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Chapter 970 967. The tacit understanding of snipers

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    Because the theme of this theatrical version is sniper, there are no explosions, and naturally there will be no bombs placed on the Suzuki Tower.

    After all, the sniper is here to shoot. If a bomb is installed, once the Suzuki Tower explodes, he will have nowhere to run.

    When she heard that it was not an explosion, Yuanzi breathed a sigh of relief.

    She was really afraid that her Suzuki Tower would be bombed, which would cause huge losses.

    Yuanzi glanced at the children running happily in the observation hall, blocked the phone receiver with his hand, and asked in a low voice: "Then do we need to call the police?"

    Several children were very interested in the case. If they heard about it, they might want to stay and catch the gangster.

    "No, we are taking care of this."

    Sonoko knew that Kamikawa Shun sometimes helped the police, so she immediately understood what he meant.

    Since the police have a plan, there is no need for them to notify Megure Police Officer Judy and the others.

    "By the way, remember to keep this phone call secret for me."

    Kamikawa Shun specifically gave this instruction, not because he was worried about anything, but simply because he was afraid that Conan would make random associations and make up something after he found out.

    "Okay." Yuanzi didn't ask any more questions, nodded and took note.

    The arrangement of the police must be very important. If she accidentally leaks the information and fails to catch the sniper, then she will be guilty of a great crime.

    Hanging up the phone, Kamikawa felt relieved.

    He felt at ease with Yuanzi. Yuanzi had always been a person who knew what was important. She knew what to do when it came to matters related to her own safety and the safety of others.

    Time passed by little by little, and the sky gradually darkened. Yuanzi found a reason and promised to come back next time and take the children who still had some unfinished thoughts down to the Suzuki Tower.

    After asking the driver to send Xiaolan and the children back, she didn¡¯t leave. She found a coffee shop on the side of the road where she could see the watchtower and sat down.

    Although she couldn't go up, she was still a little curious about what would happen.

    The sunset on the horizon set quickly, and after a while, the whole city entered the night.

    Kamikawa Shun sat cross-legged on the ground and yawned. It was probably because he hadn't done this work for too long, and his patience was running low. He had already started to feel sleepy after waiting for a few hours.

    He held a sniper scope and looked at several fixed locations every few minutes.

    With the exception of Suzuki Tower, the remaining locations are all locations where Shuichi Akai may appear.

    In order to meet Akai Shuichi, he specially dressed up.

    This was exactly the face Akai Shuichi had with a thumbs up when he shot Gin that day.

    Presumably Akai Shuichi would be very surprised to see him again.

    But this will expose the fact that the police have a powerful sniper

    "But it's okay. You only allow the FBI to have powerful snipers, not the police?"

    Sure enough, when the entire sky fell into darkness, Shun Kamikawa saw the figure of Akai Shuichi.

    Akai Shuichi appeared at Asakusa Blue Sky Pavilion, the first place Kamikawa Shun expected.

    This Asakusa Blue Sky Pavilion is the highest location about 800 meters away from the Suzuki Tower. Akai Shuichi would choose this place 90% of the time.

    He was still dressed like Subaru Okiya, carrying a sniper rifle box, and looked around the environment. After making sure it was safe, he locked the location of the Suzuki Tower.

    From his position, he can just see the top of the pentagon. It can be said that as long as the murderer appears, he will not be able to escape his attack.

    Since it is necessary to be able to snipe at two positions, the position left for Kamikawa Shun is very demanding.

    There was no place that could meet the requirements within one thousand meters from the Suzuki Tower. He could only move the distance farther and widen the angle. As for the current location, whether it was away from the Suzuki Tower or the Asakusa Blue Sky Pavilion where Subaru Okiya was.  They are all one thousand meters away, close to one thousand two hundred meters.

    He licked his lips, which were a little chapped because he hadn't drank any water, and there was a hint of eagerness in his eyes.

    He hasn¡¯t tried it at such a long distance for a long time, so he¡¯s not sure whether he can hit it accurately.

    But you still have to try it.

    A conflict-stimulating movie slowly begins. Several characters arrive at the expected location and start gearing up.

    No one knows how many snipers have come, no one knows whose prey they are, or whether they are all prey.

    Conan, who had just solved the dice puzzle, was in a hurry to save people and was on the edge of the storm.?He may be the only spectator of this drama, or he may not see anything.

    Kevin Yoshino was lying on the observation deck of the Suzuki Tower. He held his gun and carefully stared at every move in the sniper scope, waiting for his prey to reach the death place he had prepared for the opponent.

    But for some reason, he felt a little uneasy, as if he was being stared at.

    ¡°Perhaps it was the inexplicable sniper who appeared last time, and that shot made his revenge action a little hazy.

    A sniper¡¯s intuition has always been very accurate, especially his perception of danger.

    He pinched his eyebrows and suppressed the uneasiness in his heart.

    No matter what, there is only one last person left. He wants to kill the culprit. He wants Hunter to see the shining silver star badge!

    Even if the price is that he cannot leave the Suzuki Tower alive!

    The second hand of the watch kept spinning. He didn't wait long before he saw the blond man appear in the sniper scope.

    The man stepped into the trap he had set with confidence, just as he had imagined, without even noticing it.

    "Come on, waltz, come to the window, wait until you see our message, it will be over"

    He stared at the sniper scope intently, ready to pull the trigger at any time.

    However, what he did not see was that on the rooftop of a building not far from Waltz, the kid who had repeatedly blocked him turned on his foot strength-enhancing shoes with a serious expression.

    Prepare to kick back the waltz that is about to appear at the window with a football!

    Kamikawa Shun had discovered Conan a long time ago, but something that surprised him was that Shuichi Akai didn't make any move towards the murderer who was about to kill Waltz, as if he was letting the murderer kill him.

    "Interesting" Shun Kamikawa's mouth raised an inexplicable arc, and then he aimed his gun at Conan.

    Looking at Conan who was about to save people, there was fire in his eyes, as if his anger from last time had not gone away.

    "Since Akai Shuichi plans to take action after this person shoots, you little brat, please don't get in my way!"


    He gently pulled the trigger, and the bullet burst out of the barrel like a stream of light, crossing a distance of a thousand meters, hitting the football that had just popped out of his belt, and landed on the ground half a meter away from Conan.

    At this moment, the bullet fired from the Suzuki Tower streaked across the night sky with indomitable momentum and hit Waltz, who was looking horrified at the window.  (Remember the website address:
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