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Chapter 595 Weird (End) (41/62)

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    Seeing this situation, Meng Zitao and the army were both horrified. They didn't expect this thing to be so powerful. It seemed to be even more powerful than the terrifying black fish before. They couldn't deal with it at all.

    Originally, Meng Zitao planned to take out the jade key, but he couldn't get it out. The Qiongqi hit him so hard that when he saw cracks appearing on the stone wall of the stone room, he almost couldn't hold it anymore, so he simply ran in.  Shishi pulled Shimen out, trying to delay Qiongqi's speed.

    Unexpectedly, the stone door closed very quickly. In the end, it closed on its own without Meng Zitao's effort. Immediately afterwards, the jade key popped out on its own.

    Meng Zitao cursed secretly, saying that he was too restless just now, then he said hello to the army, picked up the big wooden box, and ran away in the direction of the cave.

    Along the way, the two of them used all their strength, running and running. After about two minutes, Meng Zitao vaguely heard a roar. It was probably that the stone house was trampled by Qiongqi.

    Meng Zitao was very anxious, knowing that with their current speed, there was a high probability that they would not be able to avoid Qiongqi with wings, so what should they do?

    At this time, I heard Da Jun running and saying: "I just scattered some medicinal powder, and that Qiongqi will probably not be able to find us through his sense of smell."

    If it were the ferocious beasts he had encountered before, Dajun would have had strong confidence in his medicinal powder, but facing the Qiongqi just now, he felt unsure.

    "No matter what, I have to do my best and obey fate. However, my luck has always been very good. I think we won't be so easy to explain here." At this time, Meng Zitao could only comfort himself in this way.

    A moment later, the two of them heard another loud "bang bang" sound, which was also mixed with Qiongqi's roar. At the same time, the sense of crisis in Meng Zitao's heart also disappeared.

    Meng Zitao was surprised by the sudden change and wondered what was going on. However, he did not dare to explore the reason. It was too late to run away at this time. To explore the reason would be to seek death.

    The two of them ran to the cave in one breath. Meng Zitao was still carrying the big wooden box. Even though he had amazing physical strength, he was still a little tired.

    Even so, Meng Zitao had no intention of resting here. He would wait until he got out, so he walked to the entrance of Jingmen and patted the stone door nine times in succession. With a "quacking" sound, the stone door opened automatically.

    I shined my flashlight on the passage behind the stone gate and found that it was just a long passage with nothing else visible.  But for some reason, Meng Zitao felt slightly palpitated when he looked at this passage, so he stood in front of the door and hesitated.

    At this time, Dajun walked into the door first, and Meng Zitao was anxious: "Dajun, what are you doing? What if there is an agency, and you will die?"

    Dajun smiled and said: "Anyway, it's just a knife to extend your head, and it's a knife to shrink your head. I'll explore the way for you in front."

    "You guy."

    Since the stone tablet said to pass through this passage as soon as possible, Meng Zitao could only choose to believe it, quickly walked into the passage, and followed quickly.

    Like before, as Meng Zitao entered, the stone door automatically closed again, which looked very strange.

    Meng Zitao was worried that the strange situation he encountered before would appear again, so he was cautious along the way, while Dajun did his duty and carefully checked whether there were any agencies around him.

    "Wait a moment."

    Dajun waved his hand to indicate a pause, and Meng Zitao stopped quickly.

    ??Then, I saw the army crawling on the ground, holding a telescopic pole with a frame in front of it, crawling forward, and using the telescopic pole to probe in front.

    After about a while, when Meng Zitao thought there was no problem, he heard another "quacking" sound, and the army suddenly got up and shouted: "Hurry up and run back."

    Meng Zitao hurriedly turned around and ran when he heard a buzzing sound and a clanking sound caused by the collision of things. As he ran, he looked back and his scalp was numb. He saw that the ground was covered with dense steel arrows, some of which were even  The nails were nailed to the wall and the ground. They were clearly shot from the left and top. If they were within that range, they would definitely be hedgehogs.

    After waiting for a while, Dajun walked back and picked up a steel arrow from the ground and looked at it: "This arrow shouldn't take long to make."

    Meng Zitao nodded. This is also an obvious thing. Not to mention the Xia Dynasty, there would definitely be no steel. Even if there was steel, the mechanism would have been rusted and damaged after thousands of years. This was obviously redesigned by later generations.  .

    Thinking of this, Meng Zitao couldn't help but secretly cursed as a bastard. He didn't even record such an agency. He clearly wanted them tonbsp; ¡°Okay.¡±

    There is a passage outside the stone gate. They walked along the passage and walked about fifty or sixty meters to the outside of the passage, which was the Yin Yang Square at the entrance.

    After reaching this point, Meng Zitao was completely relieved and breathed a sigh of relief: "I finally came out. I will never come to this kind of ghost place. Fortunately, I finally gained something after risking my life. This trip  It¡¯s not in vain.¡±

    Dajun chuckled. He didn't know why he was still thinking about the voice just now, but he didn't show it.

    Because the ancient tomb cast too big a shadow on Meng Zitao, they just rested for a while and then stepped up the stairs in the center of the square.

    The journey was uneventful, and the two of them were about to reach the exit.

    at this time!  A weak woman's voice suddenly sounded in Meng Zitao's ears: "Don't leave, stay with us, we are so lonely, stay" (Remember this website's website address:
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