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Chapter 2656 The moment before victory

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    "Ding, you have fulfilled the wish of the man from the God of Heaven to see a beautiful future, and the wish value is +1,000,000."

    "Ding, you have fulfilled the wish of Liu Muhan and everyone in the fleet that you can defeat the powerful enemy. The wish value is +1,500,000."

    "Ding, three Zerg planets disintegrated, and the system plundered a large amount of planet luck. After the transformation, you obtained 25888888 attribute points."

    More than 25 million attribute points are quite outrageous

    Yang Ling waved, and the Core of Absolute Beginning, which was engraved with the true meaning of the law, remained in his hand. Liu Muhan beside him sighed softly: "This person finally gave us his blessing."

    "What kind of people are the Heavenly Gods?"

    Yang Ling also sighed slightly in his heart. Did this man see the future at the last moment of his life?

    The future has infinite branches, what kind of future is that?

    Indeed, whether it is the singer or this unknown man, they are not evil in the true sense. On the contrary, not only are they not evil at all, but they are full of holiness.

    The singer is the embodiment of beautiful notes, and this man has pure blessings.

    After being silent for a moment, Yang Ling sighed slightly: "Life has its meaning after all. There is no good or bad in the world, only different positions."

    "We have different positions from the Celestial Clan, that's all."

    Liu Muhan's eyes showed a clear look when he heard this, he nodded slightly and said: "Well, the positions are different, that's all."

    As she spoke, Yang Ling suddenly felt a strange aura emanating from her whole body, which was the aura of heavenly calamity.

    "Mu Han, you are going to die!"

    Liu Muhan nodded and said softly: "Aling, you take the fleet back first, and I will overcome the disaster again."

    "How can this be done!"

    It will take some time for the fleet to return, but we can only go back for a moment. In this way, let Zhang Chengwu lead the fleet back, and I will be here to accompany you.

    At this moment, the aura of great calamity on Liu Muhan's body was getting stronger and stronger. She looked at the huge fleet floating in the universe a light-year away, and finally shook her head and said: "No, the fleet cannot be without masters."

    "Don't worry, I'll be fine!"


    Yang Ling shook his head firmly and said, "No, I can't leave you alone."

    "And the war on Earth seems to have gained the upper hand. We don't need to do everything ourselves."

    Liu Muhan nodded slightly when he heard this, and whispered: "Then we can't just let the fleet go back on its own."

    "Aren't there still two guys locked up in your space?"

    When he said this, Liu Muhan had a playful and cunning look in his eyes, good guy, let's forget it, right?

    This is a trick to release Leia and Caril.

    After all, their intimacy with each other is at full level, and I really can¡¯t bear to see them being wronged.

    Yang Ling said with a smile: "Okay, but I will take them back later."

    As he spoke, he waved his hand, and Leya and Carile appeared in front of them.

    Leya looked around confusedly and understood everything in an instant.

    She giggled and said: "Don't worry, Mom and Dad, I will definitely lead the fleet back safely and completely wipe out the barbarian tribe!"

    With that said, he directly took Carly's little hand and disappeared before Yang Ling and Liu Muhan could react.

    Seeing her eager look and fearing that she would be caught again, Liu Muhan couldn't help but burst into laughter, while Yang Ling rolled his eyes.


    There are thunderclouds surging in the sky, and no one else can do anything to help in the catastrophe of fate. Yang Ling can only protect the law from a distance.

    He grabbed Liu Muhan's little hand, placed the three planet cores he had just obtained in her palm, and said softly: "Nothing in the world can hit you, you are you, Liu Muhan."

    "Waiting for your return."


    Liu Muhan nodded gently, with confidence in his eyes and no trace of confusion.

    At this moment, she is extremely graceful and is the true reincarnation of the Immortal Lord.

    A moment later, the terrible calamity rolled down. Yang Ling stood on a withered planet in the distance, paying attention to Liu Muhan's escape from the calamity, while letting the system transform the core of Taichu.

    The other side, Earth.

    In the huge hive, countless barbarian races surgedWhen it came out, it originally wanted to rush into the earth in one go, but was blocked by a fleet left behind and a large number of space-based weapons surrounding the earth's orbit.

    Speaking of which, this time the Savage Tribe really had a desperate battle. Everyone seemed to have taken a special elixir and was able to fly through the universe just relying on their Xiantian realm cultivation, but they were still blocked.  .

    Earth, in the palace of the Yang Ling family.

    Liu Muhan's boudoir became a temporary battle command center at this moment. Although Liu Suifeng went to outer space, Mu Wanying and Su Qiling were still here. They looked at the phantom battle projection in the room and gave instructions and instructions from time to time.  judge.

    Currently, countless barbarians are still desperately charging towards the earth, trying to break through the fire blockade of space-based weapons and fleets, while more barbarians are on Mars, fighting against the Combat Maid Army, the Comprehensive Maid Army, and a large number of  The elves army, the battle robot group, and the demon army fought fiercely.

    ¡°It is said to be tragic, but actually it is relative.

    The two maid legions were too strong and were basically massacred there unilaterally. The elf legion was like a mage, hiding behind the maid legion and constantly releasing spells, while the barbarians were massacring the battle robot legion and the monster legion.

    The two sides are competing to see who dies first.

    But the situation of the battle can be judged from the attitudes of both sides.

    No one cares how much the battle robot legion has lost, and the monster legion kills them casually. These are the monsters that the Devouring Demon eats and spits out. The real demon legion is very powerful, and its combat power is stronger than the elf legion.

    They followed Liu Suifeng¡¯s previous instructions and lurked in the atmosphere. As long as the barbarians rushed into the atmosphere, they would be able to kill them immediately!

    With the seventeen fleets of the Earth Alliance and the departure of the two masters Yang Ling and Liu Muhan, the Savage Tribe should have been able to break through the Earth's defenses with overwhelming force, but they were eventually stopped.

    First, they underestimated the defense power of the Human Alliance in geosynchronous orbit.

    Not to mention the densely packed space-based weapons, there is the single moon and the Jinwang planet near the moon. These two planets are like two space fortresses, dealing crazy output there.

    If you want to invade the earth, you must first conquer the moon and Jinwang.

    There are a large number of space-based weapons and military bases on the moon. On Jinwang Planet, Jin Muyu is stationed there. At the same time, there are also a large number of high-tech weapons bombarding the sky.  (Remember the website address:
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