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Chapter 2590 Leng Wushuang is here

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    Then, the bookshelf in front of him and the wall behind him slowly rotated.

    What appeared in front of the four women was a dark passage leading underground.

    Except for Du Ruyan, the other three women all seemed a little nervous.

    " Du Ruyan, on the other hand, is ignorant and fearless, and has no idea what he will face next.

    Anyway, she just wanted to follow the three women to meet Wu Zhi and give him the secret book she had obtained.

    Then she asked Wu Zhi to reward herself with a point, and she would be satisfied.

    Therefore, the only one among the four girls who does not know martial arts looks different in the eyes of the other three girls.

    Because none of the three of them could see Du Ruyan's strength, on the contrary, they confirmed her reputation as Fairy Luoxue.

    They watched as Du Ruyan took the lead in stepping into the dark staircase without any light.

    I can¡¯t help but secretly admire you!

    at the same time.

    Wu Zhi, Wu Yanhua, Li Qingzhao, Sikong Moli and others also came to the inn in Longquan Town.

    As soon as they entered the inn, they saw a young woman dressed in white and wearing a bamboo hat, covering her face, having sex with the waiter.

    This woman is well dressed, but it¡¯s a pity that she is seriously overweight!

    The whole person stood there like a big bucket, and his voice was a little rough when he spoke.

    She stretched out her thick arms and pulled the penis in front of her.

    He shouted angrily: "Asshole, are you blind!?"

    ¡°This girl is so stunning, you can¡¯t even recognize me and gave my post to someone else!?¡±

    The waiter was like catkins in the wind, being shaken wildly by the obese girl.

    It shook him so hard that he almost foamed at the mouth and rolled his eyes!

    Seeing this, Wu Zhi couldn't help but smile and said: "Girl, if you shake him down again, someone will die."

    The woman in white snorted coldly, turned to glare at Wu Zhi and said, "Stop talking nonsense, what does this fairy's business have to do with you?"

    Wu Zhi shrugged. He could tell that this woman had a good aura about her.

    Especially the purple-green sword on her back, it is indeed a very good thing.

    Presumably, he is also a disciple of the hidden sect who participated in this Nirvana wheel of life and death.

    Based on the principle that one thing more is worse than one thing less, Wu Zhi didn't bother to argue with her.

    But just because Wu Zhi doesn¡¯t care, it doesn¡¯t mean that others won¡¯t.

    Especially someone who is more difficult to deal with than this obese woman.

    At this time, a sound that was familiar to Wu Zhi but sent shivers down his spine was heard from outside the door.

    ¡°Fat woman, take your pig¡¯s hooves away!¡±

    Wu Zhi turned his head to one side and immediately saw a picture of a stunningly beautiful person that made it impossible to take his eyes away at just one glance!


    Leng Wushuang!  ?

    Wu Zhi didn¡¯t expect to meet her here.

    And Leng Wushuang came in from the outside, and Wu Zhi was clearly on her path.

    But she regarded Wu Zhi as the air, did not see him, and did not squint.

    Leng Wushuang walked up to the waiter and Fairy Luoxue in person and spoke coldly.

    "Let go of the pig's hooves. This waiter is the guide to the nirvana wheel of life and death. If you hurt him, the others will not be able to get the guide."

    "Can you bear this responsibility?"

    Although Fairy Luoxue¡¯s name sounds gentle, she is also a person with a bad temper.

    The most important thing is that in her life, the only word she cannot hear is the word "fat woman"!

    Now she became so angry that she let go of the waiter, raised her right hand, and saw an extremely cold air condensing rapidly between her palms!

    Then, he slapped Leng Wushuang hard.

    "Ice Palm!"

    Facing such a powerful move from the other party, Leng Wushuang¡¯s charming red lips curled up slightly with a sneer.

    She was about to take action when, at the critical moment, a broad palm quickly reached over.

    Immediately he grabbed the wrist that Fairy Luoxue was patting.  (Remember the website address:
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