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Chapter 1107 Haggard

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    The amount of feeding was quite large, and it was really because we found that Wenqu¡¯s injury was too serious, and we were afraid that feeding him less would not be effective.

    Wen Qu sniffed it, and it was quite fragrant, but it felt a bit strange. This was the first time he saw someone feeding medicine in lumps, and he immediately asked: "Is this medicine for injuries?"

    In fact, he had already rummaged through the things on Nanzhu's body, and he had already opened the jar and looked at it. However, he couldn't figure out what it was. He thought that it might be trauma medicine, but he didn't expect it.  It is taken.

    Nanzhu nodded repeatedly: "Yes, senior, you are seriously injured, please eat quickly."

    Wen Qu tried to ask again: "Is this your elixir that can regenerate missing arms and legs?"

    At this time, Nanzhu was still asking questions, but Nanzhu didn¡¯t know what he was thinking. In order to coax him to eat quickly, he nodded and said: ¡°Absolutely.¡±

    Wen Qu puffed his beard and glared: "Now we are healing and saving lives. What do we mean by almost the same thing? Can we take the medicine randomly? Fatty, where did you get this magic medicine?"

    Nanzhu sighed: "To be honest, it was Yao Tu who gave it to me. You must not let this matter out, otherwise Yao Tu may be in trouble."

    Wen Qu murmured, "Yao Tu can actually refine such a magical medicine What to vent, whether everyone can get out alive is still a question."

    "Hey, my dear Mr. Wen, how long has it been since this happened and you still worry about this? Come on, let's eat first." Nanzhu sighed, but he didn't give it to others who wanted to eat, but he didn't expect it to fall down this time.  It was his turn to beg for food.

    If he hadn¡¯t considered that he had to rely on this person to escape, he might not have come up with this medicine.

    ?? Okay, Wenqu looked like he was giving you face, opened his mouth, wrapped his finger and licked it clean, swallowed it and muttered, "It's so disgusting."

    Nanzhu wiped the saliva on her fingers and muttered in her heart, I didn¡¯t say it was disgusting, but you did.

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? off and on.

    Turning around and re -tied the thin pants belt, saving the pants with his hands, and then packed and sorted out his own things.

    While cleaning up, he asked: "Senior, you have been living in seclusion for so many years, why do you still come here to take risks?"

    "Because of you, the fact that you want to enter the Immortal Mansion has become known to everyone in the cultivation world. Even I, who is hiding within the wall, heard about it."

    "No, I mean you have lived in seclusion, and you probably don't have any material desires. Is it because you are hunting for treasures, seeking immortality, or getting some kind of immortal fate?"

    "Well, I'm trapped inside the wall. I haven't been able to get out. I want to see what's outside the wall. I said fat man, I know you talk a lot of nonsense, but I didn't expect you to be so verbose. I'm about to die from my injuries, and you're still holding me.  Is it appropriate to chat and not let me heal my wounds?"

    "Uh" Nanzhu looked back and sweated a little. He felt that he had talked a little too much, so he immediately fell silent and continued to do his job honestly.

    When he picked up the black gourd, he was still a little lucky. Fortunately, he protected it to the death and didn't let go. It was a good treasure, and it could make Nie Rifu reach immortality in one step. This gourd was also made of immortal dew.

    But he really doesn¡¯t remember that he deliberately protected the black gourd. Could it be a subconscious reaction?

    After packing up his things, he ran out of the cave and looked around. He accidentally saw his own shadow. He looked down at his slimmed down figure and felt quite good. He immediately walked out of the cave, faced the stone wall, and posed in various poses under the sun.  The more he looked at his own shadow, the more satisfied he became, so he missed Bo Sang Sang a little.

    Wen Qu, who was sitting cross-legged and meditating in the cave, suddenly opened his eyes. There was unexpected joy in his eyes. He felt that his body, which was suspended by cultivation, was really showing signs of resurrection and repair, and the effect of the medicine was obvious. It seemed that what the fat man said  It's true, it's really an extraordinary elixir. I've poured all kinds of medicine on myself before, but it doesn't work.

    I glanced at the fat man posing outside the cave, and thought that I did have a chance to survive. I cherished it at the moment, closed my eyes again and concentrated, and used the power to catalyze the healing effect of the medicine

    Wuwu, in the form of a great ape, sat quietly under the tree. The reason why he was quiet was that he was restrained and could not move.

    The monk standing quietly beside him with his eyes closed and his hands folded looked like a stone sculpture. He had given up on treating Wu Wu and tried his best, but there was really nothing he could do.

    Long Xingyun sat aside with his head in his hands, looking very depressed. After learning that his mother died in Zhuyao Realm, someone might have concealed the truth, and the second uncle who knew the truth became a fool. Another person who might know the truth, Xiang Lanxuan,  He didn't know where he went, something might have happened, which made him very distressed.

    The news that something might have happened to Xiang Lanxuan was brought back by Aunt Alang.

    Standing under the shade of a tree, Aunt Alang looked into the distance. She had alreadyShall we save it?  "

    Yu Qing: "If I can continue to search, I will not come back. There is no way to look for that place now. A large number of Yun Kun's people have gathered in that place to search, and Pu Ya is in charge. If I run now, I can't find it.  People may even get us involved."

    He is not willing to give up, but he also has to face reality.

    Xiang Lanxuan spoke out: "Yunkun's men are also searching. Fatty Ruonan is still alive. He is still valuable to them and will be treated."

    No matter what, the search can only be given up for the time being.

    Both Yu Qing and Mu Aotie were in a bad mental state. Xiang Lanxuan took the initiative to deal with the current situation and asked about Wuwu's situation first.

    ¡°It¡¯s not just that his soul was damaged, the poor monk can¡¯t figure out what¡¯s going on with that white light form¡­¡± The underworld monk shook his head, expressing his helplessness.

    ??I immediately asked Lan Xuan about the situation related to Meng Po. I was busy helping Yu Qing find someone before, so I haven't asked him seriously yet.

    As for why Meng Po appeared next to them, it was really because the two of them found him when they were looking for someone and rescued him from the hands of the guards. As for the others who became giants, even if they were still alive, there was really nothing they could do.  , the giants were too big to hide and they couldn't take them away.

    Maybe this is why Yun Kun wants to turn those captives into giants.

    Meng Po actually witnessed Yun Kun's assassination with his own eyes, but he only saw Zhi Mei's body, and what he saw was the assassination of Yun Kun by the maid Wuhen.

    Yu Qing, who was listening, finally gained some energy and asked, "Senior, have you seen the murder weapon?"

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