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Chapter 2371 Is there a scam?

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    ¡°You dare to come here and act so arrogantly, do you think your life is too comfortable?¡±

    An old man and dozens of people surrounded him from the manor.

    The old man is half-step into the Ningkun realm!

    "Who is in charge of the City Lord's Mansion now? Call them out!" Ling Hao replied: "I don't want to kill anyone for the time being, don't force me!"

    "Boy, I see you really don't know how to write the word "death"!" An eighth-grade Qianyuan man said angrily: "Get out of here!"

    After he finished speaking, he raised his hand to form a mark and hit Ling Hao.

    "Get out!" She Gang on the side replied in a deep voice, and at the same time a wave of air surged out.


    After the loud noise, the man on the opposite side flew hundreds of meters away, slammed into a tree trunk and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

    "you wanna die!"

    The leader of the old man frowned, flipped his wrist, and stabbed She Gang with a sharp sword force at high speed.

    At the same time as the other party took action, Ling Hao also moved, and the Crazy Saber pulled out a blade to meet him.

    The two sword energy collided together, the air wave shook, and Ling Hao and the other old man each retreated hundreds of meters.

    "If you attack again, you will die!" Ling Hao said in a deep voice after walking back to Granny She and the two.

    "What a shameless statement!" The leader of the old man responded coldly: "I want to see how you let me die!"

    After the words fell, his figure disappeared on the spot, and he pulled out an extremely sharp sword light with the same hand, tearing a gap in the void and flashed towards Ling Hao.

    With this sword, he activated ten powerful powers. He was confident that it would be enough to end the battle!

    "You'll see it right away!" Ling Hao responded, the sky-slaughtering sword light instantly condensed, and then he slashed at it very quickly.

    "Mr. Ling, please show mercy!" At this moment, a figure came from the sky deep in the manor.

    It was the woman named Qiao Ying whom I met in Mi City two months ago. The arm that was cut off by Zhong Banxian last time has regenerated.


    At the same time as the words rang out, she raised her hand and formed a wave of air that surged towards her at a very fast speed, the formation was overwhelming.

    Her cultivation level has also improved in the past two months, and she is already in the third-level Ningkun realm. According to her judgment, the eighth-level power is enough to block Ling Hao's sword.

    And the next moment, she knew how wrong she was.

    Her offensive had no chance of resistance in front of the Tu Tian Dao Mang, and it turned into nothingness. The Dao Mang remained unabated and struck straight at the half-step Ningkun old man.

    Although the old man had sensed the aura of crisis before, he did not dodge after seeing Qiao Ying take action.

    The results are self-evident!

    The sword flashed past him, and his body fell instantly. His injured soul flew up into the air, with a shocked expression on his face.

    He never thought that Ling Hao had such strength that even Qiao Ying could not stop him. He was so evil!

    "You should be glad that without her taking action, your soul and body would not be left!" Ling Hao glanced at the other party coldly.

    He is now worried about Zhong Banxian's safety, so naturally he has a bad temper.

    "Mr. He, you go down first!" After a while, Qiao Ying landed on the ground not far from Ling Hao.

    First, he looked at the old man's soul body and said something, then turned to look at Ling Hao: "Master Ling, I'm sorry, many of the people below have offended me, I'm sorry!"

    As I spoke, I was extremely shocked!

    Although she had only mobilized 80% of her power just now, she was confident that even a full blow from a half-step Ningkun realm opponent would not be able to tear apart her offensive.

    But unexpectedly, this is the result!

    She had a vague feeling that even if she used her full strength to attack, it was unknown whether she could block the sword light!

    "Let's not beat around the bush, you should know why I'm here!" Ling Hao responded.

    "Mr. Ling wants us to send you to the eighth-order star field?" Qiao Ying said.

    "You can refuse, it depends on whether you can persist until I kill all of you!" Ling Hao said coldly.

    "What a loud tone!" Another old man on the other side frowned: "Who do you think you are"

    "Shut up!" Qiao Ying scolded.

    After finishing speaking, he continued to look at Ling Hao: "Mr. Ling, Miss Zhong will not be in danger for the time being"

    "You just need to answer whether I agree or not!" Ling Hao interrupted her: "I don't have much time to waste with you here, you'd better make a decision early!"

    "I can immediately arrange for someone to send Mr. Ling to the eighth-level star field." Qiao Ying responded: "However, has Mr. Ling thought about a question?"

    &nbsp"What's the problem?" Ling Hao asked.

    "There are still people in the Yan Palace staying in the seventh-order star field. If you leave, if they make trouble in the seventh-order star field" Qiao Ying responded.

    "You want to borrow a knife to kill someone?" She Gang interrupted her in a deep voice.

    "That's serious!" Qiao Ying responded.

    "Our Ji Sect and Yan Dian are not fighting to the death. Their staying in the seventh-order star field will have no impact on us. There is no borrowing a knife to kill someone."

    "I just think that there should be many friends of Mr. Ling in the seventh-level star field, so I kindly remind you"

    "Do you know where they are?" Ling Hao interrupted her.

    Even though he knew that the other party had the intention to kill someone with a borrowed knife, he still admitted it!

    As the other party said, there are many friends of his in the seventh-order star field, including Yudian, Tianmo Clan, Tianming Tower, Yunxi Valley, Yunyuxuan, etc.

    ¡° If Yan Dian really wants to take action against the people around him, it is difficult for these forces to be his opponents.

    The whole thing started because of him, he can't just walk away like this!

    "We have just found their foothold!" Qiao Ying said.

    ¡°Give me your address, I owe you a favor!¡± Ling Hao responded.

    "Young Master Ling is serious!" Qiao Ying's eyes narrowed slightly as she spoke, and a stream of information flowed towards Ling Hao's eyebrows.

    "Thank you!" Ling Hao replied after reading the message.

    "You're welcome!" Qiao Ying continued: "There is one thing I want to remind Mr. Ling!"

    "We only found their location. As for who specifically came to the seventh-order star field, I'm not sure."

    "It doesn't matter!" Ling Hao responded.

    "When is Mr. Ling planning to leave?" Qiao Ying was stunned for a moment and then continued: "I will bring some people with you and do my best"

    "No need!" Ling Hao interrupted her again.

    After the words fell, she turned to Granny She and the two of them: "Two seniors, let's go!"

    "Okay!" Granny She and the two responded.

    Then, the three of them flew away in the air.

    "Miss Qiao, can I follow you and take a look?" After Ling Hao and the others left, an old man looked at Qiao Ying and asked.

    "Well!" Qiao Ying stared forward and narrowed her eyes slightly: "Mr. He, go take a look with Mr. Fu. If there is any situation, please message me in time!"

    "Understood!" The two old men nodded and turned to leave.

    At the same time, Ling Hao and the others were already flying towards the eastern outskirts of Yutian City.

    "Two seniors, don't go, just wait for me in Yutian City" Ling Hao looked at Granny She in mid-air and said.

    "Let's go together!" Granny She interrupted him: "I don't know who is coming from Yan Palace, multiple people and multiple helpers!"

    "Okay then!" Ling Hao thought for a moment and then didn't insist.

    "Anyway, he has the Nine Dragon Cauldron with him. If there is really any danger, he can just let Granny She and the two of them enter the Nine Dragon Dimension."

    "Mr. Ling, is there a fraud in this matter?" She Gang looked at Ling Hao and said, "The people in Ji Zong should not be so kind!"

    "Yeah!" Ling Hao nodded: "Go and take a look first!"

    With his intelligence, he naturally guessed that Qiao Ying could not have done it out of kindness when she revealed the news to him.

    It¡¯s just that he has no other choice now. He can only take one step at a time (Remember the website address:
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