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Text Chapter 1890 Battle against the Golden Spirit Puppet King!

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    Chapter 1890 Battle against the Golden Spirit Puppet King!

    In fact, needless to say, Shen Tianyi, everyone also saw the strength of this big guy.  Even with Shen Tianyi's strength, he was knocked away by a punch and even vomited blood from his mouth. How could he not be strong?

    However, after everyone saw that Shen Tianyi was fine, they still looked solemnly at the huge thing that was slowly walking out of the void!

    "Following the giant fist that broke out of the void was a foot. The foot was as big as a sled. There was a loud bang when it hit the ground, and visible cracks spread out, which showed how terrifying its power was!


    Another foot landed on the ground, and then another giant fist and a head that was the same as the previous Golden Spirit Puppet also poked out of the void. In addition to being several times bigger, the head also had two more golden and fierce eyes!

    "Those who trespass into Cangshan Mountain will be killed without mercy!" A cold and fierce shout came from the mouth of the huge golden spirit puppet king.  The entire huge body also completely moved out of the void and appeared in everyone's sight.

    The appearance of this Golden Spirit Puppet King, with a depressing aura, actually made everyone forget to attack for a moment, and just watched him completely walk out of the void with their mouths wide open!

    "Everyone, be careful. This big guy only has the strength of the late Zifu Realm's peak! The strength is extremely terrifying! And he is very intelligent. If we don't handle it well, I'm afraid we may all fall here!" Shen Tianyi was the first to reply.  The god came over, shouted in a deep voice, and the next moment, he sacrificed the Heaven-Splitting Dharma Body without hesitation!  That height suddenly increased to about two and a half meters!  But even so, he is still nearly two meters shorter than the Jinling Puppet King!

    At the same time, other people also returned to their states one after another, displaying their strongest fighting state!

    What Hua Mingxue used was undoubtedly his body of the God of Wind. At the same time, a cyan moon-shaped wind blade appeared in his hand. Although this moon-shaped wind blade was not a physical magic weapon, it was made of his own most refined weapon.  It is formed by the pure power of the wind god, and its cutting power is amazing!

    "Jiwu Fengxuan! Go!" Hua Weixue shouted coldly, with shocking murderous intent. The moon-shaped wind blade in his hand came out and started to spin towards the puppet king!

    Lu Tianli made a stroke with Fang Tianhua's halberd in his hand, and there was a buzzing sound. The tip of the halberd had a mysterious arc and hit the ground. Suddenly, a burst of energy rushed into the ground and attacked the Jinling Puppet King from the underground!

    Yan Baichuan and a group of Yulong Sect disciples formed a killing formation with tacit understanding. When the spiritual power of the ten people merged, a huge bloody dragon shadow emerged. The four sharp claws were as sharp as real.  With bursts of terrifying dragon roars, the bloody dragon shadow also rushed to the Golden Spirit Puppet King!

    Among the crowd, Dai Rui was sitting cross-legged and motionless, but the soil around him was constantly squirming, as if something was surging in the ground.

    However, at this moment, everyone has no time to pay attention to Dai Rui, and all their energy is focused on killing the Golden Spirit Puppet King!


    When the huge golden spirit puppet king saw the many attacks coming, he just snorted without fear. The one that attacked him the fastest was the moon-shaped wind blade of Hua Crying Blood. The wind blade rotated rapidly, with a terrifying sound.  The cutting power is like breaking nothing!  But the Golden Spirit Puppet King just punched the moon-shaped wind blade!


    With one punch, Hua Xue's body was shaken violently, and a mouthful of blood spit out. The moon-shaped wind blade was also blasted away by the Golden Spirit Puppet King's punch!  The Golden Spirit Puppet King's right fist only left a mark about three inches deep, but soon, the mark was filled up by the power of the Golden Spirit and restored to its original state!

    Nearly at the same time, the Golden Spirit Puppet King stamped his foot, and Lu Tianli's attack was also exploded by it. The only effect of Lu Tianli's attack was to cause dust to fly!


    The bloody dragon shadow finally came from behind, its roaring dragon head and sharp claws, biting and clawing at the Golden Spirit Puppet King!

    "How can I, the Golden Spirit Puppet King, be hurt by your attacks like this! Huh! Humans, just die here!" The Golden Spirit Puppet King shouted, and two golden beams suddenly shot out from his golden eyes.  The light blast hit the blood dragon's head, and his two giant fists hit the blood dragon's two front paws!

    After Shen Tianyi sacrificed the Sky-Splitting Body, he didn't move. He just held the Vulcan Spear in his hand, looking for an opportunity to kill with one strike!  At this moment, the Golden Spirit Puppet King launches three attacks simultaneously, and it is the time when he loses his defense!  So Shen Tianyi moved!

    Kowloon is chasing electricity!

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Shen Tianyi's figure is under two hundred times gravity.  His figure is still as fast as a phantom!  The Vulcan Spear in his hand was also entwined with the power of three flames and pierced directly into the heart of the Golden Spirit Puppet King!


    ??At this moment, when the golden light bursting out from the puppet king's eyes was about to hit the blood dragon's head, the blood dragon suddenly opened its mouth and spat out, and a round blood-colored energy ball, as big as a football, exploded out.  The golden light of the Puppet King directly exploded against each other!

    The two dragon claws were also extremely sensitive under the control of Yan Baichuan and others. They did not give the Jin Ling Puppet King a chance to hit him head-on. Instead, they dexterously dodged and clawed. Each claw fell on the Jin Ling Puppet King.  A large amount of golden spirit power will be carried away from the body!

    "good chance!"

    Shen Tianyi, who had quickly arrived in front of the Golden Spirit Puppet King, his eyes brightened when he saw the Puppet King being restrained by the blood dragon. The Vulcan Spear in his hand, in addition to the power of the three flames, was so fierce that it was filled with ferocity.  The power of splitting the sky is coming!


    Shen Tianyi's eyes flashed sharply, and the Vulcan Spear in his hand burst out!


    The sharp and hot spear tip pierced the heart of the Golden Spirit Puppet King fiercely. Although there was resistance like piercing gold and iron, under the blessing of high temperature, sharpness, and overbearing brute force, the spear tip was still fast.  It pierced the heart of the Golden Spirit Puppet King!


    His heart was pierced, and the Golden Spirit Puppet King suddenly let out a furious roar. The two giant fists that were originally entangled in the dragon's claws suddenly slammed down on Shen Tianyi's head.  !

    "The heart was pierced, but it couldn't kill it!" Shen Tianyi screamed in shock and anger, and quickly let go of the Vulcan Spear, clenched both fists, and raised it high!  At this moment, he wanted to get away, but it was too late!  The speed of this Golden Spirit Puppet King seems not to be affected by gravity at all, and its attack speed is incredibly fast!  If Shen Tianyi hadn't reacted quickly enough, his head would have been smashed!

    "Collapse Heaven Fist Seal!"

    The fierce power of splitting the sky was poured into his fists. Shen Tianyi bit his teeth and had a head-on collision with the fists of the Golden Spirit Puppet King!  He wanted to see how powerful this Golden Spirit Puppet King was!

    Boom boom!

    The four fists collided, and a terrifying wave of air suddenly opened up, directly knocking away the blood dragons above who were trying to pounce. At the same time, there were also second rounds of attacks from Hua Mingxue, Lu Tianli, Wang Chong and others.  , all of them were destroyed by the fluctuations of the terrifying air waves!


    Everyone was stunned!

    ¡°I didn¡¯t expect that just the aftermath of the confrontation between the Golden Spirit Puppet King and Shen Tianyi¡¯s fists would be so terrifying, then

    "Brother Shen!"

    Yan Baichuan and others all shrank their eyes, because half of Shen Tianyi's body had been smashed into the ground!  As for Shen Tianyi himself, blood was constantly overflowing from his mouth, his face was extremely purple, and his fists that were still colliding with the Golden Spirit Puppet King were trembling right down to the roots of his arms!

    Shen Tianyi knew that he was careless.  The power of the Golden Spirit Puppet King, who is at the peak of his power in the later stage of the Purple Mansion Realm, is too terrifying. Even though his strength has improved a lot, he still suffers a huge loss from a head-on confrontation with such a powerful being!

    Shen Tianyi gritted his teeth and tried his best to support the Jin Ling Puppet King's fists with both fists, not daring to relax at all!  If he relaxes, his head may burst apart the next moment!

    "Hurry up and attack! Rescue Brother Shen!"

    Yan Baichuan shouted loudly, and then together with the other nine masters of Yulong Sect, they all changed their handprints!  Hua Mingxue, Lu Tianli, and Wang Chong also quickly gathered the third attack and launched it fiercely!

    "The Way to the Dragon!"

    "The Wrath of the Wind God!"

    "Huntian Halberd!"

    "The hammer that opens the mountain!"


    The bloody dragon soared into the sky, then roared and swooped down. Under two hundred times the gravity, although the dragon shadow rose slowly, the swooping force was as fast as thunder and lightning, slamming into the golden dragon.  The head of the Spirit Puppet King!  And almost at the same time, a cyan figure formed by the power of the Wind God, also holding a moon-shaped wind blade, appeared next to the Golden Spirit Puppet King. The blade cut down with a cutting force that was enough to cut open the master of the Purple Mansion Realm.  With great force, he angrily slashed at the neck of the Golden Spirit Puppet King!


    A long halberd and a heavy hammer also hit the main body of the Jin Ling Puppet King one after another!

    At this moment, almost everyone unleashed their true trump card skills. Every move would normally be enough to fight or even kill someone in the Purple Mansion Realm!  But at this moment, what they faced was the puppet king who was at the peak of his power in the late Zifu realm!

    Puppet without spiritual intelligence is easy to deal with, but the puppet king who has upgraded spiritual intelligence is almost the same as the real Zi Mansion except that he has no soul.?There is no difference between the late-stage peak powerhouses!

    Seeing the numerous killing moves coming, the golden eyes of the Golden Spirit Puppet King were filled with anger as if on fire. He roared loudly, and with a sudden bang, the extremely violent power of the Golden Spirit burst out from its body.  Come, the power of the golden spirit spreads out from his body like a strong wind, blocking everyone's attacks!  The energy body of Fengshen, which was crying like a flower, exploded directly under the impact of the power of the golden spirit!  Lu Tianli's halberd and Wang Chong's heavy hammer were directly blasted away. Only the blood dragon above could barely withstand the impact of the wind-like golden spirit power and was not directly exploded.  But he couldn¡¯t get close to the Golden Spirit Puppet King for a while!

    This scene made everyone pale!

    Shen Tianyi's face was also uglier than ever before. Looking at the downcast eyes of the Golden Spirit Puppet King, filled with murderous intent, Shen Tianyi gritted his teeth and shouted angrily: "Vulcan Spear, turn into a demon!"


    The fire god spear that was originally inserted into the heart of the Golden Spirit Puppet King suddenly buzzed and turned into a flame giant!  The flame giant's huge body was only one size smaller than the Golden Spirit Puppet King. As soon as it appeared, it punched the Puppet King's arms hard!

    Boom!  boom!

    The moment the Jin Ling Puppet King¡¯s arms were hit, Shen Tianyi suddenly retracted his fists and smashed them against the ground. Then his whole body jumped out of the ground and quickly retreated away!

    At the same time, Dai Rui, who had always looked anxious, finally opened his eyes and raised his palms. Following his gesture, layers of golden beetles burst out of the ground. The number of beetles  , there are actually hundreds of them, and the aura of each beetle has reached the peak of the late stage of the Condensation Realm!

    PS: This chapter has reached 3,300 words without me realizing it!  It¡¯s hard to contain the words ¡°War¡±, so I¡¯ll give it to you all, haha!  Tomorrow is the last day of the third update. Although I am tired, I will do what I say!
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