K 24-04-06 serializing
All things eye Volume 1: Rebirth of the Ye Family, Chapter 5: S WeiDaoChiKuang 3765K 24-04-09 serializing
Online game full-time thief Text Chapter 54: Willing to Accept Loss CheLengHan 386K 24-04-06 serializing
The strongest ghost doctor Volume 2 Anti-Japanese Medicine 076 The little b XunMengYeChen 1081K 24-04-06 serializing
My assistant is Nuwa Text Chapter 146 Happy Amusement Park YuRuiXue 1231K 24-04-06 serializing
The dominating super land man Volume 2: The Young Master in the Capital Chapte CangYueAoTian 1865K 24-04-06 serializing
Cultivation Plane Trading System Volume Three: The Holy Land of Talisman Cultivat DaShuaiFei 1608K 24-04-06 serializing
Taiping blood Volume 1: Fierce Battle in Changsha Chapter 116: BuKaiXinDeJuZi 8255K 24-04-09 serializing
Shocking Ling Yunzhi Text eunuch· LaoYan 582K 24-04-06 serializing
super soldier Chapter 3296 [Untitled] YiSiBuGou 28009K 24-04-09 serializing
Officialdom passion Volume 1 Little Police 0007 Boss Liu ErYueErShiBaRi 208K 24-04-06 serializing
Strong training system Text Notice DaShiQingLiuBu 445K 24-04-06 serializing
Peach Blossom Envoy of the Song Dynasty Chapter 416 Teasing YiJianLaYing 4838K 24-04-09 serializing
genius button Text Chapter 264: Crazy DouShiBaiDing 3287K 24-04-09 serializing
Rebirth of Virtue in the World [Volume 2 The Rise of the Dark Druid!  】【Lu Ming ShenMiao 2385K 24-04-06 serializing
The proud sword is reborn Text Final remarks BingLengTianZi 2724K 24-04-06 serializing
Medical beauty creates fragrance Text Chapter 185 Beauty Trap YeMaTianKong 2871K 24-04-09 serializing
King of Gambits Biochemical Phantom Chapter 15 Success in callin KuSeLuCha 1849K 24-04-06 serializing
Online game heavy sword Volume 1 A New Beginning Chapter 115 The New Pal XieSeXuanE 2779K 24-04-06 serializing
magic knight New Story Chapter 250 The ending is not the endi LuoJiaDaXia 2958K 24-04-06 serializing
A soul falls from the sky Text Chapter 62: Kill them all XuWeiWei 387K 24-04-06 serializing
The strongest master is in the city Text Final remarks YueXiaCaiHuaZe 3007K 24-04-06 serializing
Village officials who came to Datang Text Chapter 675: [Watch for the Wind] WuBi 6316K 24-04-09 serializing
Lord of Doom Game System Volume 2 Mercenaries Chapter 418 Fundamental Law ZeTianDaDi 2808K 24-04-06 serializing
One man s time and space smuggling empire One Person's Time and Space Smuggling Empire VIP gfan001 5598K 24-04-09 serializing
eternity Text Chapter 255: Things change TaiHuBaWang 2373K 24-04-06 serializing
Magic Gate Romance Volume Two: Troubled Times Emerge in Qijing Chap LaoQuDeChuanCh 2003K 24-04-06 serializing
Urban Demon Refining Furnace Volume 2: Peng's wings are lifted lightly to fly XueLaShuChuang 1899K 24-04-06 serializing
I am Tang Seng and his father Text Chapter 252: Battle at Mount Buddha DuoLaDeLangZai 2381K 24-04-06 serializing
My Age of Empires with Robots Text Chapter 81 Gravity Engine ZuoWangFeng 741K 24-04-06 serializing
Level 1 security Level 1 Security Volume 1 Chapter 598 Legend HaXie 5629K 24-04-06 serializing
Super top school beauty Text Chapter 40 Shocking Secret (2) LangQiaoDuanXu 226K 24-04-06 serializing
super swordsman Volume One: The First Emergence Chapter 30: The LiZiKuWeiShi 277K 24-04-06 serializing
Fairy Gourd Romance Volume 1: The Young Eagle Spreads its Wings, Epi YueXiaQingNiu 601K 24-04-06 serializing
Story of Stone Volume 1 Chapter 117 Auction (2) GuaZhouYeDu 766K 24-04-06 serializing
Royal system Text: Temple Escape XiaoSuYou 1429K 24-04-06 serializing
Ao Shi Wu Ji Text Chapter 28 The Ten Realms of Flesh Fetus! TianDeJuHuaCan 247K 24-04-06 serializing
Unparalleled Immortal Sword Text Chapter 345: I only envy mandarin ducks but NaWuMuHuo 2979K 24-04-06 serializing
Knife King System Volume 2 Mysterious Spokesperson Chapter 141 Wan NiJiang 1390K 24-04-06 serializing
Wahuang Avenue Volume 1: Infinite Germination Chapter 36: Enter YuRenJie 2472K 24-04-09 serializing
超能力文明 Text Chapter 952 Captured WenTunBaiShui 16501K 24-04-09 serializing
Full time fighting god Volume 5: Fierce Murderous Intent Chapter 1023: QiuFa 9699K 24-04-06 serializing
Resource Empire Text Chapter 686 Finale JianJiaCangCan 6178K 24-04-06 serializing
infinite evil Volume 3 Legion War Chapter 36 True Blood Breaks TouKanShuDeLan 4845K 24-04-09 serializing
The joy of rebirth Volume 17: The continuation of Rourou’s singing XieBiHuangZhan 9865K 24-04-09 serializing
Imperial Treasure Celestial Master Volume Three: Soaring to the Top Chapter 81: Gre BuHangTianXia 16937K 24-04-06 serializing
Hero of 1911 Text Chapter 793 Battle with Persia (3) HeMaSanRen 14662K 24-04-09 serializing
Rubik s Cube World Text Chapter 870 Reasons WuWeiYaoNie 21642K 24-04-09 serializing
super summon phone Volume 4 Awakening Chapter 25 The Tribulation of XieZiZui 1544K 24-04-06 serializing
Doomsday Whisper Part One Maya Maya Finale WuHuaMaShangRe 2159K 24-04-06 serializing
Rebirth of Medicine God Text Chapter 123 The Strong Man with Two Flames DaHaiBao 2440K 24-04-09 serializing
Online Game: King of Beasts Online Game: King of Beasts Volume 4: Toothless TuoErBeiEn 3623K 24-04-06 serializing
close bodyguard Volume 3: Stand up straight and be a human being LiuXiaHui 7070K 24-04-09 serializing
Emperor Demon Book Volume 1: Fallen Natural Disaster Chapter 242: DeityLengMao 4213K 24-04-06 serializing
Immortal Evil Lord Immortal Evil Lord VIP Volume (Final Chapter) In BaiShanChengXu 1873K 24-04-06 serializing
God Burial Space Volume 3 Hidden Dragon in the Abyss Chapter 117 FengZhongHeiPa 2321K 24-04-09 serializing
Almighty police Text Chapter 276: The subsequent story TianXiaYinShi 2394K 24-04-06 serializing
antique Text Chapter 464 Thanks YuanBao 4818K 24-04-06 serializing
genius police Text Chapter [289] Whatever you want to do, I wi JiuCheng 3432K 24-04-09 serializing
Urban treasure appraiser Main text Final chapter My future is not a dream JinSeHuaNian 1776K 24-04-06 serializing
Thriller Paradise Text Chapter 539 Jui Demon Island (45) SanTianLiangJi 13409K 24-04-09 serializing
Invincible God Emperor Text Chapter 127 The Crisis of the Sharp Knife YiLiHuiChenYo 2727K 24-04-09 serializing
Earth-shaking Volume 2 Rebirth Ten Thousand Years Ago Chapter ShengJiShiDeCh 1371K 24-04-06 serializing
Disdainful of the Seven Continents Volume One: Inheritance and Entering the World [ ChangShengPing 326K 24-04-06 serializing
Yuhaiguanmen Text Chapter 603 Getting closer FengZhiYi 13277K 24-04-09 serializing
Prehistoric Holy Dragon Volume Three: Taoist Preaching Chapter 29: Luo H WuWangMoWang 797K 24-04-06 serializing
call of duty artillery doctrine Volume 3, Chapter 40. Finale (Finally these thre WeiJu 2854K 24-04-06 serializing
Grassroots Prince Volume One Chapter 49 Killing a Person in Ten St HuaYuJiShi 536K 24-04-06 serializing
The Biography of Cao Ang in the Three Kingdoms Volume 1 Chapter 197 Anmin City ZhangJianBang 1922K 24-04-06 serializing
The monastic life of a small miner Text Chapter 103: Bombardment of the Capital (Pl HeiYeZhiHuang 341K 24-04-06 serializing
chinese fourth empire The Fourth Chinese Empire Piaotian Literature ww LiuLeiDeYuwyj 13758K 24-04-09 serializing
The Otaku’s King’s Treasure Text Chapter 19 The corpse group is destroyed BaoZouNongMin 207K 24-04-06 serializing
The most awesome boss in history About Cultivation Spirit Beast ChangHun 286K 24-04-06 serializing
Ghostly Heaven Text Chapter 33 The Silent Village (End) AiYOOWang 1473K 24-04-09 serializing
Yanwujue Episode 2 Qingtian Town Chapter 33 [Come to the ShangGuanBaiLo 269K 24-04-06 serializing
My lord Emei  the great master The Wind Rises in Shu Mountain Chapter 92 Even t GuiDaoCanBing 630K 24-04-06 serializing
police route Volume 2: Captain of the Serious Cases Final Spe ErYueErShiBaRi 4161K 24-04-06 serializing
Immortal dragon body Text Chapter 160 Chase TuoTuoz 1556K 24-04-06 serializing
Hillbilly Interstellar Colonization Volume One Dou Qi Magic Chapter 398 Improving Yo ShaoShiYi 2637K 24-04-06 serializing
Enhanced invincibility from another world Volume 1 36 Jinsha Cave SanGeMaJia 225K 24-04-06 serializing
Absolutely stiff Episode 3: A Hundred Years of Dreams Chapter 2: Cena 269K 24-04-06 serializing
Good men in the Song Dynasty Text Chapter 172 The Future BanXianSuanMin 1628K 24-04-06 serializing
Capital Datang Text Chapter 147 Building a Military Academy BeiMingLaoYu 8508K 24-04-09 serializing
Sexy and sexy Volume 1: Great changes in the mountainous count HuanHu 891K 24-04-06 serializing
A leisurely city for solo travelers Volume 5: Young Master Fang’s Age of Discovery GeiNinTianMoGu 3361K 24-04-06 serializing
Evil Saint Reborn Volume 2: Battle with Xiliang Chapter 338: The E YaoWu 6194K 24-04-10 serializing
side doctor left prime minister Volume 1 647, Independent Kingdom PingShanSanRen 6531K 24-04-06 serializing
The last immortal cultivator on earth Text Chapter 1182 Progress TianDao1983 12956K 24-04-06 serializing
The happy life of a land lord The Happy Life of the Land Lord 0222, Zhengyi HengDianLaoSan 1774K 24-04-06 serializing
Online game Shadow Assassin Text Chapter 018: Spider King BOSS (please recom ZhuanDaXiaoPen 3715K 24-04-09 serializing
Online game: Blood Bull Mage Text Final Chapter The Legendary Outline Escape DongFangWu 1700K 24-04-06 serializing
Carry a fountain with you Text Chapter 364 Native Ginseng WoYaoDeShiHuLu 5370K 24-04-09 serializing
Sky Arrow The arrow from the sky turns into a dragon when AnQing 4757K 24-04-06 serializing
Online game Xianxia Text Final remarks GuaZiLian 2542K 24-04-06 serializing
armor Text Chapter 395 Finale WuYe 2856K 24-04-06 serializing