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Chapter 5867 Who is whose toy?

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    As soon as he finished speaking, the mysterious creature was obviously ready to attack Han Sanqian again.

    Since he already knows all the secrets of Han Sanqian, naturally, he has nothing to fear.

    It is what it should be, just crush him.

    Han Sanqian smiled softly and waved his hand, indicating that he could attack at any time.

    This time, it was the mysterious creature's turn to hesitate.

    After all, logically speaking, he is the one who has the absolute advantage now, so naturally, Han Sanqian, who is at a disadvantage, should be afraid.

    But why doesn¡¯t this guy have this kind of emotion?

    Even if this guy hides this in his heart, he can still see it.

    Did you not see clearly?

    The monster was a little confused and couldn't help but want to see Han Sanqian's thoughts again.

    But just when he was just using his skills, Han Sanqian over there was not polite at all and quickly attacked him with thunderous momentum.

    "Do you think I was just chatting with you in vain? No, I was calculating whether you could see through my mind, and how long it would take for you to see through my mind."

    "I have observed that you will concentrate on it for about a second every time, and this second is enough for me to attack you."

    When the strength is unequal, it is useless to fight head-on. Getting the upper hand will give you a great advantage in the battle.

    So-called preemptive strike, how could Han Sanqian not understand the truth behind this?

    With a bang, Han Sanqian had directly hit the body part of the mysterious creature.

    ¡°Fuck, even though the sneak attack was successful, Han Sanqian was really depressed. His punch just hit the monster a little below the shoulder.

    Generally speaking, the shoulders of any living creature are very hard, including humans.

    But if you go a half inch or an inch under the shoulder, it is often one of his softest places.

    This is like a person¡¯s armpit.

    There are only ribs there, and there is no protection. A punch will not only hit the flesh, but also the bones, which will often make people miserable.

    Animals, same thing.

    The overly strong muscles are all distributed around the joints to support the stiffness and stretch of the joints. But if they are strengthened there, other places will naturally weaken.

    So, it is right to attack the weak point there.

    In fact, Han Sanqian's choice was also correct, but the problem was that Han Sanqian thought that this guy was thick-skinned and thick-skinned, but he didn't expect that this guy could be so thick that Han Sanqian was a little desperate.

    Although this fist seemed to have hit his weak spot, in fact, the layer of skin above him was still like a steel wall, and the direct shock made the person's fist hurt.

    "Damn it!" The mysterious creature was fooled and suffered a loss. It roared angrily and completely blocked the mysterious creature.

    Afterwards, the mysterious creature suddenly attacked and rushed directly towards Han Sanqian.

    Han Sanqian took advantage, but he also suffered from the opponent's thick defense. Before he could recover from the pain in his hand, he was knocked out by the mysterious creature together with him.

    "You cunning and damned fellow, I want you to die a miserable death."

    The mysterious creature roared angrily, and then led Han Sanqian to try to slam it against the wall.

    Han Sanqian looked back in horror. With such power and speed, once he pushed himself against the wall, even if his body was made of steel, he would definitely be seriously injured.

    However, my strength is really limited now, and it is obviously difficult to break free immediately.

    It seems that this is a dead end.

    What is waiting for you is to be hit hard against the wall by this guy, and then completely shattered into pieces.

    "However, what Han Sanqian thought was this, but what he did physically was another matter.

    Because he knows one thing very well. Under the current situation, what he thinks must be different from what he actually does. Otherwise, the mysterious creature will know.

    "Now, go ahead and tremble." Han Sanqian roared angrily and pulled out the Pangu Ax!  (Remember the website address:
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