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Volume 1 The Arrival of the System Chapter 172 Auction (Part 1)

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    But what really caught Chu Chen's attention was not the young man in white, but the seemingly ordinary old man in gray clothes.  Because with Chu Chen's current strength, he couldn't see the depth of this old man. He seemed to be just an ordinary person without cultivation. But how could he be an ordinary person who could enter here? This made Chu Chen feel a little scared.  You must know that with his current strength, it can be said that he is already invincible in the Holy Domain. There is actually someone who can hide it from his eyes and ears. This shows that this person is not simple. Even if he is not a strong man in the Holy Domain, he is at least on the same level as him.  In other words, this person is also an extremely powerful person.  This discovery immediately shocked Chu Chen, and at the same time he became more and more interested. What kind of treasure appeared in Black Dragon Hill this time was actually able to alarm a strong man of this level!  And it seems that this old man is just the servant of the young man in white, so the identity of this young man in white has to be elusive. A young man who can make a strong man willing to be a servant has a family background that can be imagined.  But he didn¡¯t know which of the powerful saints in the ancient battlefield he would be the descendant of. Chu Chen looked at the young man in white and the old man behind him thoughtfully.  Perhaps sensing Chu Chen's gaze, the withered old man in gray clothes who seemed to be sleeping suddenly opened his eyes. A sharp light like a sword flashed through his turbid eyes. He glanced at Chu Chen, and Chu Chen was immediately stunned.  Chen felt like being pierced by a steel needle, a burning sensation.  Immediately, the eyes of both parties met involuntarily. It was only for a moment, but the void seemed to spark lightning.  Both of their bodies couldn't help but trembled.  ¡°Then the two of them withdrew their gazes in a tacit understanding. Although the time was short, for experts, they can know everything they want. Both sides can clearly feel the power of the other, and fear flashes in their hearts.  "Brother Chu, what's wrong with you?!" Lisa seemed to feel Chu Chen's strangeness and asked with concern.  "It's okay, I just feel that we came here at the right time." A strange light flashed in Chu Chen's eyes, and he continued: "Lisa. I have a feeling that the auction later will not be that simple. Once things change, you should return first.  Beast King City, wait for me to come back!" "But, Brother Chu" Lisa, Gore and others.  Hearing this, he thought Chu Chen was going to leave them behind and take risks on his own again.  Suddenly there was a hint of anxiety on his face.  "Don't worry too much. I'm just in case, maybe I'm just overthinking it." When Chu Chen saw this, he quickly explained that it had been since the last separation.  Chu Chen felt that Gore and the others wanted to tie him to them all the time. Although they did so because they were worried about what might happen to them. They lacked their own help and could not leave the ancient battlefield, but seeing their concerned and anxious expressions  , Chu Chen¡¯s heart is still warm.  Gore and Lisa breathed a sigh of relief, looked at each other, and then nodded.  "Mr. Zhao, what's wrong with you? Did you find anything?" On the other side, the young man in white seemed to have noticed something strange about the old man in gray, and asked the old man.  "Master Yu, that young man is not simple. He just looked at me and it actually sent chills down my spine. He is very strong. Even I am not sure of winning against him. What if something happens later?  "Master, please don't provoke him alone!" The old man in gray glanced at Chu Chen with a fearful expression and said to the young man in white.  "Oh? There is such a thing. Who is the other party? Which one of the kings is he descended from? Mr. Zhao is a strong man who has one foot in the holy realm. Could it be that the other party is not the same?!" The boy in white first said  Surprised, he immediately looked at Chu Chen and his group with interested eyes.  But when he saw Lisa sitting in the middle, his playful eyes suddenly turned hot. The two scantily clad women beside him who were tired of him were also pushed away by him and looked directly at Lisa.  , as if he wanted to swallow Lisa.  "The best, really the best. I didn't expect to meet such a best this time. If I couldn't kiss Fangze, wouldn't it be a great regret in life" As he said that, the young man in white even wanted to stand up involuntarily and faced this person.  Come along.  "Master Yu, I advise you to stay calm and don't forget the purpose of our coming out this time. I said that the other party is not easy to mess with. Don't let the small things cost you. If the young master can wish me more,  , Dedicate it to the ancestor. If you want anything, the ancestor cannot give it to you. " " If you don't get the thing because of your recklessness, you will be blamed by the ancestor, but it is not worth it. " " The old man saw the actions of the boy in white.  , with a trace of disdain in his eyes, he warned in a sinister tone.  Known as Young Master Jade?The boy in white suddenly felt embarrassed when he heard this. He couldn't stand or sit, but he seemed to be very afraid of the old man in gray. Although unwillingness and shame flashed in his eyes, he just groaned and sat down.  , sulking and not daring to say anything more.  Seeing that Master Yu had calmed down, the old man in gray clothes stopped saying anything and closed his eyes again.  "Hey, another strong person appears?!" After Chu Chen sat in his seat and waited for a while, a few more people sat on the right side of the front seat.  The leader was a middle-aged red-faced man wearing a black warrior uniform. Although his face was thin, his eyes were extremely sharp. As soon as he entered the auction house, a powerful wave of power suddenly emerged. At least it was the perfect state of a great martial artist.  .  Although his strength is not as good as his own or that of the old man in gray next to the young man in white, but coupled with the fact that there are three or four other late-stage martial arts masters around him, or even perfect martial artists, the overall strength is no worse than Chu Chen.  "They are from Tianjian City!" Gore glanced at them and said suddenly.  "Tianjian City? Do you know them?" "No, look at the golden sword-shaped patterns embroidered on the chests of their clothes. That is the standard of Tianjian City." It seemed that Chu Chen was very fond of Tianjian City.  Strange, Gore continued: "Tianjian City is a big force on the fifth-level battlefield. You must know that the fifth-level battlefield is the most vast one among the ancient battlefields. The strong men on this level are compared with those on other levels.  There are more layers. This Tianjian City is where the Tianjian Sword Master is!" "I didn't expect them to come here. It seems that things are indeed more complicated than we thought. We don't know what will appear in Black Dragon Qiu this time.  The powerful people who came to the Holy Realm actually had their things, so they sent someone to check." After Gore saw the powerful people from Tianjian City appearing, all kinds of worries flashed in his eyes.  "It's not just Tianjian City. Look at the man in a black cloak against the wall on the right behind us, the fat man standing in the crowd on the side of us, and those few who are looking around like thieves.  Guys, and finally the old man in gray in front, none of these people are simple people, and the weakest ones are no worse than you!" After Chu Chen quickly scanned the entire auction house, he shouted to several people.  vocal channel.  (To be continued)
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