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Chapter 1079 If you¡¯re not completely dead, you¡¯ll be fine

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    When Mr. Li was talking to Pang Xing, the blood-savage Hidden Dragon, roaring with rage like rolling lava, had already fluttered its wings and charged forward. Its body turned into a blood-colored meteorite, churning up and blasting towards Zhan Ye's position with a majestic wave of blood.  !  !


    The power of the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon is quite overbearing. When the blood light rushed up, all the surrounding bloodthirsty insect legions were blown into the sky. Many black figures immediately appeared in the yellow sky!

    Zhan Ye¡¯s black figure was also spinning in the air. In terms of strength, Zhan Ye couldn¡¯t compete with this arrogant guy.


    Suddenly, a huge blood-colored shadow enveloped Zhan Ye, who was still looking for balance in the air. His flesh wings flapped heavily, like two blood-colored clouds covering the high sun.

    Dragon Shadow!

    The body of the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon showed a tendency to dive, and suddenly a shadow of the Blood Dragon flew out from the body of the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon and rushed straight towards Zhan Ye!

    Zhan Ye¡¯s dodge ability was much worse in the air. The shocking fall of the bloody dragon shadow made it unable to reach the mountain wall at all, and was heavily bombarded into the huge crater on the ground!

    The earth trembled violently, and rock waves rolled violently not far away. The height of the surge was enough to block the sun.

    Pang Xing stood in the distance in a daze, staring at the dragon shadow's attack, and there was an uproar in his heart!

    With only two skills, the truly invincible emperor-level Mo Yehuang was finally defeated. The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon once again demonstrated its strength and arrogance close to the dominance level!

    "They say it can't deal with the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon!" Pang Xing said angrily.

    If they had joined forces just now, even if they could not defeat the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, the six peak emperor-level soul pets would definitely be able to contend with the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon for a while.

    And now, Zhan Yehuang, who can only injure the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, is injured, and his combat effectiveness will definitely be greatly reduced. The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon can kill them unscrupulously.

    Pang Xing¡¯s five soul pets were already ready to fight, staring at the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon as if facing a formidable enemy.

    "What are you so anxious about? Look for yourself. Didn't it get up? I told you this was its special training!" Mr. Li pointed at the big broken pit with his short fingers.

    "Why are you not in a hurry!" Pang Xing stared at the damn old man and said.

    "At this time of life and death, who will give you special training or not? Do you really think that the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon can be dealt with so easily? This is a creature close to the dominance level!

    After cursing a few words, Pang Xing glanced at Xuemanzhe and was about to let the five soul pets take action. Suddenly, a very fast and fierce black figure appeared in his field of vision. It quickly bypassed those  The shattered and collapsed rock appeared in front of the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, which was roaring arrogantly. The sharp and cold armor thorn pierced its abdomen again!

    The scales on the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon's abdomen have been corroded to a certain extent, and its defense has weakened. This attack no longer breaks the defense, but actually hurts the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon!  !


    The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon roared in pain, staring angrily at the black war tiger, and its claws fell again!

    Zhan Ye still chose to dodge after one blow, but this time the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon would not let it dodge so easily. After dropping its claws, the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon turned around fiercely, and its thick steel giant tail swept past and rolled up.  There was a terrible bloody storm, and a heavy fear fell on Zhan Ye's armor!

    Zhan was also shot far away, but it did not falter. It stood up immediately after landing, and its black eyes calmly stared at the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon.

    "Why is Mo Yehuang's defense so high?" Pang Xing was stunned!

    Among Pang Xing¡¯s soul pets, except for the invincible emperor who might be able to withstand one or two attacks from the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, the other peak emperors would definitely be instantly killed by a single skill.

    What Pang Xing didn't expect was that Mo Yehuang was attacked by the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon continuously and still had such full combat power. This was a bit incredible. After all, judging from the aura, Mo Yehuang should also be an invincible emperor.  It is absolutely impossible to compete with the Dominator!

    ¡°Thankfully, you are still the grand elder of the Soul Pet Palace, and you can¡¯t even tell the difference between high defense and strong vitality.¡± Mr. Li mocked.

    Pang Xing was stunned for a moment, and then he realized that he had made a stupid mistake.

    If the defense ability is strong, there will be no obvious scars on the body when attacked.  And the injury on Mo Yehuang's body was very serious, and it was difficult to maintain full fighting ability under normal circumstances.  It can also maintain its original fighting state, which shows that its vitality is extremely powerful!

    "That's it, it isSeveral thousands of meters of peaks collapsed one after another with a rumble, until after approaching a barren mountain range, the nearly 100-meter-long body of the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon had turned into a bloody dot and smashed into the collapsing mountain!

    Pang Xing was stunned. Looking at the dark and proud figure who was dying just now but now full of life, he couldn't say a word for a long time!

    On the other side, Mrs. Xiao and the other three who were immersed in the battle of the Bloodthirsty Insect Legion heard the sound and turned their heads, but were surprised to find that the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon was gone!

    And when they looked along the messy land and long ravines, they were shocked to find that the blood-savage Hidden Dragon, which was so powerful that it made people lose their souls, was hit ten kilometers away!

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