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Chapter 1484: That moment

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    The afternoon sun slanted in through the window and fell on Fang Jun's face. The halo made his handsome face soften, and the purple official robe on his body became brighter. The goldfish bag fell under the jade belt, and the whole person's back was straight and heroic.  Such a talented person who is capable of both civil and military affairs, generals and ministers, is indeed like orchids and spring trees, rich and handsome.

    Empress Su blurted out such a sentence, and later realized that she had crossed the line between monarch and minister, and even the distinction between men and women. She immediately felt regretful, her eyes turned around Fang Jun's face and body, and her heart suddenly beat a few times  ¡­

    Fang Jun was also stunned for a moment. When he saw two faint blushes rising on the Queen's snow-white cheeks, he thought that she blurted it out without any other intention, so he smiled and said: "False and false, true and false, this is what the universe has to offer."  How can we distinguish the original appearance? We stand in this world and only want to have a clear conscience, which is enough."

    The queen came back to her senses, pursed her lips and smiled. She asked Fang Jun to take a seat first and asked the maid to serve tea. Then she teased: "Erlang is indeed a talented man with both civil and military skills. He has a mouth that is eloquent and has a lotus under his tongue. I don't know."  Do you always show off like this in front of Changle and Jinyang, so that you can attract the attention and affection of the two princesses?"


    Fang Jun was speechless. How could the queen talk to her ministers about this kind of thing face to face?

    "I don't dare to deceive the queen. Weichen and His Highness Changle really love each other, but because of fate, they have to endure living in Magpie Bridge and care about each other without saying anything But Weichen only has a doting heart for His Highness Jinyang and has no transcendent feelings. Queen  If you are wise and wise, you should know the thoughts of your humble ministers."

    The queen blushed slightly: "How can I know your thoughts?"

    He felt that this was inappropriate and said hurriedly: "The Feng family was impeached during the marriage discussion, which caused the marriage to fall through. Are you really not the one who hindered this?"

    "The queen has wronged the minister. The decision to impeach Feng Deyi was made by the Yushitai. Even though the minister has some power, how can he influence the Yushitai? This is absolutely not the case."


    The queen sighed, a trace of sadness appeared on her pretty face: "Even though she is as innocent as you said, if Jinyang is said to have a secret affection for you, you will not deny it, right? This is the current situation, because you  For this reason, Jinyang is very resistant to the marriage proposal. Moreover, due to two consecutive military defeats, there are fewer and fewer suitable children from aristocratic families. Your Majesty and I are at a loss what to do."

    Now, Princess Jinyang's marriage has become a "long-standing problem". The entire royal family is worried about not only worrying about not having a suitable son, but also worrying about Fang Jun's obstruction.

    And Princess Jinyang's secret love for Fang Junfang makes people even more worried. After all, Princess Changle is a divorced woman. Since she doesn't want to remarry, she can just become a monk and practice Taoism. No one will say much about her secret tryst with Fang Jun.  What, we can¡¯t let Princess Jinyang become a monk in her prime, right?

    Fang Jun was also helpless: "I really can't help with this matter. Last time when the Feng family proposed marriage to Princess Jinyang, I thought that I could facilitate this matter, but who would have thought that Yushitai took the wrong medicine?"  I have to bite the Feng family, and as a result, the Feng family is punished and loses the qualification to discuss marriage? Even the queen feels that I am behind this matter, and Princess Jinyang must be even more so, it is very troublesome."

    He also felt strange that before, he and the queen could be regarded as "respecting each other as guests", especially for a period of time when the queen tried to get involved in government affairs, but he stopped and scolded her. She was extremely hostile to him and had a lot of resentment, but he didn't know when they started.  Can we sit down and talk about such short-term things like family and friends like close friends?

    And the state is natural, the relationship is cordial, and there is no barrier

    The maid at the door suddenly whispered: "Your Majesty is here."

    Fang Jun: ""

    The atmosphere was a little weird. Why did it seem like he and the queen were meeting in private, behind the emperor's back?

    Queen Su apparently had similar feelings. A blush spread across her fair cheeks. She glared at the maid and whispered, "Your Majesty will have a meal with Duke Yue, and go and bring the prepared banquet."


    The maid walked away quickly and tremblingly.

    Fang Jun was speechless again. He looked at the queen and indicated with his eyes: "We are so cautious. Is there something shameful about us?"

    The queen was stunned for a moment, but she actually understood Fang Jun's meaning. Her pretty face glowed, and her beautiful eyes glanced at Fang Jun.

    She just spoke in a low voice subconsciously

    After taking a bath, Li Chengqian changed into a set of regular clothes, walked in slowly, and said with a smile: "I have kept Erlang waiting for a long time, what are you talking about with the queen?"

    Sit on the chair, pick up the tea cup and take a sip.

    Fang Jun said: "That's right.?

    The throne is impregnable.

    Fang Jun smiled casually, raised his glass to Li Chengqian, and nodded: "The reason why I supported your majesty so much was because I was tolerant to your majesty and could be a benevolent and wise king for a generation, and I didn't want to be repeatedly demoted to the throne of the empire.  Falling into a bloody battle, draining the country's wealth in vainbut never half expecting to gain power over the world based on Conglong's merits. In the hearts of the humble ministers, the prosperity and stability of the world trumps everything else."

    He never cared about power. The reason why he pursued power was because he wanted to do something to prevent Datang from falling into the quagmire of history and repeating the same mistakes.

    But Li Chengqian¡¯s attitude inevitably made him a little disappointed.

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