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Chapter 2938 Habitually well-behaved

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    Chapter 2938 of Conan: I Am Not a Snake. The Kumamoto Regional Museum in the city, the sightseeing train that goes directly out of the city to the scenic spots, and the Kumamoto Volcano Museum at the first stop of the Kumamoto Volcano Sightseeing Area

    The children¡¯s travel plan was more thorough than Mouri Kogoro imagined. In order to give the children a sense of accomplishment, Maori Ran and Koshimizu Nanatsuki, in addition to praising them all the way, decided to travel according to the children¡¯s plan this time.

    "Kumamoto's volcanic Mount Aso is divided into Nakadake, Takadake, Nekodake, Kitsudadake, and Karadakedake"

    While Genta pressed his face against the glass and watched the simulation animation of a volcanic eruption, Mitsuhiko stood next to Mori Kogoro, looking down at the plan he had recorded, and seriously explained the upcoming travel arrangements, "We will first take the cable car to visit Nakadake  , then have lunch in a nearby park, and in the afternoon visit the other four surrounding mountains in a clockwise direction, starting from Wumao Mountain"

    Chi Fei didn¡¯t wait for Guangyan to finish, and reached out to take away the plan in Guangyan¡¯s hand.

    "Huh?" Guangyan looked at Chi Feichi with a puzzled expression.

    ¡°Just let me take a look at this,¡± Chi Feichi lowered his head and looked at the plan recorded by Guangyan, ¡°Now is your visit time.¡±

    Haiyuan Ai couldn't help but smile. Seeing that Mitsuhiko was a little dazed, he reminded him in a leisurely tone, "It would be a pity if you missed the scenery on the road because you were too eager to complete a certain goal, wouldn't it?  "

    "Yeah, that's right!" Guangyan understood, nodded with a relieved smile, and then raised his head and said to Chi Feichi, "Brother Chi, let's go visit first. You don't need to read the plan. Let's go see it together.  Let¡¯s check out the exhibits in the museum. When we go to have lunch near the park at noon, I will slowly tell you my next plan!¡±

    Seeing that Mitsuhiko relaxed, Ayumi felt happy in her heart. She smiled and took Haibara Ai's arm, "Xiao Ai, let's go over there and watch the simulation animation of a volcanic eruption!"

    Conan looked around, looking for the directions to the bathroom. Suddenly he noticed a gaze on him. He looked up and found Chi Feichi staring at him expressionlessly. He immediately showed a cute smile on his face and took the initiative to report, "  Brother Chi, I want to go to the bathroom."

    Chi Feichi finally looked away with satisfaction, returned the plan to Mitsuhiko, turned to Mouri Kogoro and said, "Teacher, I'll take Conan to the bathroom."

    Before setting off and after arriving in Kumamoto, he told the children that "no one can leave the team without permission."

    Although the famous detective is not a real child, he can still find his team if he falls behind, but who made the famous detective a child now? Please set a good example and don¡¯t lead other children into trouble!

    "Hey, kiddos, does anyone else want to go to the bathroom?" Mouri Kogoro shouted to the other children, "If you want to go to the bathroom, follow Fei Tai quickly. Don't wait and say you want to go to the bathroom again!"

    Mitsuhiko arrived at the animation display window simulating a volcanic eruption and shouted without looking back, "I don't want to go. Brother Chi, please take Conan with you!"

    "Me too!" Yuantai pressed his face against the glass, excited to watch the animation, "Wow! So many volcanoes erupting at the same time, it's really amazing!"

    Three minutes later

    Conan finished washing his hands and walked out of the bathroom. He felt helpless when he thought that he had to be accompanied to the bathroom by others. But he was helpless. When he saw Chi Feichi standing at the door looking at his mobile phone, he was still well-behaved as usual, "Chi  Brother, I¡¯m fine.¡±

    Chi Feichi put away his phone and took Conan back to the exhibition hall.

    Conan saw a large group of troops watching the "Introduction to the Scenery of Mount Aso and the Five Mountains" in front of the big screen. He pointed and reminded, "Brother Chi, everyone is over there!"

    Directly in front, a seven or eight-year-old boy ran over with his head lowered.

    Chi Feichi subconsciously stepped aside. Seeing that the little boy was about to bump into Conan, but Conan was still turning his head to look at the large army, he decided to stand by and watch.

    It¡¯s time for the two of them to know how to watch the road carefully when walking



    The next second, the little boy and Conan collided head-on. They both reacted when they collided. They panicked and tried to stop and step back, but it was too late and they fell together.

    "Eh? Conan, what's wrong with you?"

    Hearing the cry of a child here, Mao Lilan turned around and saw Conan and a little boy lying on the ground. She asked worriedly and took the lead in running forward.

    Chi Feichi leaned over and stretched out his hand to help up the little boy who fell on Conan's lap, and then pulled up Conan who was sitting up.

    "Thank you, big brother!"

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?When Nanatsuki Koshizui came to the side of other children, he did not forget to praise him. He smiled and said to Nanatsuki Koshizui, "You and this sister are both cute!"

    Chi Fei smiled tenderly when he saw Yuesui Nanatsuki. He cast his eyes on Justin.

    This kid

    Mitsuhiko came to Conan's side, and whispered with a serious face, "That smiling face, that wink, it's because he confidently believes that as long as he does this, everyone present will lose to him!"

    Haibara Ai also came to the other side of Conan and said in a low voice, "The love rival has appeared."

    Conan glanced at Haihara Ai with a speechless expression, deliberately acted generous, and replied in a low voice, "He's just a seven or eight-year-old kid. I don't think he's a threat yet, but his face makes me  I'm a little concerned"

    Hui Yuan Ai looked at Justin's face and whispered, "I don't know much about the raki you mentioned before, but looking at the innocent and clean look in this kid's eyes, I don't think he will be with that organization.  If there is a connection, even if there is a secret connection that no one else knows about, he will definitely not be an insider and cannot provide us with any useful information."


    Yuantai exclaimed on the side, pointed at Justin, widened his eyes and said, "I remember, I have seen someone who looks very similar to you before!"

    Conan: ""

    Speaking of which, they encountered a bank robbery before, and Raki was also trapped in the bank. The three children had seen Raki at that time (remember the website address:
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