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Chapter 5069 Xiqi Mountain

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    "What did God Hongwu tell you?" Master Cang Xiao asked curiously on the way back.  "I didn't say anything. I just reminded me to be careful. There are many heavenly gods who come to look for the Tianzhen Tower. They are powerful and not easy to mess with." Lu Tianyu said.  "It sounds like God Hongwu is quite concerned about you!" Master Cang Xiao said in a solemn voice.  "God Hongwu is indeed very concerned about me, maybe because he is from Shura Continent!" Lu Tianyu also felt that God Hongwu was too concerned about him, and he didn't know the reason.  But no matter what, God Hongwu was sincere in his concern for him, and Lu Tianyu was very grateful to him for this.  "Then what are you going to do next?" Master Cang Xiao asked.  "Continue to look for the Tianzhen Tower, and I will still do what I promised Palace Master Aolie." Lu Tianyu said.  He will not give up on the loyalties entrusted by others because of fear. Of course, he will not rely on his own power to deal with the gods and be arrogant and ignorant, ignore the power gap between himself and the gods of the heavens, and forcibly interfere in the affairs of the gods of the heavens.  .  "If we stay here for a while, if we don't gain anything, we will prepare to leave here!" Lu Tianyu has asked President Situ to help find out the whereabouts of the Jinmao Fox, but so far there has been no gain.  If there is nothing to gain, he will consider leaving here.  After all, he can't stay here forever.  Master Cang Xiao nodded when he heard this. He supported all the decisions made by Lu Tianyu.  ¡­ ¡°Little friend Lu, you are finally back.¡± As he spoke, Lu Tianyu and the others had returned to the Qi Refiners Guild in Miecha City.  Situ Sheng was standing here. When he saw Lu Tianyu and the others coming back, he hurriedly greeted them.  Lu Tianyu saw the anxious look on his face and asked subconsciously: "What's wrong? President Situ." "I have learned something about the person you asked me to check." Situ Sheng said.  Lu Tianyu said happily: "Oh? Where is it?" "Xiqi Mountain!" Situ Sheng slowly spit out three words.  "Where is Xiqi Mountain?" Lu Tianyu asked curiously.  "Xiqi Mountain is thousands of miles away from Miecha City. It is a famous nearby mountain range. It was once the training place of the predecessor, the Great Sage Xiqi. There are still the training caves and the earth center of the Great Sage Xiqi.  Therefore, it has always been a must-go place for monks who come to destroy the city A few days ago, little friend Lu asked me to help find a strange Qi practitioner, so I sent people to pay attention there. Unexpectedly, I actually got something. Today, the disciple came  Report, saying that there have been a few weird qi masters there recently. "How many?" Lu Tianyu couldn't help but interrupt Situ Sheng.  Situ Sheng nodded and said: "That's right, a few! According to the reports of the disciples, these qi refining masters are not high in qi refining, but they are very strong in qi refining. However, the qi refining masters at the apprentice level can make masters."  The level of elixir is very strange, and they have not come to our Qi Refining Masters Guild to appraise their cultivation. My disciples found it strange, so they came back to report" "Although these doubtful Qi Refining Masters have nothing to do with Lu Xiaoyou,  The people I was asked to find are somewhat inconsistent, but I think their Qi training skills are very strange, and the person behind them must be related to the person Lu Xiaoyou said," Situ Sheng guessed.  His guess is somewhat reasonable. When Lu Tianyu asked Situ Sheng to find someone before, he said that Jin Maohu did not have Qi training skills, but she had the Sky Suppressing Tower and could control the Sky Suppressing Tower to refine Xuan Weapons.  Therefore, strictly speaking, she is not a Qi Refiner.  The same was true for the disciples Situ Sheng's disciples found in Xiqi Mountain, so he felt that these people were related to the Jinmao Fox.  "We will go to Xiqi Mountain immediately." Lu Tianyu decided to go to Xiqi Mountain after thinking for a moment.  "I'll take you there." Situ Sheng said.  Lu Tianyu was stunned and said: "President Situ is going too? Don't you need to worry about the Qi Refiners Guild?" "Just leave the Qi Refiners Guild to the vice-president. Besides, Xiqi Mountain is not far from here.  It won¡¯t take much time. If something happens, I¡¯ll be right back.¡± Going out to practice with seniors like Lu Tianyu and Master Cang Xiao is a rare opportunity. How could Master Cang Xiao not seize it?  Of course, it is impossible to just wait at the Qi Refining Masters Guild.  "Okay, let's go together!" Lu Tianyu saw what Situ Sheng was thinking, but did not refuse him. He didn't know much about Xiqi Mountain, and he really needed someone who knew him to follow him.  The group of people immediately headed to Xiqi Mountain.  "The Great Sage Xiqi can be regarded as the most powerful senior master near our Miecha City. It is said that he was born with cultivation, and after practicing for hundreds of years, he will have the strength of a saint"  On the way to Xiqi Mountain, Lu Tianyu asked about the Great Sage Xiqi, and Situ Sheng started talking about it.  "A saint has the strength within a hundred years?" Lu Tianyu was a little surprised when he heard this. If it is true what Situ Sheng said, then this Great Sage Xiqi is indeed not simple.  After all, many people may not be able to cultivate to the level of a saint in their lifetime.  "Yes! The Great Sage Xiqi is a born monk. We once suspected that he was a god from heaven, because no one knows who his parents are until now The Great Sage Xiqi is also an extremely good warrior!  He lived hundreds of millions of years ago. At that time, Xiqi Mountain, including Miecha City, was still wild and infested with many evil beasts and demons. The humans living here were often harassed by them and could not make a living.  , and took action to drive away these evil beasts and demons! " "The Great Sage Xiqi has experienced countless battles, large and small, among which the most classic and famous battle is the battle with the divine beast Fire Phoenix.  "Situ Sheng said calmly.  Lu Tianyu was stunned when he heard this and said: "With the mythical beast Fire Phoenix? Can you elaborate on it?" He had the fire phoenix flames on his body, so naturally he was particularly curious about this matter.  Situ Sheng didn't know the reason. He smiled and nodded when he heard this, and then continued: "The Great Sage Xiqi killed evil beasts and drove away countless demons for the nearby human race. Naturally, he attracted the support of the human race here, and he became  The holy king is famous far and wide, but the evil beasts and demons who were expelled were also unwilling to accept it, so they looked for the fire phoenix of Wutong Mountain. " "This fire phoenix is ??a fire that was expelled from the heaven.  The phoenix was known as the evil wind because of its violent personality and often wreaked havoc on innocent people. Everyone within a million miles knew about it. After it received calls for help from those demons, it issued a message asking the Holy King to come to his door, otherwise he would be killed.  Massacre all the races within a hundred thousand miles of the city, regardless of the monks or the common people!" "When Saint King Xiqi learned about this, he was naturally extremely angry and went directly to the Fire Phoenix Cave in Wutong Mountain to find the fire phoenix. The two sides met!  After they got together, the war started. The war lasted for a full hundred years" "A hundred years!" Lu Tianyu was surprised. The war that lasted for a hundred years was almost a scale that only an emperor could achieve!  "That's right! The battle between Zhang and Zun was indeed no less than the battle between Emperor Zun, because Holy King Xiqi was a born Holy King, and although Evil Phoenix was evil, it was a real divine beast. Needless to say, they were so powerful!  It is no exaggeration to say that the battle was the Emperor Zun War! The century-old battle also caused fundamental changes in the vicinity of Xiqi Mountain and Wutong Mountain!  Wutong Mountain, where he lived, was in ruins, and only a ruin remains. " "In the next million years, the spiritual energy of Wutong Mountain and Xiqi Mountain for millions of miles was exhausted, and no grass grew, and humans and animals stayed away.  , It can be called a desperate situation. If it had not been through the vicissitudes of life, I am afraid that Miecha City would not exist now." Situ Sheng sighed. Later generations did not experience that war, but from various ancient books.  Judging from the war relics, legends, and war relics that can be found from time to time, the thrills and grandeur of the war are beyond description in words.  ¡°The situation he is talking about now is probably less than one-tenth of the situation back then.  Because the record of that year in ancient books is "a war between man and beast caused great changes!" This shows how powerful the war was.  "Who won the battle in the end?" Kunlun asked curiously.  Situ Sheng shook his head slightly: "I don't know. After that battle, the Great Sage Xiqi and the Fire Phoenix disappeared together and never appeared again." "Oh" Kunlun was a little disappointed, turned to look at Lu Tianyu and said: "Master  Who do you think will win, Great Sage Xiqi or Huo Feng?" "What do you think?" Lu Tianyu asked with a smile.  "It should be the fire phoenix! The fire phoenix is ??a true divine beast, but Saint King Naxiqi is only a great sage at most. Even if the great sage has the strength of an emperor, he is not an emperor after all. It should be impossible to defeat the divine beast." Kunlun guessed.  said.  "I think Holy King Xiqi may be the last saint. As little friend Kunlun said, the Fire Phoenix is ??the real divine beast and Holy King  A hundred years of fighting is already a victory in itself, but the final result is not important anymore," Situ Sheng said.  His words are also quite reasonable. The status of the divine beast in the world of monsters and beasts is equal to that of the emperor. Even if it is weak, it is stronger than the saint. If Holy King Xiqi can fight against it with the cultivation level of the saint, he has indeed won.  "Just like if Lu Tianyu fights Huofeng now, even if he loses, who will say that he is weak?  "What you said actually makes sense." Lu Tianyu said with a smile at this time: "Both Saint King Xiqi and Huo Feng have disappeared, so any assumptions are??It's possible, we don't need to worry about the final result.  Of course, if we have to say it, for future generations, the Great Sage Xiqi must have won, because the Fire Phoenix has not come out to cause trouble to the mainland monks since then!  " "That's true!  "Kunlun nodded. "Indeed, judging from the result, the Fire Phoenix never appeared again, which means that the goal of Holy King Xiqi was achieved, and the winner can naturally be said to be Holy King Xiqi. "Actually, is there anything wrong?  Few people think that Holy King Xiqi is still alive, and even Fire Phoenix is ??still alive"
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