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Chapter 625 I lost it

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    After the premiere of "Dark Web", the reviews from film critics and audiences came out one after another.  As batch after batch of viewers have finished watching the movie, conjectures about the quality of "Dark Web" have generally been formed.

    ¡¾Watching a movie is voyeurism to a certain extent, the audience peeks into the lives of the people on the screen.  "Dark Web" makes this voyeuristic feeling bigger and more real.  Especially the last minute of the movie, it tells everyone bluntly - you are the audience.  ¡¿¡ª¡ª"Film Weekly"

    ¡¾If I see your screen, I can see your soul!  This is a brand-new movie-watching experience that subverts traditional movies in every aspect, from audio-visual language to shooting techniques.  Han Jue created a new movie genre!  ]¡ª¡ª"The Ninth Screening Room"

    " [For a movie like this, the difficulty is not only external skills, but also internal experience.  Similar shooting techniques have not been thought of by anyone before, but most of them were extremely boring and failed without exception.  I thought this road was a dead end.  Unexpectedly, Han Jue quietly got through the dead end and came up with a masterpiece that was so mature that it seemed like he had skipped the exploration stage!  ¡¿¡ª¡ª"Viewing"


    "Compared to the film critics' amazement at the presentation form of "Dark Web", the audience's evaluation focused more on the story itself.

    "After listening to Han Jue's words, I happily watched the movie, but ended up leaving the theater trembling!  ¡¿

    ¡¾After reading this, I only have one thought: Don¡¯t just take things that don¡¯t belong to you.  ¡¿

    ¡¾It was so powerful that I covered the camera as soon as I got home¡¿

    ¡¾Times are progressing, civilization is progressing, moral standards are progressing, and the legal system is progressing, but human nature has not progressed.  The dark side of human nature has just been moved to a more secret place through advanced Internet technology.  If there really is a hell in this world, it is probably in that place.  ¡¿

    ¡¾No peeing spots during the whole process!  A screen has been tricked out, it¡¯s awesome!  The sense of immersion was so strong that during the second half of the process, I kept shouting in my mind, ¡°Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck¡­¡±

    ¡¾Is there anyone like me who is eager for the song list in the movie¡¿


    "Dark Web" has gained a great reputation, and Han Jue and his gang are the main creative force in promoting it. Naturally, they can no longer leisurely watch movies all day long like they did a few days ago.

    Han Jue is always tired of dealing with a steady stream of interviews from several countries.  Millie, on the other hand, is the complete opposite, accepting interviews full of energy every day.  There was no sign that this person was prepared to go home after the premiere. He didn't even prepare a few sets of clothes.

    When she finished watching "Dark Web" and stood on the stage facing the audience's warm applause, Milly knew that the movie was successful and she did not have to leave the industry.  Faced with recognition from passers-by on the street, she could finally wave proudly, and didn't have to be afraid of hearing snickers from behind when she turned around.

    She has been waiting for this day for too long.

    Reporter: [What do you think is different about shooting a movie like this from the previous ones?  ¡¿

    Milly: [When it comes to shooting, there are indeed many different places.  For example, when filming in the past, you had to keep the camera position in mind and move accurately, but when filming a Korean director's film, you only have to face a camera, and most of the time you have to perform in front of a screen with nothing on it, and I  There are no lines yet, all need to be expressed through expressions and body movements.  ¡¿

    Reporter: [How do you feel?  ¡¿

    "[I felt strange and uncomfortable at first, but then I didn't think too much about it," Milly said with a determined expression on her face, "I immediately devoted myself to the role because I had great confidence in Director Han!"  ¡¿

    Gu Yu, who has regained his popularity, is the most popular person in the "Dark Web" crew besides Han Jue.

    But whether it was before or after the movie, Gu Yu remained as calm and calm as ever, easily reminding acquaintances of those monks next to the welfare home who don't care about eating meat.

    When the reporters interviewed Gu Yu, they also discovered that this once high-spirited boy has experienced ups and downs in life. He has been ignored for several years and has been settling for several years. Now he is as mature and steady as a rock.

    Reporter: [Did Han Jue find you first?  ¡¿

    Gu Yu nodded: [Yes.  But he just listened to his friend's suggestion and came to see my performance.  But I just had a rest that day, and he planned to leave.  Finally, my friend recognized Han Jue and had the courage to stop him.  I am very grateful to that friend. If it hadn¡¯t been for her, there would have been no future collaboration between me and Han Jue.  ¡¿

    Reporter: [Before you accepted this movie, did you think that it would be popular after it was released?Do you know what was written in the suicide note?

    Did you tell anyone you read the suicide note?

    Also, is the suicide note you mentioned the same as mine?

    Han Jue thought a lot at that moment, hesitated several times, and finally asked in a deep voice, "Six times?"

    I saw the young girl burst into tears all of a sudden, crying very sadly, and said tremblingly: "It's seven times!"

    It¡¯s the same letter, and the other party has also read the content.

    The young girl wiped away the endless tears and said desperately in a toneless voice: "I didn't mean it I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

    It seems that in addition to the matter of losing the suicide note, there are many, many apologies that I want to convey to Han Jue.

    Looking at the other party¡¯s appearance, Han Jue pursed his lips, stepped forward and patted the other party¡¯s head gently, saying: ¡°It¡¯s not lost, it¡¯s here with me.¡± (Remember this website¡¯s website address:
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