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Text Mr. 36.k

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    Rumble, rumble.  The slow movement of the Roshan Mountain produced a shocking sound. The ground beneath my feet became more and more violent. Some high-rise buildings were already shaking very obviously. Outside the city that I could see, the huge Roshan Mountains were connected to each other, and they were shadowed in the darkness.  The ground is like a city wall.  ????????????????????????????????????????????????¡­  Lu Jia¡¯s sense of direction is average. Just looking at a map is not enough to find the correct path. Fortunately, the size of this city is not very huge.  He ran fast and soon left the range where the mountains of meat kept appearing, but he knew that he couldn't slow down.  Lu Jia understood that at this time, there must be someone who had already figured it out and was doing the same thing as him.  There are a total of twenty hunters in the hunting ground. Not all of them can realize this.  "Tap, tap, tap" As he passed a street, a series of sudden footsteps made Lu Jiayou stop. He hid his figure and saw a person running staggeringly in the path on the other side.  The wretched posture and violent breathing told Lu Jia that this person did not notice everything around him.  This is of course a very unprofessional behavior and will cause those fleeing to ignore dangers in other directions.  It¡¯s like the sound of Lu Jia¡¯s footsteps while running. Although he deliberately suppressed it, people who concentrate can still hear it.  When Lu Jia raised the gun, the man turned his head. Under the dim light, an Asian face was blurred. The moment he saw the muzzle of the gun, he showed an expression of panic and fear.  The moment Lu Jia pulled the trigger, the target rolled at the same time.  Death coil.  The gray fog wrapped around his hands and feet, and the man was stiff. Because of his early dodge, the bullet opened a hole in his back.  Seeing Lu Jia approaching, he yelled: "Wait! Don't kill me! Don't kill me! We can cooperate!" "No sincerity at all." Lu Jia pulled the trigger.  After running with injuries for so long, the healing items on your body must have been used up, and carrying them around is just a burden.  Cooperation requires capital.  There was a cave in the middle of the forehead. The hunter fell softly to the ground. The light on the body quickly condensed, and a power crystal condensed. Lu Jiafang picked up the crystal. Suddenly, there was a warning sign in his nerves. There was a breeze behind him, and the ground moved silently.  There was a gaping hole.  The three people appeared on the street corner a hundred meters away at some unknown time, with three unclear faces and six eager eyes staring at Lu Jia.  Ambushis the pursuer.  "Scaro, your moves are too crooked." The blond hunter in the middle of the three tilted his head and said in a teasing tone: "Look, people can avoid it so easily." "Sorry, Mr. K, this  It's my fault." The person who was taught the lesson smiled humbly.  "Boss K, this man reacts very quickly, and he doesn't appear to be injured." Another person tilted his head: "Should we let him join the gang?" "Huh?" The person in the center stared at the street with interest.  Lujia at the end.  Lu Jia felt a sense of surprise in his heart. He found that the relationship between the three people was very strange. The two people next to him had great respect for Mr. K in the middle. This kind of respect was not like Jim's respect for Ivan, who always said "Ivan is the boss".  In fact, there is no respect at all in the heart, but a respect and obedience that comes from the heart.  This can be seen when the three of them are walking - the two people next to them follow the person in the middle at first, but when Lu Jia turns around, the two of them take a step forward and act like a guard.  The posture blocked the person in the middle.  This shows that their respect for Mr. K is not hypocritical, but at least partially true.  The reason is not difficult to guess, that is, the person codenamed Mr. K must have used some method to convince them.  This was enough to surprise Lu Jia.  The rules of the hunting ground determine that the people here will never get along well with each other. Being able to do this only shows that the person called Boss K has enough capital.  Lu Jia's expression instantly became solemn, staring at the three people's steps forward.  6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1stop.  When Lu Jia's spirit reached the critical level, the person in the center stopped and smiled at Lu Jia: "Friend, let me introduce myself. My code name is Mr. K. I am a C2 level hunter. I have been exposed to the hunting ground.  There were fifty-two hunts in three years." At this time, Lu Jia could see Mr. K's face, a face of about thirty years old, palm-colored hair, and a very handsome face.Hehe makes people feel like a white-collar worker in the company, but the way he talks is like a senior leader of the department. He is not domineering, but it can easily make people feel inexplicably inferior: "I don't know if you are interested."  Join us? ¡± C2 level hunter!  Survivor of fifty-two hunts.  Speaking of his qualifications unabashedly, Lu Jia narrowed his eyes: "You just attacked me." "You should know how difficult it is to survive in the hunting ground" Mr. K smiled: "We just obeyed.  His rules are only survival of the fittest, and you are qualified now. Follow me and prove that you are qualified to survive. " "What if you don't?" "That's your own destruction, my friend," said the person on the left who just launched the attack.  He looked to be in his early twenties and had a very out-of-the-box temperament: "Hey, we are all rookies, how can we wait until we don't hug each other at this time?" "There should be four of you." Lu Jia glanced at him: "  Don't ask me why I know this. As soon as you reveal your identity, Mr. K, there should be many people trying to follow you. But what about the other one? Let me guess, he must have been eliminated by you or  "He looked down at the body on the ground: "Is this the gentleman?" Mr. K's expression darkened: "Friend, you have to look at the situation clearly." "The situation requires me to say 'No'.  A cold light flashed in Jia's eyes.  "You are looking for death!" A phantom flew out of Skarlo's hand and rolled towards Lu Jia in a strange arc. The moment it approached Lu Jia, the phantom turned into a whistling whirlwind, with a shrill sound, like  The ghost screams.  "Skill Appraisal: Kamitachi, Oriental Spell Series, Strength D1, Destructive Power: 220." Lu Jia kicked up the corpse on the ground and retreated quickly. The kicked body was cut into two pieces by Kamitatsu in the air. Mr. K three times  People quickly chased him, and at this moment, the body that was cut in two suddenly opened its eyes and suddenly hugged Mr. K.  This strange change surprised everyone. Mr. K suddenly dodged, and the half of his body was hugged to the last person. He bit hard with a big mouth full of blood, and his teeth sank into the neck.  The blood spattered and the man screamed. Mr. K reacted quickly and hit the face of the corpse with a punch. The huge force exploded on the face of the corpse. Dozens of teeth flew out in an instant and sunk deeply into the side.  on the wall.  Mr. K is a C2 level veteran. In addition to his superpowers, his body has also been strengthened to a considerable extent. The power of this punch can be compared with that of a large hammer swinging at full speed. The strength value is determined by Lu Jia  The board showed a staggering 230 points, which was already twice the limit of human beings.  However, the dead body with its face smashed still did not stop. Instead, it continued to spread its hands and clasped the unfortunate guy's neck fiercely. The chin that had been knocked off was clanging, and it continued to knock the neck.  A pair of gray eyes stared at the man, completely devoid of any emotion.  Tomb¡¤living corpse.  After seeing clearly the identification results written on the panel, Mr. K cursed secretly, and with a strong tug, he threw the living corpse to the ground. However, Lu Jia had already run away, and Ska Luo behind him was still reluctant to let go.  , his speed was extremely fast, and he was instantly in front of Lu Jia.
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