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Chapter 1434 Stunned

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    Yu Nuannuan nodded, watched the two people get out of the car, and followed the others towards the two teams.

    They left quickly and did not stay for a long time. They came back quickly.

    When they came back, neither Wang Chuang nor Gu Mo looked very good.

    Before Yu Nuannuan could ask, Gu Mo spoke first, "Both teams encountered mutant animals, more than one, so they suffered heavy losses."

    Yu Nuannuan had already made a guess before, and now Gu Mo's words confirmed her guess.

    As expected, there is not just one mutated animal, but many.

    Now, they not only have to face the threat of zombies, but also the threat of mutant animals.

    When the weather gets warmer, there will still be the threat of mutated plants.

    Thinking of this, Yu Nuannuan smiled bitterly, "This is really the end of the world."

    People and humans are not completely on the same side. There are also opposites. Add in zombies, mutated animals, and mutated plants. Is there still a way to survive?

    Gu Mo sighed, "There is nothing we can do about this."

    There is nothing they can do to stop them. The only thing they can do is to make themselves stronger.

    After Yu Nuannuan¡¯s team came back, the remaining teams also came back in the next two days.

    It¡¯s just that when every team came back, they were more or less damaged, and the atmosphere was very gloomy.

    But at this time, no one dares to take it lightly, let alone feel sad.

    Since everyone was back, they quickly packed up their things and started to head back.

    When I go back, I don¡¯t dare to go as slow as when I came here.

    During the two days of waiting, everyone had their hearts in their throats.

    Although they are in the wilderness, who knows if any mutant animals will suddenly rush out.

    You know, there are too many animals in this world.

    Before the end of the world, a humble dog can turn into a huge monster, so who knows what other animals will turn into?

    Fortunately, they were lucky, no mutated animals attacked them in the past two days.

    The journey back is not short, and various accidents may occur along the way.

    Of course they don¡¯t want to waste time on the road. They can run as fast as they can without any accidents.

    The god of luck seemed to really favor them. Two days later, they successfully returned to the safe zone.

    When they saw the gate of the safety zone, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

    Even the three of them, Yu Nuannuan, looked at each other, and then showed a tired smile.

    In order to prevent accidents, even if someone was keeping vigil outside, the three of them still took turns to keep vigil, not daring to relax at all.

    Now that I have finally returned to the safe zone, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and have a good rest.

    When entering the safe zone, Yu Nuannuan's car went ahead because they didn't have to hand in food and could go there first.

    Even though she was across the car, Yu Nuannuan could feel some of her eyes looking over her.

    But Yu Nuannuan didn¡¯t take it to heart.

    If others want to see it, just watch it. It won¡¯t have any impact on them anyway.

    They went directly back to the villa, drove the car into the yard, and started moving things down.

    After Wang broke into the house, he put down his things and walked towards the storage room immediately.

    They went there again and again, which lasted more than ten days in total, and they didn¡¯t know what happened to the chickens.

    As soon as he walked to the door of the storage room, Wang Chuang was dumbfounded.  (Remember the website address:
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