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Chapter 2047: Yuan Guang Secret Technique

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    Chapter 2047 of the main volume of Drunken Immortal Gourd: The Secret Technique of Yuan Guang. When the Skywalker walked away, the Silver-winged Master took a deep breath and said fearfully: "The Spacewalker's magical power is too powerful.  He is nearby, and I can't use any of my high-level escape talismans. I'm afraid I won't be so lucky when he comes back again. I have to leave here no matter what, and I will rush out as soon as the Akin Beast goes further away, regardless of the people around me.  There are no traps."

    The high-level escape talisman was left by the Yaksha tribe to Young Master Silver-wing to save his life. He would not use it unless it was absolutely necessary. Young Master Silver-wing was scared to death when he came into contact with the Dakini Beast at close range, so he wanted to crush the high-level escape talisman in his hand.  After escaping, he encountered the same situation as Qingyang, the escape talisman could not be used.  Also, how can the little space law mastered by the Talisman Maker compare with the dakini beast who is born with the magical power of space?  The means of saving his life failed, and one can imagine the fear in Young Master Silver Wing's heart.

    Others thought the same thing. Watching their companions being eaten by the Dakinis was too painful. Finally, everyone agreed that after two quarters of an hour, everyone would leave the Dakini's lair and escape separately.  Whether you can save your life depends on everyone's luck.

    Two-quarters of an hour came quickly. The remaining eight people all stood up, moved a little, and walked carefully toward the outside of the cave. At this time, they had regained their ability to move, and they had previously explored the cave with their spiritual thoughts.  It's safe outside, and the Dakinis have been gone for a long time.

    When they came outside the cave, everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they saw that there was no more danger around them. Young Master Silver Wings clasped his fists at everyone and said, "We all share the same sorrow. If we can go back safely this time, everyone can come."  I, the Yaksha Clan, are guests, so let¡¯s say goodbye and see you again later¡­¡±

    Before Young Master Silver Wing finished speaking, Ding Nao and Nangong Xiao jumped up and ran away in a certain direction. They didn't want to stay in this ghost place for a moment, and they were too lazy to listen to other people's chatter. Indeed, with  Compared to his own wealth and life, offending the Yaksha clan doesn't seem to be a big deal.

    Young Master Silver Wing looked ugly, but he also knew that it was normal for others to flee for their lives and not give him face, so he stopped talking and fled in another direction with Ye Gu, Chi Gui and Master Zaoyang. In the blink of an eye, the scene  Only Qingyang and Yuan Jizi were left. Yuan Jizi looked at Qingyang and said, "Shall we escape separately? If we spread out, we can have more hope of escape."

    Qingyang had no objection to this. It was indeed inconvenient to be with others, so he nodded and was about to take action. At this time, he heard a soft bang in front of him, and Nangong Xiao, who was running forward, seemed to have been hit by something.  Normally, the body suddenly breaks into two halves, and blood sprays all over the ground.

    This incident immediately frightened everyone. Everyone stopped in unison and looked at Nangong Xiao's body on the ground with surprise and uncertainty. Who was attacking? Could it be that the Skywalker is back?

    Ye Gu was still well-informed and said: "He hit a space crack and his body was cut in half. Everyone, it is not safe here. There are probably a lot of space cracks."

    I knew that things were not that simple. Just now, Jiao Zhan had sneak-attacked the Skywalker in the cave. The Skywalker knew that someone had regained the ability to move, but it still dared to leave its lair without taking any precautions. It turned out that it was outside.  There were traps laid out, so there was no fear of them escaping.

    Young Master Silver Wing suddenly turned pale. Where there are space cracks, the laws of time and space will be disrupted. Unpredictable risks will occur when using the escape talisman. If he hits the space crack, his life will be at risk. The escape talisman is his last resort.  What should I do if problems arise repeatedly with my life-saving means?

    Fortunately, Mr. Silver Wings also has an Analytical Element Realm bought from the auction, which can weakly sense the location of space cracks. However, the effect of the Analytical Element Realm is relatively poor, and the chance of error is high, so it can only increase  There is a 20-30% chance of survival, but I don¡¯t know if I can get out smoothly.

    The Analytical Yuan Realm is not omnipotent. Someone must explore the path in front. If the Analytical Yuan Realm makes a wrong judgment, the person exploring the path in front will also be cut in half by the space crack like Nangong Xiao.  Moreover, the position of the space crack is not static and will move slightly within a certain range. Even if the judgment of the Analytical Element Realm is correct, it must be passed as soon as possible. If it is later, there will be problems. If you want to borrow the light, you must communicate with Silver Wings.  Young Master and others are walking closely. Ye Gu and Chi Gui are his guards. There is no problem. Master Zaoyang can help explore the way, but Ding Yao, Qing Yang and others do not have this qualification.

    Master Zaoyang is also afraid of death, but as the guide of Young Master Silver Wing, and the one with the lowest cultivation level among the four people in the group, he has to go to the front with the Analytical Element Realm, not to mention that he has no better way to break through the surroundings.  There are cracks in space all over the place. If you want to leave alive, you can only explore the way ahead.

    Ding Nao silently memorized the walking route of the four Silver Winged Young Masters, and wanted to follow them quickly, but he quickly stopped after taking only a few steps. He knew the properties of the space crack very well, and he would be afraid if he continued walkingSomething would go wrong, so he stamped his feet and his body disappeared in place, as if he was planning to escape underground and leave. Ding Ya was good at earth escape, so there should be fewer space cracks underground than on the ground.

    Seeing that there were only two of them left in the group, Yuan Jizi raised his fist towards Qingyang and said: "Fellow Qingyang, our Tuyuan tribe has a secret technique of Yuanguang. I don't know whether it can escape the space crack here.  It¡¯s clear, but even if it works, I can only leave by myself and can¡¯t take anyone with me, I¡¯m sorry.¡±

    After finishing speaking, a dazzling light suddenly burst out from Yuan Jizi's body, and then the whole person disappeared.  Faced with a life-and-death crisis, the four Young Masters of Silver Wings fought for their lives by relying on the weak abilities of the Analytical Yuan Realm. Ding Yao used the Earth Escape Technique to achieve great luck, and Yuan Jizi used the Yuan Guang Secret Technique to escape. I don't know which method has a better chance of survival, but  It would be great if half of the people escaped in the end.

    Everyone else had left, Qingyang did not dare to neglect, and with a thought, he took out the Shadow Void Shuttle. This thing was obtained by Qingyang from the treasure house of Zixuan Saint Lord when he returned to Duckweed Continent. It is a treasure that all the fusion monks value very much.  However, the Yuan Analysis Realm is much more advanced than Young Master Silver Wing. Back then, Qingyang relied on this Shadow Void Shuttle to cross the endless void and avoid a lot of space turbulence. In the end, he even relied on him to pass through the space barrier and come here smoothly.  In the spirit world, you can resist the damage of space cracks.

    Qingyang was originally hesitant to use the Shadow Void Shuttle to take others with him. The Shadow Void Shuttle was too high-level and had a great effect. Although its value may not be very high, its appeal to high-level monks was no better than that of large and medium blood types.  The jade crystal veins were poor, and if someone saw it, it would cause him endless trouble, so he was reluctant to take it out unless he had to.

    As a result, everyone else left in the blink of an eye. It was better now. There was no need to worry about these issues anymore, so Qingyang boldly took out the Shadow Void Shuttle and prepared to rely on him to survive the space rift here.  (Remember the website address:
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