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Chapter 751 Beginner 6 pro

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    A hint of surprise flashed through Maleshevich's blue eyes behind his thick glasses. Although it was just a glimpse just now, Maleshevich had worked in the Yakovlev Design Bureau for almost a lifetime and became the chief designer of the aircraft.  Strangely enough it was enough.

    The long nose, bubble-type cockpit, streamlined fuselage, simple tail, and tensile wings combined with the blue and white painting and the domineering beast fangs drawing under the nose make it  The entire aircraft is like a spear used by assassins in the cold weapon era, drawing an amazing trajectory between the sky and the earth.

    Especially the fleeting roll is simply beautiful.

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????¡­ But the insiders are just looking at the door. Those wonderful movements and beautiful appearance are not as simple as just good-looking in the eyes of a professional aircraft designer like Maleshevich.

    A quick glance proves that the speed of the aircraft is very fast, and it can be inferred that the power of the aircraft is very strong, otherwise it would never have such an effect.

    The spear-like shape proves that the aircraft has made great efforts in aerodynamics. The fuselage has been aerodynamically shaped to reduce flight resistance, and this has been verified by the rapid process of continuous rolling, climbing and finally disappearing.

    As for the amazing trajectory, it proves that the aircraft's aircraft structure is very solid and can withstand large overload maneuvers. Maleshevich cannot calculate the specifics, but judging from the continuous rolling action just now, the aircraft's overload is the most  At least above 6.

    The above items are nothing if taken individually. Nowadays, any aircraft can do it, but if they are added together, it is terrible. The L-39 "Albatross" trainer aircraft commonly equipped in Russia and other CIS countries is about the same.  This level.

    The problem is that the L-39 "Albatross" trainer aircraft is a jet aircraft equipped with a turbofan engine. The aircraft with the words "Take off and Spearang" printed on the tail just now is a turboprop engine with a propeller in the front.

    It stands to reason that a pure jet trainer has a natural advantage in aerodynamic appearance, which can at least better optimize the fuselage. In comparison, a turboprop engine has a propeller that must be retained, resulting in greater overall air resistance of the fuselage. Theoretically  The performance is unmatched by models equipped with jet engines.

    But the glimpse just now made Maleshevich shocked to find that the overall performance of an aircraft equipped with a turboprop engine seemed to be no worse than that of a trainer aircraft equipped with a jet engine such as the L-39 "Albatross" trainer aircraft.

    Of course, if all this happened in the United States, Italy or even Brazil, Maleshevich would be surprised, but he would accept it calmly. The problem is that the big "Take Off" words on the tail of the plane are too dazzling, and Maleshevich wants to pretend  It¡¯s hard not to see it.

    Who is Tengfei?  Of course it is the Ascendas Group, and the country of the Ascendas Group is precisely China, which it said it had no concerns about.

    So Maleshevich¡¯s old face turned red instantly as he stared blankly at the sky. Then he turned around in shame and anger and yelled at the executive responsible for contacting Thailand: ¡°Tell me! Why did a Chinese training aircraft appear in the sky of Bangkok!¡±


    The same thing was said by Merlinz, the director of the McDonnell Douglas trainer business unit in the United States, who also shouted loudly in the room where they were meeting, but his target was not the executive responsible for contacting Thailand, but the person sitting in the corner with a dull look on his face.  Shi Jun.

    Yes, at the same time that Maleshevich saw the amazing glimpse of the sky, Merinz also saw it. Not only that, because of the location and angle of the Shangri-La Hotel where they lived, Merinz saw it better than Maleshevich.  More detailed and more shocking.

    Because those six spinning movements were quickly completed directly opposite him, and then he jumped up into the clouds. The whole process can no longer be described as flowing like water, but should be described as smooth as silk with lubricating oil.  The action just now.

    ????????????????????????????????????? And then Merlinz, who usually smiled and seemed like a good old man, suddenly turned as cold as frost on his big face that was not full of freckles.

    There is no way, the aircraft that suddenly appeared and disappeared immediately was really powerful.

    If nothing else, the T-37C jet trainer aircraft currently in service in the US military is like a younger brother in front of others. As the main force, the higher education T-38 is a little better. After all, it is a supersonic advanced trainer aircraft and has certain advantages.

    But the problem is that except for supersonic speed, the low-speed performance is not necessarily any better than the aircraft that just appeared. What's more, as a special aircraft for pilot training, the focus is not on the thrill of supersonic speed, but before officially flying the main aircraft in service.  , which can restore the basic performance and flight experience of the main aircraft to the greatest extent, thereby allowing pilots to adapt to the main fighter aircraft faster.

    Because of this, supersonic speed is certainly an advantage in the field of training aircraft, but it is not the most important thing.It is also an excellent training aircraft that can simulate the performance and experience of the main fighter aircraft at subsonic speeds.

    From this perspective, the plane that just appeared and disappeared already has these characteristics.

    More importantly, the aircraft uses a turboprop engine, and the trainer aircraft they participated in the bidding this time is a small two-engine turbofan. Although the performance is very powerful, judging from the engine configuration, the cost control is simply not as good as  Not on the plane that just flew by.

    Performance is not to mention, and the cost is well controlled. What is this?

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A very high cost performance!

    Of course, none of this is important. The most important thing is that the plane belongs to China's Ascendas Group. Yes, it is the Ascendas Group that Shi Jun keeps saying is very low, disgusting, has no technology at all, and can only come here to steal the company.  group.

    So Merlinz suddenly felt bad. He regarded Ascendas Group as a little transparent because he listened to Shi Jun's words. In the past series of analyses, he did not pay attention to Ascendas Group at all.

    As a result, at the critical moment when the Thai government was about to launch a formal tender, a turboprop aircraft belonging to the Ascendas Group, whose performance exceeded that of most active jet trainers, suddenly turned somersaults in the sky over Bangkok, leaving a phantom behind.

    Merlinz only felt that his intelligence had been greatly insulted.

    How can a company that can make such an aircraft have no technology?  How would the person in charge who can build such an aircraft be low?

    If you really believe it, then you are a low man and a fool. Unfortunately, Merlinz is exactly the person who believed in the slander and became a low man and a fool.

    How can his attitude towards Shi Jun be better?

    Shi Jun was confused at this time. He couldn't help but that his position was close to the door and far away from the window. What's more, he came and left quickly, so he didn't see it at all. Then Merlinz suddenly walked towards  It's strange that Shi Jun is not confused when he gets angry.

    But before he could explain, the phone in the room rang. Merlinz pressed his body to answer the phone, and then heard Alondo on the other end of the phone invite him with a smile: "Mr. Merlinz,  If you have time, come with me to Pulipeng Military Base, where Ascendas Group will hold a grand press conference for new aircraft. Oh, by the way, the protagonist who just flew over Bangkok is what is it called  Oh, yes, it¡¯s called Chujiao 6pro~~~¡±

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