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Chapter 442 A good girl like that has many suitors

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    ??Sister-in-law Li didn¡¯t know the news that the two had divorced. She thought that Xia Yuwan was currently studying in college and would marry Fu Jueshen after graduation.

    She is a kind and sincere woman. During the years when she worked in the Fu family, she sincerely took care of Fu Jueshen as her own child.

    I couldn't help but say a few more words, "Master, don't blame me for talking too much. The young mistress really loves you. I can see that she is not a good cook. In addition to killing the chicken more quickly, the process of making chicken soup is very messy.  , it was so hot that my hands were covered with blisters.¡±

    "But even so, she never gave up. She would bring a chicken to my place every day after school to practice. She didn't stop until I said it was exactly the same, just to give you a taste of childhood."

    "In today's world, there are not many girls who are beautiful and kind-hearted. You have to cherish her. She is young and is still studying. You have to hurry up."

    ¡°As soon as such a good girl comes out of society, there will be a lot of suitors.¡±

    Fu Jue lowered his eyes deeply and thought to himself: Doesn¡¯t she have a lot of suitors now?

    "By the way, after Miss Xia left, another Miss Su came to see me. She knew that I was teaching the young lady to make chicken soup and said that she could give me a sum of money to add laxatives to the soup."

    "I refused as soon as I heard it. How could this nice little girl have such a bad mind? Later, she came to ask me to teach her how to make chicken soup. If she didn't, she would destroy my business. I had no choice but to teach her."

    "But this Miss Su is really not suitable for working in the kitchen. She only dares to kill chickens. She complained for a long time after being splashed with oil I don't know why she did this."

    Needless to say, Miss Su already knew who she was, Su Yuxinshe actually wanted to frame Xia Yuwan secretly.

    Fu Jueshen silently took out his wallet. Nowadays, mobile payment is widely used, and not many people can carry cash.

    So does he.

    He didn¡¯t have much cash, maybe around three thousand yuan, and he gave it all to Sister-in-law Li.

    There is also a business card.

    "Sister-in-law Li, just take the money. This job is too tiring and not suitable for you. This is my business card. If you need anything, you can come find me here."

    "Howhow can this be done? I can't take your money anymore. The young lady gave me 100,000 and helped me cure Yangyang. You are all people with a Bodhisattva heart."

    Sister-in-law Li declined, tears falling down.

    ¡°Take it, it¡¯s not a lot of money, so that¡¯s just my wish.¡±

    He could probably guess that Sister-in-law Li left the Fu family because of her mother. Speaking of which, it was also the Fu family's fault that she lost such a good job.

    Sister-in-law Li couldn't resist him, so she had to take the money. She still had to go to work and couldn't talk any more.

    Before leaving, he did not forget to urge Fu Jueshen to marry Xia Yuwan as soon as possible and give birth to a fat boy to make the old man happy.

    "Yes, I will."

    If it were in the past, anyone who had a baby in front of him would probably get a cold look from Fu Jueshen.

    Now, for the first time, he nodded in agreement.

    Mrs. Li left the private room happily. Fu Jueshen's eyes lit up when he suddenly glanced at the earring left on the table. He raised his thin lips and hurriedly picked up the earring and chased it out.

    The fourth wife Nian Liang Zhenzhen died, so Xia Yuwan would definitely go to Ye's house.

    He could just go directly to Yejia to find her.


    Xia Yu left the western restaurant at night and stopped a blue taxi. "Master, go to Crystal Bay."


    Next door to the restaurant is a skyscraper that is undergoing renovation. Three or two workers wearing protective clothing and safety helmets are working.

    The rumbling sound of the machinery was loud, covering up the driver's voice, but Xia Yuwan's voice came clearly into the man's ears.

    It also got into his heart.

    "Xia Yuwan?"

    This voice sounds extremely young, even a little familiar, low and full of magnetism, and it sounds really nice.

    Xia Yuwan didn¡¯t expect that there was a man with such a nice voice on the construction site. She looked up curiously, but there was nothing on the high wall of the alley.


    She quickly withdrew her gaze, got into a taxi and left.  .

    The man followed closely, with some dirt on his dirty hands, he took out a red banknote from his pants pocket and handed it to the driver, "Follow the car in front."

    outThe rental car driver couldn't help but take a few more glances when he saw that he was dressed like a standard bricklayer but his money was extremely generous.

    The man thought the driver was suspicious of him, so he pretended to lower his head and explained sadly: "The woman in front of me is my wife. She said she went to work in the city two months ago, and then she never went back."

    So that¡¯s it!

    The driver gave him a sympathetic look, stepped on the accelerator, and immediately chased after him.

    Sitting in the taxi in front, Xia Yu felt something was wrong.

    She looked back frequently, it was time to get off work, the city was busy with traffic, and countless cars were queuing up behind them, waiting for the light to turn green.

    It seems that she is overthinking again.

    After a while, the taxi slowly stopped at the gate of the gorgeously decorated Yejia Villa.

    The young woman walked out of the car and walked straight into the door of Ye's house.

    The man looked at the grandeur of Yejia's villas, raised the corners of his lips, and his eyes were surprisingly bright.

    "Brother, we're here. Heywomen nowadays hate the poor and love the rich. Listen to me, if it doesn't work, just leave."

    Hearing this, the man frowned, and without waiting for the driver to give him change, he opened the door and got out of the car with a push of his hand.

    He lingered at the door for a long time and did not go in. Instead, he sat behind the flower bed and stared at Xia Yuwan's slim figure gradually retreating with his slender eyes.

    He took out his phone and dialed.

    "Head, Miss Xia has entered Ye's house, what should I do now?"



    A cold voice came from the other end of the phone, and he hung up the phone decisively.

    When Xia Yuwan arrived, the mourning hall had already been decorated in the Ye family hall, and white silk and lanterns were hung at the door.

    The second wife, Lan Yu, stood aside wearing a gorgeous sapphire blue cheongsam, pretending to be wiping her tears with a handkerchief.

    ¡°Actually, how many of these people are really sad for Liang Zhenzhen?

    Even the third wife, who she thought was honest and kind, was secretly fumigating her eyes with onions. Xia Yuwan coughed when she looked at her eye sockets that were as red and swollen as peaches.

    The third wife noticed Xia Yuwan first, hurriedly stuffed the onions into her purse and greeted her.

    "Miss Xia, you are here."

    Xia Yuwan nodded, "My condolences."

    Ye Yunfeng was still sitting in the wheelchair as usual, staring at Liang Zhenzhen's photo without saying a word or showing any expression.

    The second young master was symbolically wearing a white suit. When he approached Xia Yuwan, the strong scent of perfume on his body made the latter frown.  (Remember the website address:
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