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Chapter 19

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    Is he serious?

    If it weren¡¯t for the fact that Manden Tim was really in love with her through mind reading, Jenna would have suspected it was a scam.

    "But to directly invite a stranger whom he has only met once, even if he falls in love with her at first sight, he does not understand her character, so he directly invites her to live in his home. He is really completely reckless.

    Logically speaking, she should shirk or refuse. No matter how she thinks about it, it is inappropriate. But for Jenna, the offer offered by the other party is so attractive that she does not want to refuse.

    She had already done some calculations for herself. If she rented a house by herself, the salary of a new employee in the office would be about fifteen yuan a month. Although she might be promoted in the future, after paying six yuan for rent, her daily expenses would be about five yuan.  , then all you can save per month is four yuan. If you get sick or something happens, you will have to wait for death.

    ¡°And as a single woman living alone, it is easy for her to be targeted, especially those of yellow race who will be ostracized by her neighbors. Even if she is burglarized at night, no one will come to save her.

    So the suggestion put forward by Mandon Tim is actually the most ideal situation, so ideal that it is almost unreal.

    Jenna is not worried about what he is planning, she is more worried that he is not planning anything, because judging by common sense, in this barbaric 19th century society that is full of prejudice and narrow-mindedness, she may never meet such a gentleman who is so full of love for her.  A good man with good intentions.

    Didn¡¯t you say that the blond man you met that day might be his husband?  Not surprisingly, it should be him!  He is the only one who meets the conditions, but if you want to get married, you must have enough feelings to express and get along. If you just like him, the other party will not propose, so is there any more suitable opportunity than two people living together?

    There is no point in pushing the envelope at this time. She will definitely regret missing this opportunity.

    Jenna decided to accept it first and talk about the rest later.  She is now cornered by Diego, and Tim is the only good guy who genuinely wants to help her.

    So she pretended to hesitate for a moment, and then replied gratefully, "I know there's no point in saying thank you anymore You've been so kind to me, Mr. Tim, and you're a true gentleman. I don't know what to say.  How can I repay this kindness, but I will try my best to help with the housework Please let me prepare your food, I am very good at cooking!"

    This is true. As a Chinese, this is a standard skill!  Even though she doesn't cook much, she knows how to make delicious food after watching some food videos.  And she has always prepared Lady Sansa's afternoon tea, so this is no problem for her.

    ¡°That¡¯s really great¡­¡±

    For some reason, Jenna felt that Manden Tim's tense body also relaxed a little.  He seemed worried about being rejected, and he looked equally relieved when Jenna agreed.

    "It's just that I'm worried about my original employer"

    She whispered that although there were no formalities for leaving her job, and she had no luggage to bring, and the letter of introduction and money were all in her pocket, she still felt a little uneasy about Lady Sansa.

    It¡¯s just that she can¡¯t tell Mandon that Tim and Diego were poisoning his employer together. Even if Tim doesn¡¯t need to tell her, she is still afraid that if the other party finds out, her poor and cute little white flower image will be ruined.  It's completely gone forever.  It will make the other person feel that she is a scheming woman with a vicious heart and regret her decision to help her.

    Even if it was said that Diego forced her to do that, she didn't want to take the risk.

    But if Diego had sense, he would not tell this matter publicly.  Lady Sansa has not been poisoned recently and will not die for at least a month.  No matter what happens after that, it has nothing to do with her He wants to seduce a maid again and make her devoted to him like the original owner. I'm afraid it will take some time.

    Ms. Sansa¡¯s matter will be discussed later. She must first find a way to save herself.

    "Don't worry, if you want to sue Diego Brando, although you may not be able to succeed, I will try my best to help you"

    Even if there is substantial evidence, the police will not treat conflicts between people of color and white people fairly. The status of yellow people is as low as that of black people. Even if they are killed by white people in the street, they will not be given a heavy sentence, let alone  It's a crime of coercion.  Even Manden Tim, who is a backup security officer, is well aware of this problem, so he does not promise to give Jenna justice.

    But that¡¯s fine.

    "I just want to leave them and don't come to me again."

    She pretendsFind a secretarial job, whatever it is.  When she took out the recommendation letter, the person who received her looked at her in surprise several times. After repeatedly confirming that it was indeed the president's signature and handwriting, she asked Jenna to wait in the office for a while while they went to get the person in charge.  Find it.

    Jenna felt very uneasy. She had waited a bit long. In addition, she was most worried about whether the person interviewing her was racist.  However, a long time later, before the person interviewing her showed up, a woman with an angry face rushed in menacingly.

    "So it's you, the woman who seduced Fani"

    The woman had a gun in her hand. Jenna was almost stunned. Isn't this person the fianc¨¦e who broke off the engagement of the president, Miss Scarlett?  !

    When did she return to Washington?  !  Why did you bump into her?  !

    However, just when Jenna jumped up nervously and wanted to explain that it was not her, the woman was almost stunned when she saw Jenna's appearance, and her eyes became a little strange.

    ¡¾It's so cute.  ¡¿

    The same incredible words as the president¡¯s came out of her head.


    Fani likes it too, and it should be said that all the blonds here like it.

    In fact, although Jenna is older than Lucy, whom Tim likes in the original book, she actually looks younger as an Oriental, so Tim feels a little guilty and tries to avoid looks that make her feel uncomfortable.

    Jenna thought her marriage partner might be Tim, but who would have thought that Fani ()

    If you agree to Fani's proposal, your blackness index will be reduced by 50%. If you refuse, he will use disgraceful means to make you agree.

    Another point is that if Fani dies, his special ability (d4c, full name dirty deeds done dirt cheap) will pull him from the parallel world and inherit all his abilities, memories, and will.

    Then there is no Jenna in the parallel world. In the parallel world, his wife is Scarlett.

    But he will accept it happily.

    I have warned you, you cannot accept such a psychotic male protagonist escaping as soon as possible. Don¡¯t scold me later when you find out about the gap!

    Of course, one thing I can guarantee in my story is that basically no one will die.

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