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Chapter 2328 The following offenses

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    I saw a large number of guards rushing into the Commander's Mansion like wolves and tigers, and these guards were actually wearing the clothes of Prince Lie's Mansion, and the leader was Ming Qi, the commander of Prince Lie's Mansion.

    Ji Wufeng taught Ming Qi a lesson before, which not only disgraced him, but even took away his ranking as the leader of Cai Lie Palace. It was obvious that this guy was here to give Ji Wufeng eye drops today.

    Not only that, all the five captains of the guards under Ming Qi were present. It seemed that he had planned it in advance, and might even have colluded with Lang Huan before this.

    Sure enough, seeing Ming Qi appear, Lang Huan let out a sigh of relief and said in a deep voice: "Commander Ming Qi, I came here to track down the murderer on the order of King Ji. Aotian not only hid the murderer in secret, but also killed my subordinates in public.  , Prince Lie¡¯s Mansion must give me an explanation for this matter.¡±

    When Ming Qi heard this, he was immediately furious and said: "Aotian hides the murderer secretly and provokes a conflict with Prince Ji's Mansion privately. This is an unpardonable crime. Come on, please tie me up immediately and send him to Prince Ji's Mansion for punishment.  "

    As soon as these words came out, all of Ming Qi's subordinates rushed over and surrounded Ji Wufeng with murderous intent.

    Ming Wuhuo and the others were angry, and were about to step forward to take action, but Ji Wufeng raised his hand to stop them, and instead sneered at Ming Qi and said: "You idiot, you don't have much strength, and you are being treated like a monkey.  It¡¯s really useless.¡±

    Ming Qi glared and shouted: "Aotian, how dare you insult me?"

    "When did I insult you? I just told a few truths."

    Ji Wufeng snorted coldly and said, "Don't forget, this is my commander's palace and is affiliated with Prince Lie's palace. He said that I am hiding a murderer. Where is the evidence?"

    Ming Qi said: "Evidence? As long as the murderer is found, the evidence will be conclusive."

    "You're not happy to say you're a fool."

    Ji Wufeng shook his head and said: "First we have evidence, and then we search. I have nothing to say. If we search without evidence, that is trespassing. Where is the face of my commander's house? Where is the face of Prince Lie's house?"

    Ming Qi¡¯s expression froze and he said, ¡°Can¡¯t the order given by King Ji himself be considered as evidence?¡±

    Ji Wufeng glared and shouted sternly: "You regard Prince Ji's order as an imperial edict, but do you take Prince Lie seriously? Let me ask you, are you from Prince Ji's Palace or Prince Lie's Palace?"

    Ji Wufeng was filled with righteous indignation, and several loud shouts sounded like thunder in the ears of Ming Qi and the others, which made a group of Ming Qi's subordinates' heads buzz and they retreated unconsciously.

    Because Ji Wufeng was right. King Ji said the murderer was here, so he must be here?

    If Ming Qi obeys King Ji so much, what does King Lie mean to him?

    "These people are different from Ming Wuhuo and others. Ji Wufeng has great kindness and affection for Ming Wuhuo and others, but these people just want to follow Mingqi to build a career and get ahead. In the final analysis, they are loyal to Lie Wang Minghui.

    "Now that Ming Qi supports King Ji so much, what's going on?"

    Seeing the strange expression on his subordinate's face, Ming Qi numbed his paws and immediately shouted: "Aotian, no matter how clever you are, you can't change the fact that you are hiding the murderer. Come here, search for me. As long as the murderer is found,  It¡¯s your death!¡±

    Ji Wufeng sneered and said, "You want to search my commander's residence, are you worthy?"

    They are both commanders, and Ji Wufeng's ranking is still above Ming Qi. He is indeed not qualified and does not have the power to search the commander's office.

    "Huh, if he doesn't deserve it, what about me?"

    With a cold snort, huge coercion rose up and came down. Everyone immediately felt the tremendous pressure, and their expressions changed drastically.

    Turning around to look outside the gate, he saw Ming Kun rushing over with a large number of guards.

    This made Ming Wuhuo and the others look shocked. Ming Qi was not qualified to search the commander's mansion, but Ming Kun was different. As General Huben, he could not only dispatch Ji Wufeng, but also search at will under reasonable circumstances.  Commandery Mansion.

    This made Ji Wufeng's heart sink sharply. He didn't expect that even Ming Kun would intervene. It seemed that things were not easy to handle.

    Ming Kun took a step forward and asked domineeringly: "Now I suspect that the murderer from Prince Ji's mansion has escaped to your commander's mansion. Now I want to search. Commander Aotian, do you have any objections?"

    Ji Wufeng frowned and said, "No objection."

    Of course, I have no objection. Having strength means having absolute power. This is an unquestionable iron law in all worlds. As a subordinate of Ming Kun, if he dares to disobey orders, even if Ming Hui comes forward, he will have to bear the heavy burden.  punishment.

    "Search for me!"

      Ming Kun waved his hand, and a large number of guards prepared to search the commander's mansion.

    Lang Huan and Ming Qi both had proud sneers on their faces. As long as Wei Feng was found, Ji Wufeng would be guilty of a serious crime and would be dead.

    However, before Ming Kun's men could take action, Ji Wufeng stomped on the ground with one foot and suddenly jumped in front of Ming Qi.

    Ming Qi was startled and asked, "What do you want to do?"

    Ji Wufeng sneered: "What are you doing? Of course I'm going to beat you up!"

    He raised his hand and slapped Ming Qi with a loud mouth. He struck very quickly, and Ming Qi did not expect that he would dare to attack at this time, so he was completely unprepared.


    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Ming Qi received a big slap in the face, which hit him so hard that his head was buzzing, stars were shining in his eyes, and a mouthful of blood sprayed out. There were two yellow teeth in it.

    Everyone was stunned. Even in this situation, Ji Wufeng actually dared to do something in front of Ming Kun. Was he going to rebel?

    "Aotian, you are so brave. Do you want to rebel?"

    Mingkun's explosive roar sounded, and his body suddenly rose up, trying to fight Ji Wufeng's opponent.

    ¡°Don¡¯t, don¡¯t, don¡¯t¡­¡±

    Ji Wufeng waved his hand quickly and said: "General Mingkun, what do you mean? When will I rebel? You want to search my commander's mansion, but I agreed without saying a word, without any disobedience."

    "You actually dared to sneak attack Commander Ming Qi in front of me. What else is rebellion?"

    "What General Ming Kun said is wrong."

    Ji Wufeng said: "You are my boss. You suspect that I am hiding a murderer and want to search me. I will absolutely obey you. Is there nothing wrong with you?"

    Ming Kun said in a deep voice: "Hmph, do you have the guts to disobey?"

    Ji Wufeng pointed at Ming Qi and said: "You want to search me, I have nothing to say, but if I remember correctly, my ranking is higher than him, but he actually led people to search me privately, and he wanted to take action,  Is this considered disobedience? Is this considered a violation of the following?"

    Everyone was stunned. Indeed, Ming Kun was older than Ji Wufeng's official, and Ji Wufeng did not dare to disobey him.

    "But Ming Qi, as Ji Wufeng's subordinate, committed the following crimes and punished him. It is reasonable and there is nothing wrong with him!"


    When Ming Qi woke up, she almost went crazy, roaring and rushing towards Ji Wufeng.

    Ji Wufeng dodged Ming Qi's attack in a flash, then pinched his neck with his backhand, turned his head and bared his teeth at Ming Kun and said, "General Ming Kun, just go ahead and search for the culprit. I will teach these disobedient criminals a lesson. Let's  No delay." (Remember this website address:
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