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Chapter 5743: This cheating brother

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    "I, I, II'll go, this, this, thisis it so quiet?"

    Suddenly, a voice caught Qin Shu's attention.

    He didn¡¯t notice it before, but he watched and saw a figure appearing not far away.

    Master, this was his first reaction.

    Qin Shu was stunned when he saw this figure clearly.

    Because this person¡¯s dress really surprised him.

    The man was wearing nothing on his upper body and was shirtless, but he was skinny and had no muscles at all, as if he had not eaten for several days and was about to starve to death.

    With a figure like this, there is simply no reason to show off.

    ?????????????? But he was wearing his lower body, but he was wearing a pair of big pants.

    The green pants were embroidered with gorgeous flowers, and they were so earthy.

    This kind of dress deeply stimulated Qin Shu's aesthetics.

    When Qin Shu reacted, he wanted to curse because he felt that his eyes were dirty.

    But the next moment, his nerves became tense.

    He found that the sign indicating Wang Qiang¡¯s residence was extinguished.

    Thinking about it again, this person was right in front of him, but he couldn't catch the other person's breath at all.

    Qin Shu suddenly thought of a possibility.

    Although he was very surprised, he still stepped forward and bowed politely.

    "This brother is Wang Qiang from the Divine Body Tianhe?"

    "You, you, youwho are you?" Wang Qiang asked.

    "Are you Wang Qiang?" Qin Shu asked again.

    "Yes, yes, it's me, what happenedwhat happened?" Wang Qiang asked.

    "Brother Wang Qiang, my name is Qin Shu, and he is a disciple of the Cangqiong Immortal Sect. Qin Xuan is my brother, my biological brother." Qin Shu quickly introduced.

    "Oh, Qin Xuan, I, I, I I have heard of it."

    "You, youwhat's wrong with you?" Wang Qiang asked.

    "Brother Wang Qiang, it's like this. Since you have kept your appointment and come to the top of the Nine Heavens, you must have become famous, but now"

    Qin Shu not only took a few steps forward, but also said to Wang Qiang what he had said to Feng Ling before.

    "Chu Feng is here?" Wang Qiang was ecstatic.

    "Yes, he is already here." Qin Shu nodded.

    "No, no, nothat's not right."

    "What did you just say? You said you wanted to join forces with meme to deal with Chu ChuChu Feng?" Wang Qiang asked.

    "Yes, that Chu Feng is cunning, cunning, despicable, and a bad person. I have had contact with him before in the ancient world, and was used and framed by him. I almost lost my life at his hands, but this person"

    Before Qin Shu could finish what he said, Wang Qiang hugged Qin Shu and said, "No, no, no, no stop talking, come on, come on."

    Immediately, Wang Qiang took Qin Shu and walked towards his residence.

    Seeing Wang Qiang¡¯s enthusiastic attitude, Qin Shu was extremely happy. Obviously, Wang Qiang was more interested in cooperation than Feng Chime.

    No, he was invited into his residence as a guest.

    Although Wang Qiang¡¯s appearance is indeed weird, Qin Shu guessed that Wang Qiang must be capable.

    And he guessed that Wang Qiang was not very smart, because smart people would not dress like this.

    So not only can they join forces, but Wang Qiang should be easily manipulated by him, and that will not only deal with Chu Feng.

    Being able to obtain such a powerful general will be of great help to him during his trip to the top of the Nine Heavens.

    While Qin Shu was thinking about his future, Wang Qiang had dragged Qin Shu to where he lived.

    There is a barrier here. As long as he activates it, no one outside will hear anything.

    "Come on, come on"

    "You stand still for me." Wang Qiang pointed at Qin Shu.

    "Brother Wang Qiang, do you want to confirm my sincerity in cooperation?"

    "Don't worry, my sincerity is definitely enough." As Qin Shu spoke, he touched the Qiankun bag, hoping to give some benefits to Wang Qiang, who looked poor.

    "Fuck you." However, Wang Qiang raised his leg and kicked Qin Shu away.

    If it weren't for the barrier, this kick would probably have kicked him out of the top of the Nine Heavens.

    This kick undoubtedly stunned Qin Shu. He threw me in the corner of the barrier, and I didn't recover for a while.

    Wang Qiang had already come closer and slapped Qin Shu, who was lying in the corner of the barrier, with the soles of his shoes.


    "Youyou dare to hit me?" After Qin Shu reacted, he looked up at Wang Qiang, his eyes

      When Feng Ling suddenly asked this question, he looked at Qin Xuan.

    As soon as her eyes shifted, everyone's eyes fell on Qin Xuan.

    Suddenly, Qin Xuan, who was hiding in the crowd, became the center of attention.

    Others were better off. The looks from Xiao Yuer, Xian Miaomiao and others were more fierce than swords.

    This made Qin Xuan confused.

    Why did you suddenly turn the conversation to yourself?

    Although he had this idea, he just thought about it and didn't bother Chu Feng?

    Now I just want to watch the show, why did you start targeting him?

    "That's right." Chu Feng said.

    "No wonder." Feng Chime said.

    "Why do you ask this?" Chu Feng asked.

    ¡°I was tired from practicing last night, so I came out to get some fresh air, and I encountered a bedbug.¡±

    "You will join forces with me as soon as we meet, and I will slander you in all kinds of ways."

    "He has a deep grudge against you. He who doesn't know it thinks you stole his wife."

    "Oh, by the way, that bug's name is Qin Shu, and he is said to be Qin Xuan's younger brother."

    "He came to me on the orders of his brother Qin Xuan."

    As soon as Feng Chime said these words, it was like thunder on a clear day, shocking everyone in the room.

    But it was Qin Xuan who had the biggest reaction.

    He, who had always been calm, turned pale at this moment, and he couldn't help but curse in his heart.

    "Oh no, this is the younger brother of a cheater." (Remember the website address:
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